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<nettime> Announcements [events, calls, misc - 10x]

Table of Contents:

   May on -empyre-: Electronic Poetry with Jim Andrews and Hazel	Smith             
     Michael Arnold Mages <magesm {AT} mindspring.com>                                    

   The Future of War Update: New Venue                                             
     "Erin Donnelly" <EDonnelly {AT} LMCC.NET>                                            

   Abe Golam Enters 2004 Presidential Race                                         
     Experimental Party <press {AT} experimentalparty.org>                                

   A Virtual Memorial in May                                                       
     "A Virtual Memorial" <agricola-w {AT} netcologne.de>                                 

   siokor from nigeria writes                                                      
     "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                

   Ascott & Shanken event - May 10                                                 
     Melinda Klayman <mklayman {AT} leonardo.info>                                        

   FW: Jusitce for Palestine--June 5 call                                          
     doron <doron {AT} computerfinearts.com>                                              

   Filmmakers Present: Tuesday 6 + 20 May, 19.30 hrs. Smart Cinema                 
     "SMART Project Space" <info {AT} smartprojectspace.net>                              

   !Mute[26] wants YOUR <warlinx>!                                                 
     jamie king <jamie {AT} jamie.com>                                                    

   genetically modified culture: call for works                                    
     acm acm <artofficial2 {AT} yahoo.com>                                                


Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 11:49:29 -0600 (MDT)
From: Michael Arnold Mages <magesm {AT} mindspring.com>
Subject: May on -empyre-: Electronic Poetry with Jim Andrews and Hazel	Smith

May 2003 on -empyre- soft skinned space:

- -empyre- is pleased to welcome two new guests...

Jim Andrews (CA) and Hazel Smith (AU) : Electronic Poetry

Jim Andrews (May 1-15)

has published http://vispo.com since 1995. It's the centre of his work as a writer, programmer, critic, visual and audio guy. His work typically focuses  on language, drawing it into relation with other media, other arts, and programming. He conceives reading and writing as activities synthetic through media, arts, and programming. His interactive audio work NIO opened on turbulence in 2001 


Hazel Smith (May 16-31)

works in the areas of poetry, experimental writing, performance, multi-media work and hypertext, online at http://www.australysis.com   
She has published two poetry volumes, the most recent of which is "Keys Round Her Tongue: short prose, poems and performance texts", Soma Publications, 2000. A theorist in literature, performance and hypermedia, she edits InfLect, a multimedia journal that launches this month at


- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


- -empyre- is a soft space dedicated to an open, ongoing conversation on media arts and culture. Subscribe to -empyre- at:


Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 23:39:15 -0400
From: "Erin Donnelly" <EDonnelly {AT} LMCC.NET>
Subject: The Future of War Update: New Venue

Hope you can attend this event, however, please note the change of venue
at the New School. See below, thank you!

The Future of War: Aesthetics, Politics, Technologies 

Conference presented by Thundergulch, the new media initiative of the
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in association with: 

Vera List Center for Art and Politics 
World Policy Institute 
Computer Instruction Center 

at The New School 
May 2-3, 2003

The New School
Tishman Auditorium
66 12th Street, Ground Floor (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues)

What do the Department of Defense and the computer gaming industry have
in common? What kinds of strategic alliances is the Pentagon making with
Hollywood? How is the American Institute of Architects connecting with
the military's designs for a "new security environment?" Are artists
collaborating with, exposing, or resisting the military by deploying
technologies of simulation, data surveillance, tracking, and computer
vision in their work? 

A group of internationally renowned panelists explore these and other
questions in The Future of War: Aesthetics, Politics, Technologies, a
two-day conference that examines the increasingly complex exchanges
between the military, the entertainment industry, the computer industry,
the media and artists. What impact do these exchanges have on war,
technology and related visual cultures in the American public sphere? 

The conference looks at war not simply as a utilitarian means to an end
but as a cultural process involving particular ways of seeing,
narrating, and imagining. The conference will focus on the architectural
spaces of war, the cinematic language of Hollywood combat films, online
gaming and military simulations, and the computer and installation work
of artists.
Conference Schedule

Friday May 2, 2003 2:30-9:30 pm
Presentation of New Media Works 2:30-5:30 pm
Reception 5:30-7:00 pm	
The Aesthetics and Politics of Technologized Warfare	7:00-9:30 pm

Saturday May 3, 2003 10:00 am-7:00 pm
Architecture, Violence, and Social (In)security 10:00 am-12:00 pm	
War and the Cinematic Imaginary	1:00-3:00 pm
The Virtual Battlefield: Computer Gaming, Modeling, Simulations
3:30-5:30 pm
Roundtable Discussion 6:00-7:00 pm

Schedule of Events

Friday May 2, 2003

2:30-5:30 pm
Presentation of New Media Works
Audience members join conference participants and local artists for a
preview of works with informal discussion.

Participants include:
Matt Adams, artist
Alex Galloway, artist/scholar
Joy Garnett, artist/curator
Natalie Jeremijenko, techno artist/engineer
John Klima, artist
Laura Kurgan, architect/artist
Carl Skelton, digital artist/teacher
Eddo Stern, artist/game developer
Lebbeus Woods, architect

7:00-9:30 pm
The Aesthetics and Politics of Technologized Warfare
Radar, 3-D computer graphics, tracking devices, covert data-gathering,
robots, and computer vision have become ubiquitous technologies of
warfare and play an integral role in maintaining "homeland security."
These technologies have long been a rich source of interest to artists
engaged in the subjects of surveillance, control, and military imaging.
Curators, artists, and human rights activists examine ways in which art
exposes the depersonalization of violence, and resists the erosion of
privacy and civil rights.

Joy Garnett, artist/curator; Natalie Jeremijenko, techno
artist/engineer, Yale University and New York University; Tom Keenan,
director, Human Rights Project, Bard College; Thomas Y. Levin,
curator/media theorist, Princeton University.

Moderator: Helen Nissenbaum, professor, Department of Culture and
Communication, New York University

Saturday May 3, 2003

10:00 am-12:00 pm
Architecture, Violence, and Social (In)security 
New media artists and architects discuss the impact of violence,
political terrorism and social (in)security on architecture and public
space. Reflecting on physical and virtual spaces of war, panelists
question assumptions about architecture's physical and psychological
permanence. They will consider ways in which digital technologies limit
and enable public perception of the built environment and spatial

Benjamin H. Bratton, cultural theorist/media architect, Southern
California Institute of Architecture; Keller Easterling, associate
professor, Yale School of Architecture; and Eyal Weizman, architect,
Rafi Segal/Eyal Weizman Architects, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Moderator: Kadambari Baxi, architect/media designer, Martin/ Baxi

1:00-3:00 pm
War and the Cinematic Imaginary
Collaborations between Hollywood, network televsion and the Pentagon
have become commonplace. The shaping of popular culture through film and
television intertwines with political strategies for legitimizing new
modes of surveillance and criminalization. Panelists examine the causal
relationships between the business of war and show biz.

Matt Adams, artist, Blast Theory performance collective, Great Britain;
Allen Feldman, recurring visiting professor, Anthropology of Everyday
Life Program, Center for Humanities Studies, Ljubljana; Michael Shapiro,
political scientist, University of Hawaii.

Moderator: McKenzie Wark, author/media theorist

3:30-5:30 pm
The Virtual Battlefield: Computer Gaming, Modeling, Simulations
What role does the military-industrial complex play in the increased
virtualization and digitalization of war and weaponry? Does this new
emphasis on the virtual nature of war decrease its connection to
reality, territory and the body? An interdisciplinary panel explores the
new technologies of imitation and simulation, and the coordinated
efforts of computer programmers, artists, and the gaming industry to
advance the state of immersive military training and online recruitment.

James Der Derian, professor, International Relations, Watson Institute;
Peter J. Dombrowski, associate professor, Strategic Department of the
U.S. Naval War College;  and Eddo Stern, artist/game developer,
University of Southern California Graduate School of Cinema and

Moderator: J.C. Herz, principal, Joystick Nation

6:00-7:00 pm
Roundtable Discussion
Join conference participants in an informal discussion about the
questions, issues, and themes raised during panel sessions.

Moderator: Allen Feldman, recurring visiting professor, Anthropology of
Everyday Life Program, Center for Humanities Studies, Ljubljana

*Conference participants are subject to change*

Subway Directions
F to 14th Street & 6th Avenue
1/2/3/9 to 14th Street & 7th Avenue
4/5/6/L/N/Q/R/W to 14th Street-Union Square
A/C/E to 14th Street & 8th Avenue
Journal Square and Hoboken PATH trains to 14th Street & 6th Avenue

Admission is free. Registration is encouraged. Seating is first come,
first served.
Register online at www.lmcc.net/futureofwar/main.html. 
For more information or to register by phone call 212-219-9401 x400. 

Conference Advisory Committee:
Wayne Ashley, curator, Thundergulch, the new media initiative of LMCC
James Der Derian, Watson Institute research professor of international
relations and professor of political science at the University of
Massachusetts at Amherst
Sondra Farganis, director, Vera List Center for Art and Politics, The
New School
Allen Feldman, recurring visiting professor, Anthropology of Everyday
Life Program, Center for Humanities Studies, Ljubljana
Joy Garnett, artist/curator
Moukhtar Kocache, director, Visual and Media Arts, LMCC
Thomas Y. Levin, culture and media theorist, professor at Princeton
Michael Randazzo, director, Computer Instruction Center, The New School
Stephen Schlesinger, director, World Policy Institute, The New School

This conference is made possible with funding from American Express
Company, May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Cowles Charitable
Trust, and in part, with public funds from the Experimental Television
Center Presentation Fund, the New York State Council on the Arts and the
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:11:11 -0700
From: Experimental Party <press {AT} experimentalparty.org>
Subject: Abe Golam Enters 2004 Presidential Race

The Experimental Party National Committee
Washington, DC
press {AT} experimentalparty.org

For Immediate Release:  May 1, 2003


WASHINGTON, DC - Abe Golam, Director of the Office of Political and 
Economic Insecurity of the US Department of Art & Technology, joined 
the growing field of candidates running for the Presidency of the 
United States today.

Mr. Golam, in announcing he is forming an exploratory committee, 
declared his candidacy would "stir up controversy throughout the 
global computer networks, that 'non-place' where the true battle for 
democracy in America will be fought and won."

Running as an independent under the Experimental Party, "the party of 
experimentation," Mr. Golam, legendary info-shaman and digital 
avatar, discussed his candidacy outside his home in the 
Electrosphere, where he tried to paint a sharp contrast between 
himself and President Bush. He also tried to separate himself from 
other Democratic candidates, and indeed from politicians in general.

"If the American people want a lifelong, corporeal politician in the 
White House, that's not me," Mr. Golam said in a webcast news 
conference. "They'll have a group of people to choose from if that's 
what they want. If they want instead somebody who is closer to them, 
more connected to them, someone who will subvert the dominant 
paradigm, who is willing to gnaw into the body politic, inhabit it, 
and lay his demon seed, that is me."

And he challenged Mr. Bush on what many analysts consider one of the 
president's political strengths thus far, the campaign against 
terrorism. Criticizing the Bush Administration's handling of national 
security, Golam exclaimed, "Since September 11, all levels of 
government have been pointing fingers like never before while our 
airports become Keystone cop scenarios and our border security 
remains a farce."

Mr. Golam said he would seek to enlist artists in the fight. He 
expressed his anger at the administration for not seeking support 
from the nation's artists in its response to recent international 

"America's artists - indeed, artists all over the globe - want to 
contribute," Mr. Golam said. "They want to be involved; they want to 
feel like they can do something to make their nation and their world 
safe for collaborative experimentation and digitally-enhanced 
self-expression. They just haven't been asked."

Golam also challenged the Bush administration's recent war in Iraq 
and their overall foreign policy agenda by saying that "[b]elligerent 
actions by the reigning oilgarchy are meant to pick on easy enemies 
who, in fact, pose no threat to the United States of America but are 
simplistically portrayed in the classic Biblical role of Evil. First 
it was Bin Laden, then it was Saddam Hussein, neither of whom have 
been found. Who is the next Bogeyman? Jacques Chirac? Geraldo? John 
Kerry? or maybe even me."

Abe Golam is best known as a pop culture info-shaman, a leading 
proponent of copyright-free art and entertainment products. Since his 
debut in the internationally acclaimed website GRAMMATRON 
(http://www.grammatron.com), released on the net in 1997, Golam has 
been a political activist and performer in various on-line and live 
theatrical events as well. Being a digital avatar with a gift for 
language as well as a certain kind of virtual charisma, he seemed 
well-positioned to run for President under the Experimental Party 
banner. As one of the innovators of an art movement that had a brief 
flash of success during the last few years of the 20th century, Golam 
was able to use his cultural influence to radically change the course 
of art history and has since devoted most of his time and energy 
toward developing cutting-edge positions on the major political 
issues facing America and the rest of the world today.


The Experimental Party

The Experimental Party - the "party of experimentation" -  is an 
artist-based political party that has been formed to activate 
citizens across the country in an effort to bring the artists' 
message to center stage of the political process. This is a political 
awakening, 'representation through virtualization' is the major 
political thrust of the Experimental Party, it is the driving force.

The US Department of Art & Technology

The US Department of Art and Technology is the United States 
principal conduit for facilitating the artist's need to extend 
aesthetic inquiry into the broader culture where ideas become real 
action. It also serves the psychological and spiritual well-being of 
all Americans by supporting cultural efforts that provide immunity 
from the extension of new media technologies into the social sphere.



Experimental National Committee | Washington, DC
Fax: 202.342.1293 | E-mail: info {AT} experimentalparty.org


Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 08:18:20 +0200
From: "A Virtual Memorial" <agricola-w {AT} netcologne.de>
Subject: A Virtual Memorial in May

A Virtual Memorial -
Memorial Project against the Forgetting and for Humanity
New Media art project by Agricola de Cologne
Table of Contents:
a) News
b) Features of the month May 2003
This is not new: There is really no end with violence.
But: Be trendy and join the famous violence movement:
Version 6.1 is online!
Violence Online Festival
affiliated with A Virtual Memorial
participates in Net Art Open 2003 -
Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin/Ireland

Hurray Violence!! 002
is featuring Mark G. Cooley's work
warProductwar entry #1: the Good, Bad and the Profitable: or 54321
just go to: www.newmediafest.org/violence/startviolencey.htm

definitely new on A Virtual Memorial in May -
"Hot Memory!! page
which will feature from now on
artists who are selected for
participating in future versions of
[R]-[R]-[F]- Festival.
All of them deal with the subject memory
in different ways.

Hot Memory! will keep them in hot memory
so that the waiting time does not last too long.

Hot Memory!! 01 features
Melinda Rackham and her project "a.land"
Just go to www.a-virtual-memorial.org

New month - new subject
c) ***Features of the Month

Selected Memorial Days in May

2003 International Year of Fresh Water

01 May 1929 - Bloody May in Berlin
03 May 2003 - World Press Freedom Day
08 May 1945 - signing of German capitulation - Liberation Day
12 May 1942 - start of mass extermination of Jews in Auschwitz
25 May 2003 - Africa Day

*The Features of the Month are monthly changing
collections of multimedia works and links which form in the
totality of the composition an artwork of theirown
to be created on a webpage of theirown
within the Memorial project.*
Features of the Month May 2003

Subject of the Month: Fight! Die or survive!!
Featured artist: Ricardo Bareto
Environment2: Work - no answers
Environment3: No individuality!
Environment4: Beyond all media
Environment5: Globalization
Environment6: Fundamentalism
Environment7: Amazone rain forest
Environment8: Amazone-peoples
Environment9: Wolves

Until the next time
all the best,

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
info {AT} a-virtual-memorial.org
Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity -
ongoing New Media art project by Agricola de Cologne
A short description as PDF file for free download from

Optimized for 1024x768 VGA resolution,
latest browser versions of
MS Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera
soundcard, Flash 6 required

A Newsletter
is a free InformationService of
NewMediaArtProjectNetwork Public Relations
pr {AT} nmartproject.net

- -the experimental platform for art in Internet -

copyright © 2000-2003 by AGRICOLA de Cologne
All rights reserved.



Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 20:42:45 -0700
From: "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: siokor from nigeria writes

From: "osiokor emoghene" <siokor {AT} yahoo.com>
To: <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 5:49 AM
Subject: With you

I am Tony from Nigeria, a Nigerian trying to make a move to better our
country. I read the messages you sent to nettime-l {AT} bbs.thing.net and am very
mush apprecaited the time you spent in giving us details about your
experience. I am not happy the way things are in Nigeria in regards to this
fraudulent mails.  I am looking for those who will help in joining me to
fight against this act by mostly Nigerian youth and this can only happen in
other countries abroad lets try and form a kind of watch group that can help
in tracing them down. Do you know that these people are not actually in
Nigeria that are the dupers if we can get them we can put an end to this
"virus" I call it that because it has eaten deep into the Nigerian youth and
seems there is no cure.   I know with support from people around we can put
an end to all these.  You can chat with me at yahoo (my chat name is siokor)
Thanksand hope to here from you.


Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 11:19:17 -0700
From: Melinda Klayman <mklayman {AT} leonardo.info>
Subject: Ascott & Shanken event - May 10 

Roy Ascott and Edward Shanken to speak at SFAI

Date: Saturday, May 10, 2003
Time: 5-7pm
Location: San Francisco Art Institute, Quad, 800 Chestnut Street, SF

Description: Leonardo and the San Francisco Art Institute invite you to the
Bay Area book launch and signing for Roy Ascott's new book, Telematic
Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology, and Consciousness, edited by
Edward Shanken (University of California Press, 2003). Both Ascott and
Shanken will give a brief talk, and answer your questions about the book.
Books will be available for sale and signing.

Learn more about the book at http://www.ucpress.edu/books/pages/8867.html

For general information, please call 510.642.4701

- --
Leonardo began international publication of its print journal in 1968, and
has continued for 35 years to focus on writings by artists who work with
science- and technology-based art media. The International Society for the
Arts, Sciences and Technology was founded in 1982 to further the aims of
Leonardo by providing avenues of communication for artists working in
contemporary media. Leonardo/ISAST serves the international art, science,
and technology communities through its publications Leonardo and Leonardo
Music Journal and its compact disc series; the Leonardo Book Series; the
Leonardo On-Line web site and the web journal Leonardo Electronic Almanac,
both accessible via the Internet. All of our publications are produced in
collaboration with the MIT Press. We have a sister organization in France,
the Association Leonardo, which publishes the Observatoire Leonardo
(OLATS)Web Site. We have a number of other activities including an awards
program. While encouraging the innovative presentation of technology-based
arts, Leonardo/ISAST also functions as an international meeting place for
artists, educators, students, scientists and others interested in the use of
new media in contemporary artistic expression.

Since its founding in 1871 the San Francisco Art Institute has provided an
innovative and stimulating educational environment to thousands of
artists-both students and faculty. From Ansel Adams to Catherine Opie; Mark
Rothko to Barry McGee;  Rube Goldberg to Jason Rhoades, Art Institute
faculty and students have had enormous impact on American art and culture.
Other notable alumni include filmmakers Lance Accord, Kathryn Bigelow, Menno
Meyjes, and Scott Kramer; painters Nina Bovasso, Enrique Chagoya, Richard
Diebenkorn, Chris Johanson, and Kehinde Wiley; 2002 MacArthur Awardees Toba
Khedoori and Liza Lou; performance artists Karen Finley, Tony Labat, and
Paul McCarthy;  photographers Aziz&Cucher, Lewis Baltz, Annie Liebovitz, and
Sharon Lockhart;  sculptors Jason Middlebrook, Manuel Neri, and Richard
Shaw; and digital artist Paul Pfeiffer, winner of the 2000 Whitney
Biennial's Bucksbaum Award. The Art Institute offers BFA, MFA, and  MA
degree programs, Post-Baccalaureate Certificates, as well as Pre-College and
non-degree courses for youths and adults.

- -- 


Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 12:00:41 -0400
From: doron <doron {AT} computerfinearts.com>
Subject: FW: Jusitce for Palestine--June 5 call

Hi--this is the call to action that came out of discussions in the ISM after
Rachel Corrie's murder by bulldozer and the shootings of Brian and Tom.  I'm
really hoping PGA groups will take this up and plan some actions--for a
couple of reasons beyond what's stated below.  One is that ISM has no
previous experience in putting out international calls or coordinated days
of action, and I think the model that PGA has pioneered could be effective
in moving the issue of Palestine.  The other is more personal--that Rachel
and the group in Rafah who were as much part of our extended networks as ISM
and I'd love for us to do something about her.  I know this is close to the
G8--but maybe its possible to work something into the G8 events that would
focus on Palestine?  It doesn't all have to happen exactly on June 5--the
days leading up would also be fine,

Starhawk <stella {AT} mcn.org>

Call to Action:
International Day of Action for Justice in Palestine
June 5, 2003

On June 5, 2003, the thirty-sixth anniversary of the Israeli occupation of
the West Bank and Gaza, we call for linked actions by Palestinian,
international, and Israeli peace groups to protest the escalating violence
against the Palestinian community and international human rights workers in
the occupied territories. We demand protection for Palestinian civilians and
for internationals, a moratorium on construction of the apartheid wall and
its associated land confiscations and home demolitions, and an end to the

I. Who is Initiating this Call?

The Middle East Committee of United for Peace and Justice is proposing that
United for Peace and Justice initiate this call together with Palestinian
based, Israeli, and other international peace groups. Committed convening
groups include the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA), the
 International Women_s Peace Service, and the International Solidarity (ISM)
Movement, which attempts to protect civilians and supports the nonviolent
resistance within Palestine, We seek and welcome endorsements by all groups
and individuals that support our points of unity.

II. What Would Happen on and around June 5?

..... Demonstrations and acts of nonviolent resistance by Palestinians and
internationals within the occupied territories of Palestine.

.... Sister demonstrations, vigils and nonviolent direct actions by Israeli

.... peace groups within the pre-1967 borders of Israel.

.... A massive campaign of lobbying at the United Nations and of the U.S.
Congress culminating on June 5.

.... Teach-ins and educational programs in communities around the world.

.... Demonstrations, vigils, and nonviolent occupations of Israeli embassies

.... and consulates worldwide, and at offices of corporations that profit
from the occupation.

III. Why This Call?

There can be no true peace or security in the Middle East without justice
for the Palestinian people. In the wake of the war on Iraq, the Sharon
government has stepped up a campaign of land confiscation, enclosure and
isolation of Palestinian communities, and attacks on nonviolent human rights

The Sharon government is rapidly moving ahead on the second phase of
construction of a mammoth OEsecurity fence_Đin reality an apartheid wall
which dwarfs the Berlin wall. A thirty-foot high concrete wall with gun
towers in some areas, in others, a giant electrified fence surrounded by a
wide swathe of OEno-man_s land_, it strays far from the 1967 borders to
confiscates more than thirty percent of the proposed Palestinian state. It
encloses the illegal settlements that have undermined peace negotiations
since Oslo, annexes water resources and the traditional lands of Palestinian
villages without compensation, and will turns Palestinian cities into giant,
open-air prisons.

In Gaza, construction of the security zone along the Egyptian border has
resulted in destruction of olive groves and homes. On April 16, Rachel
Corrie, a human rights worker with the International Solidarity Movement,
was deliberately killed by an Israeli Occupation Forces bulldozer driver
while trying to prevent home demolitions. The Israeli military has refused
to seriously investigate her death, and the United States government has
declined to pressure them.

The result has been tacit encouragement of attacks on nonviolent peace
workers and inconvenient witnesses. In Jenin, Brian Avery was shot in the
face on April 5 by soldiers in an armored personnel carrier that opened fire
on clearly visible, unarmed members of the ISM. On April 12, ISM member Tom
Hurndall was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier on the Rafah border as
he attempted to rescue children who were under fire from Israeli sniper
tower. On April 20, Palestinian journalist was shot dead by a gunman from an
Israeli tank as he attempted to cover an incursion into Nablus.

These attacks on human rights workers make visible the ongoing  violence
against Palestinian civilians. In Rafah, more than two hundred  and fifty
people have died since the beginning of the intifadaĐforty-five of them were

Unless the international community responds strongly to these attacks,  no
human rights workers, medical personnel, journalists or NGOs will be able to
operate safely in the occupied territories. Without those who are prepared
to intervene against, witness, or report on acts of aggression by the
Israeli military, the way is open for even further escalations of violence
and repression against the Palestinian people.

Linked actions by groups within the territories, within Israel and by the
international community would send a powerful message to the Israeli
government. Moreover, they would break the isolation of the Palestinians,
encourage and support the nonviolent resistance within Palestine, making
that aspect of the struggle more visible, highlight the ongoing violence
against Palestinian civilians and shift the climate of public opinion that
allows this injustice to continue.

IV. Demands:

1. Protection and Accountability:

..... We demand that the U.S. and British governments, the United Nations,
and the world community hold the Sharon government and the Israeli
Occupation Forces accountable for the death of Rachel Corrie and the
shootings of Brian Avery, Tom Hurndall and , which make visible the ongoing
violence against Palestinian civilians. We demand a full and impartial
investigation of these and other attacks on nonviolent human rights workers.

.... We call for an immediate deployment of UN international observers in
West Bank and Gaza Strip.

2. Moratorium on the Wall:

We call for a moratorium on the building of the so-called OEsecurity wall_,
An end to the land theft, home demolitions, appropriation of water and
resources, destruction of villages and of livelihoods that this apartheid
wall requires. 

.... End the Occupation:
We call for an end to the policies of control and de facto imprisonment that
violate the human rights of Palestinians: closures, curfews, checkpoints,
roadblocks, incursions, snipers, and ongoing attacks on civilians. An end to
attacks on the Palestinian economy and civil society, the obstruction of
education, health care, emergency services that are part of an ongoing
assault on daily life. An end to the occupation.

V. Points of Unity

For this campaign, we ask that groups that participate commit to nonviolent
actions that maximize respect for life, and that embody the openness,
creativity and compassion we are calling for.

Palestinian focus
- --Attacks on international human rights workers are an important focus of
this campaign, but we ask that they always be seen in the context of the
overwhelming daily violence directed against the Palestinian population.

We represent a very broad coalition of groups that may hold out different
visions for this issue. As a coalition, we can unite around the specific
goals named for this campaign. Individual groups are free to pursue their
own broader goals and demands in their own names.

We welcome support from a broad variety of political groups and
organizations, but as a coalition we do not identify with or align with any
political party or affiliation.

Jewish and Israeli peace groups are part of this campaign, and allies in
this struggle. Charges of anti-Semitism are often hurled at anyone who
challenges the Israeli government. We refuse to be silenced or

intimidated by those charges, while we also recognize that some recent attac
Ks on jewish institutions do betoken a resurgence of actual anti-semitism.
Our campaign is directed against the policies of the Sharon-led Israeli
government and military, and the U.S. funding and support for those
policies, not against Jews or Israelis as a people.

Only justice for Palestinians can assure real security in either Palestine
or Israel. We cherish the lives of Israelis and Palestinians. While we
especially condemn attacks on civilians, whether Palestinian or Israeli, we
understand that attacks on Israeli civilians are a response to the
conditions of the occupation, that are only furthered by the policies of
collective punishment and brutality practiced by the Sharon government. At
the same time, we understand that such attacks stir fear and rage among
Israelis that lends a spurious legitimacy to brutal actions of the Sharon

We encourage participating groups to be proactive in reaching out to their
local Jewish communities to begin dialogues and discussions around this
issue, and to hold out the hope that even those who are now our opponents
may change their views.

Within the framework of these points of unity, local groups are free to plan
their own actions and campaigns. Local groups know best how to organize in
their own areas, and how to speak to their own communities.

VI. Structure
The June 5 coalition would be a loose network of affiliated groups,
providing coordination and support for autonomous actions within the
framework of the points of unity. Convenor groups would take

responsiblility for coordination nationally or regionally, in Palestine,
Israel, the U.S., Europe, and other regions. A central website would be
created and maintained, where support materials could be posted and where a
list of planned actions and contacts could be maintained. Media coordination
could be centralized regionally.

Funding would be sought for the website and to support media centers.

Groups would fund their own actions independently.

For more information contact:

Starhawk at stella {AT} mcn.org

Simona Sharoni at sharonis {AT} evergreen.edu; 360-867-6196

ISM press office (Beit Sahur, Palestine): info {AT} palsolidarity.org

For a map of the wall, see http://www.gush-shalom.org/thewall/index.html


Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 16:03:07 +0200
From: "SMART Project Space" <info {AT} smartprojectspace.net>
Subject: Filmmakers Present: Tuesday 6 + 20 May, 19.30 hrs. Smart Cinema

SMART Project Space | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam, +31 
(0)20 427 5951 
Tuesday May 6 and Tuesday May 20, 19.30 hrs. Smart Project Space 

Filmmakers Present:
A series in which film-and video artists will present their work
Tuesday May 6, 19.30 hrs.

Martin Hansen will present quite diverse work. An expressionistic silent 
movie, a surrealistic animation film, an experimental film performance, 
a movie play and a documentary nature film. What do these films have in 
common except that they are from the same filmmaker? All of them will 
bring you into weird little worlds away from the outside reality. They 
exist only in the head of the maker and in the moment when
they light up on the screen.

Simulacren - Markt der Schatten  (1985, 13 min, z/w ,16mm) Come to the 
fair of shadows and free yourself of all your unfulfilled dreams and 
Ragout  (1990, 11 min, z/w, 16mm) Visit the two cooks in a dark kitchen 
losing control of the ingredients.
Parru  (1989, 15min, z/w, 16mm) Welcome in my vibrating prison where I 
paint with my personal shit.
Zimmer 22  (1995,10 min, color,16mm) Have a nice stay in this hotel but 
don=B9t be afraid of flowered wallpaper
Frozen fountainhead (2001, 11 min, col, dv video) From the icy tops of 
the mountains to the hot springs of the mnemosyne.

Anouk de Clercq studied film at the Sint-Lukas art academy in Brussels. 
In New York she worked with the Wooster group - an ensemble of artists 
that combine theatre with video and music - and she became interested in 
bringing together different art forms and artists. Since than De Clercq 
is drawn to the interplay of disciplines: besides mixing different art 
forms in her video work - combining textual graphics, music and images 
in video-installations - she also composes images to be integrated in 
music- theatre- or dance-pieces.

Motion for Stockhausen  (2000, 11 min. DV, b/w stereo) Conceived 
originally as a backdrop projection for the dance performance 
'chor=E9e', this video is in itself a study on choreography. The image 
source is the oldest Belgian film footage, "film m=E9dicaux" (1904) shot 
by Arthur van Gehuchten, a Belgian anatomist, neurologist and pioneer of 
clinical cinematography. The movements of hysterical patients are 
carefully reframed in a dignifying way.

Whoosh  2001, 13 min. DV, b/w stereo English text) Motion pictures, 
motion graphics and music interplay in a poetic reflection on our 
accelerated age.

Portal 2002, 14 min. DVD b/w stereo, English text) [portal] unfolds a 
space where you can drop your guard: a rhythmic, geometric space, a 
comforting place built of shapes and sounds whispering: here never 

Tuesday may 20, 19.30 hrs.

Hannes Sch=FCpbach, a Swiss filmmaker, creates silent color films that 
evoke an experience similar to poetry. He composes and varies images of 
places, people, and gestures, originating from a specific living context 
in each film. The subtlety and distance of his images invites the eye to 
'listen' to them very carefully. The program shows the gradual 
development of the artist's film language based on the image as trace of 
reality and potential metaphor. Hannes Sch=FCpbach has been working with 
film, in parallel with his large painting suites, since the early 

Portrait marriage (2000, 9min. 16 mm, silent) (Filmed in the Val 
Bregaglia, Switzerland) turns the staging of a 'rite de passage' into an 
allusively layered narrative. The film distils a sensual remembrance by 
the filmmaker's intense participation and his spontaneous aesthetic 

Spin (2001, 12min., 16 mm. Silent) (Filmed in Winterthur, Switzerland) 
reflects the beauty of the transitory and evokes the regret connected to 
its passing. The artist's aging mother, at the centre of this film, 
marks the unique presence of the single human consciousness. (Spin - the 
inherent turning momentum of electrons.)

Toccata (2002, 28min., 16 mm, silent) (Filmed in Genoa, Italy, 
1999-2001) develops the 'touch of the place' as a direct encounter with 
the seemingly familiar elements of a house and city. The image recreates 
an inner experience by the use of a wide range of stylised movements and =
colourings. "Il tocco means not only touch; it can also mean a small 
quantity, a single brush stroke in painting, the striking of a bell or 
piano keys."

Invitation of the artist made possible by a grant from Pro Helvetia, 
Arts Council of Switzerland.

Joost Rekveld has been making abstract films and kinetic installations. 
He started doing this out of a fascination with the sensual force of 
moving colour and took his inspiration from earlier attempts to reach a 
form of composed light which can be compared to the way sound is 
structured in a musical piece. His recent films are attempts to develop 
representations of space in a way that is very different from the 
traditional perspective given by lenses. In the not too distant future 
Rekveld's work will develop away from the traditional film screen and 
towards more architectural and possibly interactive forms of light art 
and abstract luminous forms.

#3 (16mm, 4', 1994, silent)

#3 is a film with pure light, in which the images were created by
recording the movements of a tiny light source with extremely long
exposures, so that it draws traces on the emulsion. The light is part
of a simple mechanical system that exhibits chaotic behaviour.

VRFLM (16mm, 2', 1994, silent), VRFLM is a short study for the optical 
printer, based on found footage of fire, on coloured light from the 
optical printer and on partially
destroyed film.

IFS-film (16mm, 3', 1991-94, silent), IFS-film is a computer film, made 
using custom computer-animation software in which images are defined as 
variations in visual pixel
noise which in theory contains all possible images.

#5 (3x 16mm, 6', 1994, silent), #5 is a film for three projectors and 
three independent screens next to each other. The images were made using 
very non virtual, simple reflecting materials and can be regarded as a 
kind of action painting
with light.

#11, Marey <-> Moir=E9 (35mm scope, 21', 1999, dolby SR), #11 (Marey <-> 
Moir=E9) is a film in which all images were generated using long 
stroboscopic exposures, resulting in a neo-primitive kind of op-art. It 
is a film about the discontinuity that lies at the heart of
the film medium and is a tribute to the scientists who laid the 
foundations for the film medium. Sound by Edwin van der Heide.

#23.2, Book of Mirrors (35mm academy, 12', 2002, dolby SR),  #23 will 
grow to be a cycle of five abstract films about light, inspired by 
concepts found in medieval and renaissance optics. The films are made 
with a set-up in which ancient and very elementary optical principles 
are used to generate images. These images are caused by the interplay of 
light waves directly onto the emulsion, not using lenses as they are 
used normally to reproduce a scene outside of the camera. This film in 
the cycle deals with the multiplication of light beams through mirrors 
and kaleidoscopes and has been made in collaboration with composer 
Rozalie Hirs.

Location: Smart Cinema
Price: 5.50 Euro
For information please contact Alice Smits

SMART Project Space | www.smartprojectspace.net
Exhibition Space & Cinema: 1e Const. Huygensstraat 20 
Opening times: Tues-Sat from 12.00-22.00, Sun from 14.00-22.00 hrs.
Mail to: P.O.Box 15004, NL-1001 MA Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 427.5951
Fax.: +31 20 427.5953
mail: info {AT} smartprojectspace.net

If this e-mail was forwarded to you by way of someone other then SMART 
Project Space, and you would appreciate to receive further mailings 
announcing exhibitions at SMART Project Space, you can send mail to 
info {AT} smartprojectspace.net with the following command in the body of 
your email message: "subscribe e-mailing SPS"

If you would want to remove yourself from this mailing list, you can 
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Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 12:33:53 +0100
From: jamie king <jamie {AT} jamie.com>
Subject: !Mute[26] wants YOUR <warlinx>!

<forward far and wide>


We at Mute <www.metamute.com> are composing a list of resources to help
y/our understanding of the constant state of war that now defines
everyday life. We would be very grateful indeed if you would send us
links to war resources that you think are particularly useful or
notable. Warlinx will run throughout the next issue of Mute [m26] and
include all kinds of media.

Some categories that might be useful in thinking about your submissions:

[DISCUSSION] lists, twikis, blogs



[THEORY] from clausewitz to caffentzis




[TECHNOLOGY] weaponry, infowar, military R&D


List your links under one or more of these categories, or invent more if
you like, and
mail them to <jamie {AT} metamute.com> as soon as you can.

Thank you very much!

all at Mute
- - London, UK


Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 16:58:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: acm acm <artofficial2 {AT} yahoo.com>
Subject: genetically modified culture: call for works


“Innovations don’t mean a thing if they don’t deliver
Asgrow/Monsanto PR statement 2000

The next (Fall 2003) "issue" of ACM's Contextin' Art
will focus on the relationship between genetic
science, information technology (IT) and culture. As
the difference between theoretical science and its
commercial application becomes increasingly blurred,
the direction of research itself becomes a site of
contention. Acknowledging this, the interests of
capital continue to develop a culture of consent in
all domains. 
There have been a number of art exhibitions designed
to “discuss” the philosophical implications of genetic
and information technologies over the past few years.
Many of these activities aim the discourse at a
metaphysical future that is simultaneously a posthuman
utopia and an irreversible destruction of Nature,
while deflecting the material and ideological
conditions converging in the present. The struggle
over genetically modified foods is but one aspect of
the current situation that represents capital’s
further expansion of power over all aspects of life.
The Fall 2003 issue will run alongside “YOUgenics,” an
exhibition looking at genetics from diverse, critical
and current perspectives. ( http://www.yougenics.net )

We’re looking for texts, visual projects, performance
documents and web-based works that critically engage
the topic of genetics, IT and consumable culture.
DEADLINE: August 30, 2003

Send questions and proposals to:
artofficial2 {AT} yahoo.com

Contextin’ Art :: since 2003


artofficial construction media
A collaborative effort to screw in a lightbulb.
visit us on-line at

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