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<nettime> some technology that I could use in my life
Bill Spornitz on Sun, 15 Dec 2002 12:22:44 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> some technology that I could use in my life

A short list.

-- Small information interfaces that work. I don't care if they have 
a keyboard, or use Bluetooth, or can do voice recognition (if they're 
handling telephony already,  they may also want to handle 
voice-data). They look and feel and taste cool, and they bring the 
information I need, out across the place where I live, sortof like in 
a cage that I build for myself.

-- a small photocopier device that I could use to scan (substitute 
your use case here...)  recipes, then make them available by a web 
service to the various interfaces (no, not terminals ;-) around my 
house. They could do a bit of optical character recognition if they 
want, if only in order to build an index for a good search engine. 
They should know how to format a recipe, and should publish in some 
kind of xml-pdf format.

-- software, served from the phone company, that helped my 
telephone-ish interfaces to help me to decipher the Byzantine and 
oppressive menu system currently offered everywhere. If there are 
four menu choices, associated with numbers, I would like to see them 
displayed on the telephone in a fashion whereby making the 
appropriate choice was not a memory exercise. Memory exercises went 
out with the end of Communism. Spell it - Telephonic Graphical User 
Interface; maybe using JTree, touch-sensitive, why not.

that's all I need at this time.


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