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<nettime> Save The Streams - Call for participation
220hex on Sat, 19 Oct 2002 19:23:37 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Save The Streams - Call for participation

Save The Streams!

October 20. is the final deadline for american webcasters to pay for up to
4 years worth of retroactive royalty payments. This will effectively shut
down thousands of small and independent webcasters. Many have stopped
their streams already.

Save The Streams is an agitprop event to focus on the situation, and mark
our support and solidarity with webcasters all over the world. The event
is hosted by BEK in collaboration with Motherboard and others from all
parts of the net. In a massive live happening we will gather streams and
statements from the participants in a propaganda-mix that will be relayed
from our servers. The general public can also make statements through
'Agitbot' - a web interface where people can write messages that will
immediately be broadcasted on netradio. The event will take place october
20. between 11 - 13 GMT+1 at Landmark, Bergen, Norway.

Call for participation. 

Webcaster or others with access to webcast clients (ice/shoutcast,real,
quicktime): if you want to make a statement of some kind to be relayed in
our mix, please send a mail to: savethestreams {AT} bek.no. The statements can
either be streamed from your own server or relayed through BEK. All
statements or artistic comments will be streamed without sensorship of any
kind within technical limits.


The project is done in collaboration with NKLF as a part of the conference 

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