Quim Gil on Thu, 6 Mar 2003 01:05:17 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> An online action for the Spanish local elections

Imagine a political group with a website in which anyone can join a
candidature for the local elections in his/her town, without needing to
be member of any party, only with the limitation of a minimal
ideological frame and the law. 

Well, this is what we've done for the Spanish local elections to be
celebrated the next 25th of May:


It is actually an activist action using a Trojan strategy (maybe
Adbusters would call it 'culture jamming' as well...):


To bring the message 'another democracy is possible' to the voters of
the Spanish local elections the next 25th of May. 


Creating a legal political coalition called Otra Democracia Es Posible
and presenting candidatures in towns, so the Electoral Administration
must print ballots saying that "another democracy is possible" and must
distribute them to all the voting locations of the towns where lists are
presented. So many voters will see them just before performing their
almost single act of active democratic participation of the year (if

There is no aim to obtain votes, nor representants, nor we expect to
change anything in the current Spanish """democratic""" system. We don't
even pretend with this action to answer the question "what other
democracy??". We just want to contribute spreading the question to the

Few days after the release of the project, 161 people have opened lists
in 37 towns. We the organizers don't know most of them, which is already
a success. There is already a first candidature completed for the city
of Barcelona, and this is already another success. Madrid, Valencia and
other cities and towns are progressing step by step. 

More in the website (sorry, in Spanish):

There is also a more extensive article explaining the context and the
background of the project here (also in Spanish, I hope automatic
translation can do):

Un experimento digital para las elecciones municipales del 25-M

Hope you like it.  :)


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