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<nettime> More blog aggregators worth looking at

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Francis Hwang wrote:
> More fruitful, I think, would be to beat the drums loudly for the rising
> blogosphere, and ways that non-obsessives can start following along with
> this sort of chatter. Me, I used Blogdex for a while
> (, which counts links across the
> blogosphere and then tells you the most popular. These days, most of
> these links are straight war stories, of course, but there's also the
> Gulf War Drinking Game, and some guy in the National Guard who had his
> name legally changed to "Optimus Prime". Roll out!
> Blogdex isn't the only blog-aggregating service out there: There are
> lots of different approaches, all imperfect. The main problem with
> Blogdex is that one story can show up in the same form at ten different
> sites, each being heavily linked to. When the bombing started, for
> example, the front page was flooded with different stories on it, though
> they were all pretty much saying the same thing. More sophisticated
> aggregation would be great, to help truly novel stories stand out, but
> it would take some seriously heavy lifting to pull that stuff off.

And people are working the problem even now. One supposes, yes,
Blogger/Google is working on such a system, but check these:

blogdex: (the first one i remember, but not as useful as it might be)


popdex: "War on Iraq"

popdex: "Anti-war"

popdex: "Protesting the protesters"


technorati: last 3 hours:

technorati: top 100 recent interesting blogs


daypop: top 40

daypop: top news bursts

(and more inside-baseball links, about who's linking to whom)
blogrolling: top 100 most watched blogs

myelin: blogging ecosystem

truth laid bear blogging ecosytem

	- Joe
Joe "ArtLung" Crawford
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