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   This is Radio Free Baghdad!!!                                                   
     "Paul D. Miller" <anansi1 {AT} earthlink.net>                                        

   Rumsfeld. "I don't know and it's not knowable"                                  
     Perry  Bard <minx {AT} bway.net>                                                     


Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 10:00:14 -0400
From: "Paul D. Miller" <anansi1 {AT} earthlink.net>
Subject: This is Radio Free Baghdad!!!

the whole Philip K. Dick angle is beginning to get almost 
believeable, but then again, whoever said that reality is only one 
scenario needs to listen to radio in Baghdad. I think it was Don 
Delilo who said in his recent "Cosmopolis": "it was shallow thinking 
to maintain that numbers and charts were the cold compression of 
unruly human energies, every sort of yearning and midnight sweat 
reduced to lucid units in the financial markets. In fact data itself 
was soulful and glowing, a dynamic aspect of the life process. This 
was the eloquence of alphabets and numeric systems, now fully 
realized in electronic form, in the zero-oneness of the world, the 
digital imperative that defined every breath of the planet's living 
billions. Here was the heave of the biosphere. Our bodies and oceans 
were here, knowable and whole." pp25

sometimes that cool neutral feeling of being detached from the whole 
war process evokes moods like this... critique of cynical reason or 

check the frequency... it's twisted.


Iran Urges Iraqis to "Fight the Americans" on Hate Radio Station
Analysis by Nick Grace, CRW Washington
Clandestine Radio Watch 131 Extra B
April 21, 2003

[April 21] As Operation Iraqi Freedom transitions into a humanitarian 
nation-building endeavor, the propaganda war over the airwaves has 
taken a sinister turn with the appearance of an Iranian-sponsored 
"hate" radio station that calls for attacks on American troops, 
rebellion against the planned interim administration and anti-Israel 

Between traditional Shi'ite music and "analysis" that the U.S.-led 
coalition seeks to replace the regime of Saddam Hussein with "a 
gardener," the Voice of Mujahideen (Sawt al-Mujahideen) on April 18 
attempted to incite violence against members of the U.S. military, 
according to Cairo-based monitor Tarek Zeidan. "My dear Iraqi 
brothers," an announcer shouted, "Fight those unbelievers! Fight the 
Americans! Allah Akbar!" Zeidan heard the calls for violence at 1635 

The station, BBC Monitoring (BBCM) reports, also broadcasts body 
counts of dead and wounded coalition soldiers and has led its news 
program with news reports on American casualties. During its April 17 
program the station reported the death of three U.S. soldiers 
searching an ammunition depot and news of clashes between coalition 
forces that resulted in "a number of (Iraqis) killed." An announcer 
later encouraged listeners to oppose the "hirelings, liars, 
hypocrites, and traitors... Enough bitterness and defeats Let us not 
continue to alienate our rights... Let us stop being slain and 
skinned like sheep and to die unsung and unlamented."

The Voice of Mujahideen promotes the Supreme Council for Islamic 
Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), a Shi'ite group known for its strong ties 
with Tehran that refuses to participate with the coalition in 
reshaping the Iraqi political landscape. Positive reports about 
SCIRI, in fact, dominate the station's programming and speeches by 
and interviews with members of the organization are often broadcast. 
Many of the news items broadcast, BBCM notes, mirror the content of 
the SCIRI news Web site <http://www.majlesaala.com>.

SCIRI, which has been courted by Washington to play a role in Iraq's 
future, recently boycotted talks among opposition groups mediated by 
the U.S. and U.K. in the Iraqi city of Ur on April 15. "We cannot be 
part of a process which is under an American general," a SCIRI 
spokesman referring to retired General Jay Garner, who will head the 
interim administration, told Reuters.

The radio station, which broadcasts on 720 kHz - a frequency known to 
have been used by Iranian state radio - between 1400 and 1800 GMT 
also airs anti-Israel propaganda. One such song that has aired 
includes the lyrics "Our stones will be from hell and our faith will 
restore to us our land, the land of Palestine. The rights will be 
restored to their owners, the territory belongs to the sincere." News 
of a Palestinian "martyred by Zionist bullets" in the Gaza Strip and 
claims that "Zionist Rabbis" are encouraging Israeli troops to pray 
in Western Euphrates, which could refer to Iraqi, Syrian or Turkish 
sovereign territory, have also been also broadcast.

The broadcasts appear to have replaced the Voice of Islamic 
Revolution in Iraq, which was one of two stations run by SCIRI and 
transmitted by Tehran. The Voice of Islamic Revolution in Iraq, 
Clandestine Radio Watch reported on March 25, blamed both Saddam 
Hussein and the U.S. for the military conflict and sought to promote 
an Islamic government based in the Iranian model. Its broadcasts have 
not been heard in approximately two weeks. The Voice of Islamic 
Revolution in Iraq, which recently broadcast on 6135, 7100 and 9535 
kHz between 0330 and 0530 GMT, was the subject of a radio jamming 
campaign by Saudi Arabia. Iran and Saudi Arabia, according to Iran 
expert Rob Sobhani of Georgetown University during an appearance on 
Foxnews April 19, are vying for influence of internal Iraqi politics.

The new radio station joins Resistance TV, an Iranian outlet hastily 
organized to counter the coalition's Towards Freedom television 
broadcasts. BBCM reported on April 15 that Resistance TV's first 
program was inaugurated by SCIRI spiritual leader Ayatollah Hakim. 
The content and nature of the television programs are unknown.

What is clear, however, is the effort Tehran is making to weaken the 
position of the coalition and the significance of the planned interim 
administration and pro-democracy politicians, such as Achmad Chalabi 
and Ayad Allawi, who have returned to Baghdad after years of exile. 
The existence of the hate radio broadcasts, which would not be 
broadcast from Iran without approval from the country's leadership, 
suggest that Tehran will use SCIRI, which has its own armed guerilla 
contingent, to maintain the instability in Iraq and possibly to 
engage coalition forces in a protracted conflict with potentially 
high American and civilian casualties.

Indigenous clandestine radio broadcasts, meanwhile, continue in 
Northern Iraq. Clandestine Radio Watch has noted the following 
stations and frequencies active in the 0300-0500 GMT time frame:
Frequency	Station (Group)
3900.0v kHz	Voice of the Iraqi People (Iraqi Communist Party)
3900.0v kHz	Radio Freedom (Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan)
4025.0v kHz	Voice of the People of Kurdistan (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan)
4090 kHz	Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan (Kurdistan Democratic Party)
4245.4 kHz	Voice of Kurdistan Toilers (Kurdistan Toilers Party)
4370.8 kHz	Voice of Communist Party of Iran (KOMALA)
4380.9 kHz	Voice of Communist Party of Iran (KOMALA)
4610.0 kHz	Voice of Komala (Revolutionary Organization of 
Toilers of Iranian Kurdistan)
4615.0 kHz	Voice of Komala (Revolutionary Organization of 
Toilers of Iranian Kurdistan)

The Voice of the Communist Party of Iran and Voice of Komala, which 
are in opposition with Tehran, are heavily jammed by Iranian "bubble" 

Media Developments Related to Iraq
Radio Netherlands Media Network >>

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Back-To-Iraq.com - Christopher Allbritton, former AP and New York 
Daily News reporter.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe 
they are free...."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

wildstyle access: www.djspooky.com

Paul D. Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

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Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 08:29:23 -0400
From: Perry  Bard <minx {AT} bway.net>
Subject: Rumsfeld. "I don't know and it's not knowable"

More philosophy from US Defence Secretary
Perry Bard

Another reporter dared to challenge both defence secretaries. Mr
Rumsfeld replied bafflingly: "Why don't you ask questions to one or the
other and not multiple questions to each and let everyone go back?"
The questioner wanted to know how long US troops would be in Iraq, now
that war was over. "I don't know =96 and it's not knowable," he declared
to admiring glances.

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