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Re: <nettime> wireless commons- elloi
Steve Cisler on Wed, 1 Jan 2003 14:26:54 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> wireless commons- elloi

Morlock Elloi quoted from the Wireless Manifesto and then commented:
>> Low-cost wireless networking equipment which can operate in unlicensed
>> bands of the spectrum has started another revolution. Suddenly, 
>> ordinary
> The un-license-ness is there because of current (dis)interest and 
> temporary
> benevolence of powers that be. It will go away overnight when the 
> probability
> that it will truly infinge on the corporate realm exceeds 0.1%.

In some places (Venezuela, Nigeria, Argentina) there have been 
interference problems and perceived threats to licensed carriers so 
that previously unlicensed networks are now being regulated in new 
ways.  In Mexico there exists distance limitations on 802.11b that 
inhibit modest point-to-point networks.  However, citizens groups are 
trying to change this to provide better, lower cost options for rural 
areas (where this is really going to count).  Certainly the incumbent 
powers in different countries will stifle disrupting technologies in 
various ways: tightening existing regulations and passing new ones, 
denying connections for the wireless hubs or coming out with their own 
version of the networks like CoMeta (ATT Wireless, IBM, and Intel).

Steve Cisler

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