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Re: <nettime> For those not on Undercurrents
porculus on Sat, 14 Dec 2002 17:13:10 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> For those not on Undercurrents

>  It seems CAE is the straw man here. We invite everyone to look at the
> text at CAE's web-site <critical-art.net> and judge for yourself. It can
> be downloaded free of charge.
> As a wise old professor once told CAE, "If you are going to criticize a
> text, it helps to read it first."
> Critical Art Ensemble

how long it's needing to read all marxz for pissing of commies ? how long
you need to know all ov the fucking life ov any fucking swine murderer for
having some joy to see him to toast on elctric chair? would you bug a poor
b52 pilote for his generous gift of prayer karpet bombing rather to read the
fucking coran -first? to which else would you give remorse for not having
read some text on which he has preformated opinion ? & is it not the proof
of it success to talk about it without read it & then is it so wise the
professor who invite to read the text to these ones you need to critic or
clever enuf for renewing its success? cause after all what we criticize in a
text is it not  its sucess first..how long it's needing to read all marxz for
pissing of commies..anyway dont take it in bad part cause i am absolutely not
on undercurrents but i find its not a good reason enuf for not screaming
blue bloody murder, so in any case it's wise for your CAE something

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