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Re: <nettime> Learning from Prada (PART 1)
Elnor Buhard on Wed, 30 Oct 2002 15:03:45 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Learning from Prada (PART 1)

hey ana - you raise an interesting point that i hadn't thought about. 

my feelings on the matter are that physical space is back, but it has been
virtualized - in other words, we have displays that break the nature of
space, effectively mapping physical space to a new, quite topologically
distinct, physical-virtual space.  imagine a grid of numbers that has been
reshuffled.  as a contact lens deforms the perception of space around a
naked eyeball, the action of video (surveilance + entertainment) deforms
perceptive space + allowing much greater disparities in place and time of
vieiwing to occur synchronously.

instead of bringing a user to virtual space, we are bringing virtual space
to wherever the body happenns to be in a neverending flow of
advertisement, culture, and services.... a different mobility of body in
an equivalent state of psychology.

in regards your original paradox, of the physical being newly important
yet strangely deficiennt, it seems the resolution might be that it is
still physicality which is the gem, but just its ordering that is
unsatisfactory.  a topological transformation (a remapping of matter's
presence, effected by display technology) makes things more satisfactory
(so claim the people who do it).  the vibe is like: physical reality is a
sea of strings - soft and pleasant to the touch, even nicer when woven
into a fabric.

elnor buhard
new brunswick, CA

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