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<nettime> May 1 2003 and 10 years of the spread of the concept of Netize
Ronda Hauben on Thu, 1 May 2003 23:35:33 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> May 1 2003 and 10 years of the spread of the concept of Netizen

This year, 2003 is the 10th anniversary of the post of "The Net and the
Netizen" by Michael Hauben on Usenet. This research paper introduced
the concept of Netizen online and it has since spread around the world.

An interesting concentration of the concept of Netizen that was
intoduced in the book "Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet
and the Internet" recently appeared in a paper that is online.
Describing e-democracy, the author, Boldur Barbat writes:

   "To prove it, just some opinions of genuine netizens -- in fact, from
    the author who coined the term: Michael Hauben (Hauben and Hauben, 1997):
    Scrutinising the effect of the Net upon the future of politics, the
    'ascendancy of the Commons' can be anticipated by reason of the new
    technologies presenting 'the chance to overcome the obstacles
    preventing the implementation of direct democracy'. The last
    chapter -- perhaps the banner of their entire book: 'The Computer
    as a Democratizer' -- claims that the 'step toward universally
    available and affordable access' and "uncensored accessible press"
    demonstrate that 'it is now possible to meet more of Mill's
    requirements for democracy'. Extending a bit the horizon, the author's
    defend also Hume's observation that 'arte' leads to intellectual
    ferment, and, in turn, this ferment 'is the needed support for the
    development of technology'. Such a flavour acts, in the netizens age
    as a catalyst for IT."
                        from "Users in Front of ICT's. Facing the Interface"

Today, May 1, 2003 was Michael's birthday. In honor of his birthday
we want to announce a special issue of the Amateur Computerist on
"Netizens Then and Now". The url for the issue is


We welcome comments on the concept of netizen as it has developed in
the past 10 years for future issues of the Amateur Computerist.

with best wishes


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