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   Re: <nettime> GIVING IS RECEIVING                                               
     { brad brace } <bbrace {AT} eskimo.com>                                              

     "passdoc web art project" <passdocwebart {AT} hotmail.com>                           

   Salloum videotapes Oct. 20th at the Cinematheque                                
     JSalloum {AT} aol.com                                                                

   Body Thinks                                                                     
     Misko <mpandil {AT} soros.org.mk>                                                    

   Workshop: "Online archives: perspectives on networked knowledge spaces"         
     "netzspannung.org redaktion" <redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org>                       

   Henry Urbach Architecture; Jordan Crandall Press Release                        
     Jeffrey Walkowiak <jeffrey {AT} huagallery.com>                                      

   European Social Forum, first draft of program                                   
     "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                

   Remaking Reality: CAiiA-STAR {AT} IAMAS symposium Japan Oct 25th                     
     Christa Sommerer <christa {AT} iamas.ac.jp>                                          

   Uitnodiging debat 3 november, 15.00 uur                                         
     "SMART Project Space" <info {AT} smartprojectspace.net>                              


Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 13:42:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: { brad brace } <bbrace {AT} eskimo.com>
Subject: Re: <nettime> GIVING IS RECEIVING

"Primary Producers" must be defeated at all costs!

The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project                >>>> since 1994 <<<<

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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 22:42:24 +0200
From: "passdoc web art project" <passdocwebart {AT} hotmail.com>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?B?UGFzc0RvYyBDaXR04CBkZWwgTWVzc2ljbyAoaXRhIJYgZW5nIJYgZnJh?= =?iso-8859-1?B?KQ==?=

P a s s D o C  art  project

viaggi, travell, voyages, viajar, reisen  -  incontri, meet , rencontres, 
encontrar, Treffen  -  tasselli,  tax, cheville, tesela, Dübel  -  cielo, 
sky, ciel, cielo, Handhimmel  -  origami  -  riflessi, reflex, reflets, 
reflejo, Spiegelung  -  vento, wind, ven, viento, wind,  -  disegni, 
drawing, dessin, dibujo, Zeichnungen  -  luce, light, feux, luz, Licht  -  
acqua, water, eau, agua, wasser  -  colori, couleur, colors, colores, Farbe


Titolo: PassDoC incontri attraverso il mondo,
Opere e installazione di Domenico Olivero.
Luogo e giorno d inaugurazione: 07/11/2002  18,00 - 21,00 c/o A.D.E. 
I.Mariscal 130 (Metro P.Arriga) - Città del Messico (Messico). Serata con 
performance, ingresso libero.
Orario apertura: 08-09-10/11/2002    16,00  -  19,30

Meet1 Barcelona 25-29/04/02  -  Meet2 Berlin 25-28/07/02  -  Meet3 Città del 
Messico 07-10/11/02  -  Meet4  nel web 03-06/01/03.

Terzo appuntamento col progetto PassDoc, serie di Meet, ora a Città del 
Messico presso A.D.E. I.Mariscal 130 (Metro P.Arriga), accogliente spazio 
dove è stata realizzata l’installazione e dove avranno corso i momenti di 
conferenze, incontri, proposte che daranno forma alla realizzazione ad 
un'opera web che prenderà forma all’inizo del 2003 e crescerà in futuri 
incontri reali e virtuali.

Responsabili del progetto: D o C     (Domenico  Olivero & Ornella Calvetti 
Indirizzo: PassDoC project Corso Nizza 22 12100 Cuneo Italy – tel 
39-328.2159521 - domenico.olivero {AT} libero.it
PassDoC è un  progetto autogestito per l arte contemporanea.
Col supporto di +XARTE (Fondazione per l'arte contemporanea) Elva -Italia.


Title: PassDoC   meeting around the world.
Works of Domenico Olivero.
Place and opening day: 07/11/2002  18,00 - 21,00 c/o A.D.E. I.Mariscal 130 
(subway P.Arriga) - Mexico City (Mexico). Evening with performance, free 
Time table: 08-09-10/11/2002    16,00  -  19,30

Third rendezvous for the PassDoc project, now in Mexico City c/o A.D.E. 
I.Mariscal 130 (Metro P.Arriga) , place for installation and conference. 
This project searches the comparison, meetings to perform a newsgroup’s 
opera, free for all.  The cycle Meet (installation and conference) will be a 
place to dialogue and discussion. Next year this project will be moved to a 
new and particular art-website.

Meet1 Barcelona 25-29/04/02  -  Meet2 Berlin 25-28/07/02  -  Meet3 Mexico 
City 07-10/11/02  -  Meet4  in the web 03-06/01/03.

Carge of: D o C     (Domenico  Olivero & Ornella Calvetti ).
address: PassDoC project Corso Nizza 22 12100 Cuneo Italy – tel 
39-328.2159521 - domenico.olivero {AT} libero.it
PassDoC is  a  self-management project  for  Arts.
With the support of +XARTE (Fondazione per l'arte contemporanea) Elva 
- -Italia.


Titre:  PassDoC   rencontrer dans  le monde,
œuvres de Domenico Olivero.
Lieu et date d'inauguration: 07/11/2002  18,00 - 21,00 c/o A.D.E. I.Mariscal 
130 (Metrò P.Arriga) – Mexico (Mexique). Soiree avec une performance, entrée 
Ouverture: 08-09-10/11/2002    16,00  -  19,30

Troisième rendez-vous avec le project artistic PassDoc, maintenante a Mexico 
c/o A.D.E. I.Mariscal 130 (Metrò P.Arriga), lieu de exposition (photo, 
peinture, sculpture, multimédia) e de discussion pour la création d'un 
nouveau site web pour l'année prochaine.

Meet1 Barcelona 25-29/04/02  -  Meet2 Berlin 25-28/07/02  -  Meet3 Mexico 
07-10/11/02  -  Meet4  dans le web 03-06/01/03.

responsables: D o C     (Domenico  Olivero & Ornella Calvetti ).
adresse: PassDoC project Corso Nizza 22 12100 Cuneo Italy – 
ph:39-328.2159521 - domenico.olivero {AT} libero.it
PassDoC est un projet autogéré pour l'art.
Avec le support de +XARTE (Fondazione per l'arte contemporanea) Elva 
- -Italia.

Specisci e ricevi le tue email Hotmail dal tuo cellulare con: 


Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 15:34:00 EDT
From: JSalloum {AT} aol.com
Subject: Salloum videotapes Oct. 20th at the Cinematheque

untitled: Jayce Salloum 1999-2002
Sunday October 20 - 7:30 pm
Pacific Cinematheque

Tonight, Jayce Salloum, curator of our "in/tangible cartographies: new arab 
video" exhibition, will present his own "untitled" project, an ongoing 
videotape addressing subjects living through crises/change, personal 
interventions in political realities, and the overarching theme of  
interstitiality. In part 1: everything and nothing (1999-2001, 40 mins.), 
Salloum, off-camera, talks with Soha Bechara, the ex-Lebanese National 
Resistance fighter who was detained for 10 years in the notorious El-Khiam 
torture and interrogation center in South Lebanon. In a riveting and intimate 
conversation, Salloum inquires about home, being interviewed to  death, 
resistance, survival, and the distance between Paris, where Bechara now 
lives, and Khiam. In part 2: beauty and the east (1999-2002, 
work-in-progress, excerpt c. 20 mins.), Salloum turns obliquely to the former 
Yugoslavia. In a kaleidoscope of interviews, refugees, migrants, asylum see
kers, and residents address topics ranging from identity and fascism to 
optimism and monsters. In both anecdotal and theoretical recountings, they 
lay out the issues currently at stake in this region of displacement and 
redefinition; their words are located within images of cities and landscapes. 
Also shown will be a preview sequence of part 3: (as if) beauty never ends… 
(2002, 11 mins.), in which a montage of orchids blooming and footage from the 
sites of the 1982 massacres at Lebanon's Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps 
provides an elegiac response to the Palestinian dispossession. 

To be followed by a Q & A with the director.

Pacific Cinematheque
1131 Howe Street (between Helmcken and Davie)
24 Hour Info Line: 604 688 FILM
Web: http://www.cinematheque.bc.ca

for more info and clips on Jayce Salloum's video work:


Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 16:34:41 +0200
From: Misko <mpandil {AT} soros.org.mk>
Subject: Body Thinks

Forwarded by Misko <mpandil {AT} soros.org.mk>
- ----------------------- Original Message -----------------------
 From:    suzana milevska <suzanamilevska {AT} yahoo.com>

- ----

                                          THE MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF SKOPJE

                                                                 Open Graphic Art Studio

                      Address: Mito Hadzi Vasilev bb. 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

                                Tel. +389 2 114 742, ext.165, Fax: +389 2 115 367

Body Thinks

Atanas Botev, Hristina Ivanoska, Slavica Janaslieva,                                       Maja Sokolova/Alexander Titz, Alexandar Stankovski,                                     Saso Stanojkovik, Ana Stojkovik, Igor Tosevski, Zaneta Vangeli

Curator: Suzana MilevskaOpening: 15 October, 20.00 h. 
Duration: 15 – 25 October, 2002


Closure: 25 October, 19.00 h. - Round table: Body/Mind/Society

Speakers: PhD Georgi Stojanov, Docent at ETF – Skopje, Melentije Pandilovski, Director at CAC-Skopje and Suzana Milevska, Curator at Open Graphic Art Studio and the artists – participants at Body Thinks


The project Body Thinks  has been organized as a part of the fifth anniversary celebration of the establishing of the Open Graphic Art Studio at the Museum of the City of Skopje (September 1998). Ten young artists were invited to participate with their works in different media responding to the various aspects of the theme that deals with the relation between the physical and mental aspects of the body. The art works are going to be executed either as commissions or some of them already exist but are related to the theme.  


The relation between body, mind and society entails complex intertwining that reflects and influences the contemporary society and therefore the art practice. In the period when the computer science explores the human brain and the way in which functions the mental processes the brain becomes more than a metaphor. It serves as a functioning model for the scientific research of the scientists who try to overcome the obstacles of the binary computational system and to establish a completely new quantum system of computation. Thus many new sciences emerged from such interdisciplinary researches such as memetic. – the science that deals with memory units. Memes are considered as bearers of memory that treat the knowledge as transferable heritage similarly to what genes are for genetics.

Nevertheless, the process of thinking in the human brain still remains unresolved mystery to ordinary people and the way in which the physical body and mental states of the body are intermingled is a provocation for the contemporary artists as well. When taking into account that the society as the wider context for such processes reflects its problems inevitably it is therefore no accident that the works of most of the artists invited to this project are concerned with the contextual problems that they face in their cultural and social context such as the brain drain, cultural and political conflicts, the ecological, technological, political or economical issues.


Through the media of interactive silk-screen print, computer drawing, ink – jet print, objects,  photography, video, video installation, slides, performance, Liquid Crystal Display etc. the artists will try to give voice and visibility to existing cultural and social hot issues. A brochure and postcards of each artwork will be presented at the closure of the exhibition.


Individual projects:


Atanas Botev: Kinds of Sights, 2002, silkscreen – 3 interactive prints, 45 x 67 cm

Hristina Ivanoska: Homelessness as Home, 2002, ink jet prints, various dimensions 

Slavica Janaslieva: Concussion, photographs and head-phones

Maja Sokolova: I from Yesterday, VHS, video installation - rear projection

Aco Stankovski:  Libido, VHS, video projection, 30 sec. loop of 2 hours 

Saso Stanojkovik: Brain drain memorial, 2002, LCD, notebook, text

Ana Stojkovik: At certain moments theory must transform to practice no matter whether the consequences could be catastrophic or we could not even predict them , 2 computer drawings, 50x70 cm 

Igor Tosevski: I commit to…, 2002, on-going performance (daily 9.00-15.00)

Zaneta Vangeli: Documents for Progressive Irationalization, 2002, glass and wood box, 4 slides, 6 x 6 cm

- --------------------- Original Message Ends --------------------

- -------------------------------------------------------
Melentie Pandilovski
Contemporary Arts Center  - Skopje
Orce Nikolov 109, 1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
Tel/Fax: +389.2.133.541
Tel/Fax: +389.2.214.495
Mobile: +389.70.217.075
- -------------------------------------------------------


Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 18:23:39 +0200
From: "netzspannung.org redaktion" <redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org>
Subject: Workshop: "Online archives: perspectives on networked knowledge spaces"

Workshop: "Online archives: perspectives on networked knowledge spaces"

25-26 October 2002 at the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communications,
Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, near Bonn, Germany

The Media Art Research Studio (MARS) at Fraunhofer Institute for Media
Communication presents the Internet platform for digital arts and
culture: netzspannung.org. The Internet platform develops strategies for
conveying media-cultural content on the Internet and shows new methods
and technologies for accessing and visualising digital archives.
netzspannung.org is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education
and Research.

The workshop "Online archive: perspectives on networked knowledge
spaces" presents the results in the context of other cultural platforms
and current research in the field of information visualisation and
knowledge management.

During the workshop, international experts from culture and research
will present innovative technical solutions, visualisation methods and
dissemination strategies. The workshop is designed to support exchanges
between different cultural platforms in order to initiate discussion of
new dissemination strategies, contents and financing models.

The lectures provide an insight into the very latest developments in the
field of information and knowledge landscapes which are rapidly changing
cultural and business life. Information and knowledge are the key
success factors in decision-making and design processes in networked
culture spaces.

The programme is directed at persons in positions of responsibility in
the field of culture, business, the academic world, training,
developers, designers and curators. The workshop will be held in German
and English, with simultaneous interpreting also being provided. You can
find details of the programme at:

Participants in the two-day workshop must pay a contribution to costs of
Euro 150. This covers food and refreshments during the day plus an
evening buffet. Information on how to pay will be provided when your
registration is confirmed. You will also be provided with a description
of how to reach the venue and information about possible accommodation.

Because the number of participants is limited, please register promptly
by October 20. Please submit the following details to
redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org:

Surname, first name / Company; Institutions / Address / E-mail

Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication
MARS- Media Art Research Studies 
Contakt: redaktion {AT} netzspannung.org


Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:43:19 -0400
From: Jeffrey Walkowiak <jeffrey {AT} huagallery.com>
Subject: Henry Urbach Architecture; Jordan Crandall Press Release

>Please add to your next listing. Thank you very much.
>for immediate release
>  TRIGGER         
>  OCTOBER 25 - DECEMBER 1, 2002

    Opening Reception, Friday, 25 October 6-8pm
>Trigger, a new two-channel video work by Jordan Crandall, continues the
>artist¹s investigation of the relationship among military technologies,
>forms of seeing, and desire. With a running time of 18 minutes, Trigger
>follows two armed men through the shadows of an abandoned construction site
>as they hunt one another. Suspended between extremes of control and danger,
>the two engage in a tense and hypervigilant dance of predator and prey.
>Crandall  combines lush 16 mm color film and video from surveillance cameras
>and military targeting systems, as well as an eye-tracked synchronization
>system that automatically aligns weapons with the human eye, drawing us into
>a world where the predatory vision of weapons, the camera, and the erotic
>gaze all intertwine.
>Projected in Gallery One on two facing walls, Trigger invites viewers to
>move through the charged space between opposing images, unable to capture
>both sides in a single glance. In Gallery Two, Crandall presents a group of
>large video stills as well as a series of more intimate pencil drawings that
>diagram the structure of key moments in Trigger.
>Jordan Crandall has exhibited internationally, most recently in solo
>exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art
>in Helsinki, the TENT Centrum in Rotterdam, and the Kitchen in New York, as
>well as group shows at the ZKM in Karlsruhe and P.S. 1 among many others.
>His single-channel video Heatseeking was commissioned by InSITE 2000 and
>exhibited in Bitstreams at the Whitney Museum of American Art last year.
>Crandall is known for his video and
>photographic works as well as his own writings and activity in a wide range
>of online projects. His works are held in numerous private and public
>collections, including the Progressive Corporation, the ZKM Zentrum für
>Kunst und Medientechnologie, and the Neue Galerie and Landesmuseum Joanneum
>in Graz.
>For further information and images, please contact the gallery at (212)
>Henry Urbach Architecture
>526 West 26th Street, 10th Floor
>New York, NY 10001


Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 09:55:26 +1000
From: "geert lovink" <geert {AT} xs4all.nl>
Subject: European Social Forum, first draft of program

(first draft of the official program of the European Social Forum in
Florence, November 6-10, 2002: http://www.fse-esf.org/)

European Social Forum - Programme approved by Assembly of 5-6 october in


1. Liberism:

a) From the European Union shaped by neoliberal globalisation to the Europe
and the global institutions: Wto, Gatts, Imf; Wb, G8. Control  over
financial markets and economy and unrestricted investments. Economy and
solidarity. Budgetary and Fiscal polices in Europe.

    Christian Marazzi (Univ. Svizzera),
    Emiliano Brancaccio (Attac Italy )
    Serge Colin (G10 Solidaires, Fr.)
    Barry Coates (England. ??)
    Denise Cormanne (Cadtm Belgium)
    Frank Bsirske (Ver.Di Germany)

Coordination: Antonio Tricarico (Crbm), G2001 Greece

b) Europe and Food Sovereignty
For a joint Agriculture Policy: social and labour based, agro-ecological
opposing Wto¹s policies. A society serving science: patents, GM and research
free of multinational power against the market exploitation of life. Limited
cycle, consumerism and North-South trade: an equal pattern.

    José Bové (Confederation paysanne, French)
    Sergio Marelli (Pres. Ong Italy)
    Hector Mondragon (Colombia, economist)
    Lidia Cerdra (Via Campesina, Galizia, Spain)
    Mamadou Cissoko (Peasent Senegal)

Coordina: Gianni Fabbris (Altragricoltura Italy), Hege Nerland (Via
Campesina- Norway)

2. War and peace:

a) No justice, no peace.
Conflict prevention. Resistance to war. Building solidarity and
international and decentralized cooperation.

    Johan Galtung
    Lindsay German (Stop the war, Gb)
    Maria Styllou (activist of greek left G2001 Greece)
    Lidia Menapace (Women against the war, Italy
    Hans Abrahamsson (Prof. Univ. Goteborg, Sweden)

Coordination: Tonio Dell¹Olio (Pax Christi), Stop the war (Gb) ?

b) Emergency extreme right: social divide in Europe
Social insecurity, chauvinism, nationalism and discrimination. Political
values and ideologies of the extreme and populist right. Fighting social
exclusion to counter the Right.


    Gary Younge (The Guardian journalist, Gb)
    Tamas Krausz (Attac Hungary)
    Michel Tubiana, (Presid. Human rights League, French)
    Guido Caldiron (journalist, Italy)
    Hermann Dworzcak (Austrian document. center of the Resistence -Austria)
    Tania Assulin (Unef, French)

Coordination: Federica Mogherini (Sin. Giovanile), Nouno Tito (Portugal)

3. Rights/Citizenship/Democracy:

a) With the rightless, against social exclusion.
Introduction. Central and local governments¹ initiative and social action
against compassionate liberalism. Young peoples¹ right to future: autonomy,
work, income. Housing rights.


    Christiane Maigre (Shop steward, Euromarch, Belgium)
    Markus Drake (Helsinki disobedients)
    Renzo Fior (Emmaus International)
    Erika Biehn (Bag Shi association, Germany)
    Costance Etch (European coordination ³sans papier)
    J. B. Eyrault (Dal French)

Coordination: Ilaria Lani (Udu), Migranti social forum

b) Information and culture, humankind¹s resources: from a monopoly based
system to new individual and social rights. Information monopoly and
concentration.Experiences of alternative information and indipendent media.
Intellectual property and knowledge. Protection of cultural diversity in the
global market.

    Luciana Castellina (Italy)
    Rainer Rilling (Rosa Luxembourg Found. Germany)
    Antonio Martins (Ciranda - Porto Alegre)
    Michalis Tremopoulos (journalist, Greece)
    Cees Hamelink (Prof of communication at Amsterdam univ.)
    Ludmilla Boulovka (Russia Alternatives)

Coordination: Anna Pizzo (Carta), ?


1. Liberism:

a) Central and East Europe into the globalised world: alternatives to
neoliberalism. Results of privatisation and liberalisations. Enlarging the
European Union to the East. Social problems and common alternatives

    Jacek Kuron (former dissident, Solidarity, Poland)
    Andrej Grubacic (Belgrade university, Yu)
    Karoly Lorant (Attac Hungray)
    Alexander Buzgalin (Russia Alternatives)
    Cathrine Samary (Le monde diplomatique, Fr)
    Silvya Anders (International association on world economic, Germany)

Coordination: Giulio Marcon (Ics Italy), Elena Putivtseva (Defense of
Labour, Russia)

b) Europe is not for sale: new rights for a new social system.
Decline and renewal of the welfare state in Europe: health care, school and
pension systems. No to privatisation and liberalisation: preserving and
changing of the public service. Family centred policies and rights for men
and women.

    Cesare Ottolini (Hic, Italy)
    Mirem Etxezarreta (Economist, Univ. Barcelona)
    Manuel Carvalho da Silva (Segr. Gen. Cgtp Portugal)
    Pierre Khalfa (Attac Fr.)
    Bettina Shwarzmayer (student Austria)
    Bernard Thibault (Segr. Gen. Cgt French)

Coordination: Catherine Varin (Reseau S.P.Fr.), Pino Giampietro (Cobas

2. War and peace

a) Europe security zone? Social control, repression and denied rights.
Restricting individual and social rights. Criminalisation of social
conflict. Militarisation of the borders and repressive measure  against
migrants. Euro police, euro justice: which polcies?

    Eva Forest (Human right activist, Basque Country)
    Luigi Ciotti, (Gruppo Abele, Italy)
    Alessandro Dal Lago (Univ. Genova, Italy)
    Fatos Lubonja, (Albanian intellectual)
    Tony Bunyam (Editor Statewatch, Gb)
    Dolores Jiuliano (Prof. Univ. Barcelona)

Coordination: Bruno Paladini (Mat), Greece social forum

b) Europe in the new world (dis) order.
UN and international law. Europe, Nato and joint European defence policies
(euroarmy). Subordination or antagonism towards the USA: any alternative?

    Rossana Rossanda (journalist, Italy)
    Alex Callinicos (Prof. York University, Gb)
    Tobias Pflüger (Imi, antimilitarismo assoc. Germany)
    Flavio Lotti (Peace table, Italy)
    Johana Ruziczkova (Ceka republic)

Coordination: Piero Maestri (Bastaguerra), Susan George (Attac France)

3. Rights/Citizenship/Democracy:

a) From the Declaration of Nice to the European Convention: the crisis of
democracy in Europe and the struggle for universal citizenship. The process
leading to a politics driven Europe. Universal Citizenship and European
Democracy. A different European integration. Participatory democracy to
establish a democratic Europe.

    Boaventura Sousa Santos (Pro-Urbe activist,Coimbra University, Portugal)
    Luigi Ferraioli, (giurist Italy)
    Pierre Barge, (Citizenship and fundamental rights commette French)
    Guglielmo Epifani, (Segr. Gen. Cgil Italy)
    Carmen San José  (Iniciativa por una Carta derechos sociales, Madrid)
    Antonis Manitakis (Prof. Costituional law, univ. Thessaloniki, Greece)

Coordination: Franco Russo (Roma Social forum), Sophie Zafari (Fsu French)

b) Men and women: necessary conflict for common future
Introduction. Labour-jobs. Patriarchal family, sexuality andviolence.Power
and political representation.

    Christine Delphy (Marches Women)
    Laura Gonzales de Txabarri (Ela, Basque countries)
    Sianou Fotini (president comittee women Etuc)
    Pragna Patel (Black sisters, Gb)
    Wanda Nowiczka (Federation for women planning, Poland) -
    Lidia Cirillo (March. Women, Italy)

Coordination: Nadia De Mond (Rete delle Marce), Angelika Psara (journalist


1. Liberism:

a) Water, air and earth: Europe opposing unsustainable development.
Living standards and consumer patterns. Privatisation of public goods and
ecological debt. Alternatives: right to quality life, health and well being.
Energy question.

    Wolfgang Sachs
    Riccardo Petrella (Water campaign, Italy)
    Gustave Massiah (Crid,French)
    Zoltan Endreffy (Pax romana, Hungray)
    Tony Juniper (Vice president Friend of Earth, Usa)
    Luigi Mara (Medicina Democratica, Cub, Italy)
    Manuel Tomàs (New culure of water, Catalunya)

Coordination: Claire Person (Oxfam Belgium), Maurizio Gubbiotti

b) Europe of workers between global production and social fragmentation.
Impact of finance driven economy on the corporate system and
precarization.Labour, jobs and fights for rights. Women and the youth facing
the changes in work organization and labour market. Education,  training and

    Gianni Rinaldini (Gen. secr. Fiom-Cgil, Italy)
    Paolo Sabbatini (Coordinatio Sin.Cobas, Italy)
    Gerard Aschieri (Segr. Gen. Fsu, fr)
    Maria Helena Hendré (Segret. Conf. Ces)
    Giorgios Orfanos (General Confederation of workers Greece)
    Doro Zinke (European transport trade unions)

Coordination: Mario Agostinelli (Forum mondiale alternative), Angela Klein
(Euromarch, Germany)

2. War and peace

a) People¹s Europe against the never ending war.
September 11th: the Bush doctrine, the Afghan War and the war on terrorism.
Western World and Islam, dialogue or clash? Creating the enemy: media power.
Iraqi: the next war?

    Pietro Ingrao
    Fabio Alberti (A bridge for Iraqi, Italy)
    Tariq Ali (New Left Review, Gb)
    Yannis Banias (Initiative for the Greece social forum)
    Patriche Cohen Seat (president Espace Marx, French)
    Irene Khan (Director of Amnesty International)

Coordination: Daniela Santroni (Gc/disobedients) + Leo Gabriel (Austria)

b) War nourished economy
Production and transformation. Defence budget, social spending and global
market. War economy, mafia smuggling and power. Weapons in action: war when
living under the bombs.

    Brian Wood (Military and security policy sector, Amnesty International)
    Gino Strada (Emergency, Italy
    Giorgio Beretta (Missionary, Italy)
    Giuliano Pontara (Univ. Stoccolma, Sweden)
    Caroline Lucas (International Forum on globalisation, GB)

Coordination: Pierpaolo Leonardi (Rdb-Cub), Angeles Maestro (Antiwar
movement Spain)

3. Rights/Citizenship/Democracy:

a) Gay, Lesbian, Transex

(As soon as possible)

b) Immigrants and Fortress Europe: apartheid, social conflict and universal
Migrants and refugees, the way to universal citizenship. Racism and
xenophobia in Europe. Exemplary work of immigrants. Migrations between the
two Europes: inclusion or new discrimination.

    Annamaria Rivera, (Univ. di Bari, It)
    Odile Schwartz (Fasti, French)
    Christopher Nsoh (KanackAttac membership, Germany)
    Stella Alfieri (United antiwar Rally Athen, Greece)
    Asad Rehman (Antiracist mouvement, Gb)
    Ioanna Kourtovic (lawyer, antiracist mouvement, Greece)

Coordination: Rosa Mendes (Tavolo migranti), Mamadou Ba (Sos Racism,

Dialogs, alternatives and Windows
(Timetable 18-21)

Thursday 7 November

Mouvements and trade unions¹ struggle

Jean Lapeyre segr. CES
Annick Coupé (Sud, Fr)
Piero Bernocchi (Cobas It)
Bob Crow (Rmt, Gb)
Marco Bersani (Attac It)
Mag Wompel (chief editor of Labournet, Germany)
Paul Nicholson (Via Campesina)
Jose María Fidalgo (CC.OO, Spain)

Chair: Carla Casalini (il manifesto)

Mouvements and institutions

Claudio Martini (President Toscana)
J. Brezouack, (Mayor of S.Denise Fr.)
Tarso Genro (Mayor of Port Alegre)
Elena Paciotti
Alfio Nicotra
Marie Paul Connai (Belg.)
Attac Sweden (?)
Franco Gesualdi (lilliput)

Chair: Piero Sansonetti (l'Unità)

Non violence, disobedience and social conflicts

Alex Zanotelli (llilliput,)
Luca Casarini (Disobb)
Heidi Giuliani
Petros Constantinou (Greece)
Giorgio Cremaschi (Segr. naz. Fiom)
Monica Lanfranco (Marea, Review)
Christophe Aguiton (Attac French)

Chair: Salvatore Cannavò (Liberazione)

Mediterranean: a sea of conflicts, looking for democracy and peace
Tume 14,30 - 21.00 (in two parts)

Samir Amin  -  Introduction

Balkans and Cyprus
Panos Garganos (Gr)
Rada Zarcovich (Bosnia)
Igor Seke (YU)
Sonia Licht (YU)
Toumazos Tsielepsis (Cyprus social Forum)
Turkish Cypriot (name missing)
Giacomo Scotti (Croatia)

>From one side to another
Asamblea promotora Foro Social Mediterraneo
Repres. Saharaoui
Algerian woman
Attac Tunisia
Kurdish Representative (UIKI)

Coord. Pino Carlino (ETUC), Maria Grazia Ruggerini (Imed)

Latino America: global crisis and social resistence

Miguel Urbano Rodriguez
Estela Carlotto (Abuelas Plaza de mayo-Argentina)
Lucio Garzòn (CUT ­ Colombia)
Pastoral Council (Brasil)
K.Vergapoulos (Greece)
Josè Abargar (Tallèr de multinacionales ­ ES)
Hugo Alberto Pena (Presidente de la Asociacion campesina de Arauca
Indigenous Community)
Via campesina
Hernando Hernandez - USO

Coordin. Mario Lubetkin (Uruguay-IPS)

The role of religions in the critique of globalisation

Giulio Girardi
Monsignor Bettazzi (IT)
Samuel Ruiz (Mexico)
Chief Rabby Florence
Gertrud Knoll (Austria)
Superintendent Evangelisch Church
Women Buddhist Network
Tariq Ramadan
Marseille Muftì

Coord. Firenze Social Forum

Friday 8 november

Social and State Economy

M. Albert (Z Magazine,Usa)
Felice Scalvini (Pres. Cecop)
Ugo Biggeri (Banca Etica)
Marco Revelli (prof. univ)
Riccardo Bellofiore (Prof.univ))
Rudi Dalvai (Itaf, Usa)
Carola Reintjes (Spain)
Yannis Milios (economist Greece)

Chair: Giorgio Dal Fiume

Participatory democracy

R. Dominici (Mayor Florence)
Maria de Lurdes Pintassiglo (Portugal)
Paul Ginsborg (Univ. Florence)
Miriam Giovenzana (Altreconomia)
Alberto Magnaghi (Univ.)
Raffaella Lamberti
Gigi Sullo (Carta)
Massimo Rossi (Mayor Grottammare, Italy)

Chair: Giampiero Rasimelli

Movement and political parties

Elio  Di Rupo (Ps Belgium)
H.-C Ströbele (Grunen, Germany)
Fausto Bertinotti (Prc Italy)
O. Besancenot (Lcr French)
Rosi Bindi (Catholic dem.Italy)
Vittorio Agnoletto (Italy social movement)
Bernard Cassen (Attac French)
Chris Nineham (Globalise Resistence, Gb)
Naomi Klein

Chair: Tom Benettollo


G.Calchi Novati
Amref (Medical  Association)
Samsidin Indrisu (Greek African Community)
Mad.Binta Sarr (Senegal)
Unac Mozambico
Zaki Achmat (S.Africa)
Guinea equatorial (?)
MPL (Sud Africa)?

Coord. Emmaus International


Tiziano Terzani (Italy)
Dita Sari (Indonesia)?
Walden Bello (Philippines)
Rawa (Afghanistan)
Andrej Kolganov (Russia)
Asian social forum (India)
Womens association Timor East

Coord. Giuliana Sgrena (journalist)

Palestine-Israel the conflict, Europe, active solidarity for a just

Luisa Morgantini
Hanan Ashrawi ­ Miftah
Leila Chahid ­ ANP
Mustafa Barghouti ­ PINGO
Fadwa Barghouti
Michael Warschanwsy
Peace Now
Bat Shalom center
Jacob Katriel (Haifa University)

Coord. Alessandra Mecozzi


Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 15:24:13 +0900
From: Christa Sommerer <christa {AT} iamas.ac.jp>
Subject: Remaking Reality: CAiiA-STAR {AT} IAMAS symposium Japan Oct 25th

  PRE-ISEA 2002 event
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Remaking Reality  CAiiA-STAR {AT} IAMAS Symposium

Oct 25th 2002

IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Japan

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Members of the international research group CAiiA-STAR will be in Nagoya
for the ISEA (Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) 
<http://www.isea.jp> conference and will be coming
to IAMAS Institute of Advance Media Arts and Sciences 
<http://www.iamas.ac.jp> beforehand, on 25 October,
to present their research and exchange ideas.

14 researchers, including the founding director of CAiiA-STAR 
<http://www.caiia-star.net> Roy Ascott,
will introduce their research. There will be a variety of interesting 
topics discussed,
including Net Art, interactive sound using CAVE, VR and buildings, mixed 
sensation, language, semantics etc.

Speakers include:

| Prof.Roy Ascott 
<http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#ascot> | Prof. Dr. Jill 
Scott <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#scott> | Diana 
Gromala <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#gromala> | 
Peter Anders <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#anders> | 
Mike Phillips <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#phillips> 
| Marcos Novak <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#novak> |
| Kjell Yngve Petersen 
<http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#petersen> | Margaret 
Dolinsky <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#dolinsky> | 
Thecla Schiphorst 
<http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#schiphorst> | Dene 
Grigar <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#grigar> | Geoff 
Cox <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#cox> | Ron Wakkary 
<http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#wakkary> |
| Jim Laukes <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#laukes> | 
Dr. Michael Punt <http://www.iamas.ac.jp/%7Ekoba/CMC/members.html#punt> 
| Prof. Dr. Christa Sommerer 

The symposium will be chaired mostly by Christa Sommerer and Hiroshi 

The presentations will be in English.
The symposium will be broadcast live over the Internet.

Location: IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
Hhall, 5th floor of new building
3-95 Ryoke-cho, Ogaki city, Gifu
About 5 minutes by taxi and 10 minutes by bus from Ogaki station on JR 
Tokaido Main Line
Access: http://www.iamas.ac.jp/contact/E/index.html
Contact: Christa Sommerer, christa {AT} iamas.ac.jp
CMC - Kobayashi ( koba {AT} iamas.ac.jp ), TEL +81-584-75-6616

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
#Organizing Committee:

Chair and Program committee:

    * Christa Sommerer (Associate Professor at IAMAS; christa {AT} iamas.ac.jp )
    * Hiroshi Yoshioka (Professor at IAMAS; hyshk {AT} nk.rim.or.jp )
    * Tsuyoshi Fuyama (CMC Center of Media Culture at IAMAS:
      fuyan {AT} iamas.ac.jp )
    * Keiko Kobayashi (CMC Center of Media Culture at IAMAS:
      koba {AT} iamas.ac.jp )

Organizing Committee:

    * Yoko Takahashi (Senior Officer at IAMAS; takahasi {AT} iamas.ac.jp )
    * Irina Gordeeva (IAMAS Office member; irinag {AT} iamas.ac.jp )
    * Shani Tobias (IAMAS Office member; shani {AT} iamas.ac.jp )


Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 11:35:18 +0200
From: "SMART Project Space" <info {AT} smartprojectspace.net>
Subject: Uitnodiging debat 3 november, 15.00 uur

No english text. 

Zondag 3 november 2002: debat over kunstenaarsinitiatieven

SMART Project Space, 1e Const. Huygenstraat 20 te Amsterdam.

Zondag 3 november 2002 om 15.00 uur vindt in SMART Project Space een debat plaats over kunstenaarsinitiatieven. De organisatie van dit debat is in handen van AICA-Nederland (Association International des Critiques d'Art) in samenwerking met SMART Project Space.

De vragen die bij dit debat centraal staan zijn: Welke plaats nemen de kunstenaarsinitiatieven op dit moment in binnen het veld van de cultuur? Welke rol spelen zij bijvoorbeeld binnen de huidige kunstproductie wanneer je in ogenschouw neemt dat steeds meer kunstenaars zelf kleinschalige initiatieven ontplooien? Hoe dienen zij zich op te stellen tegenover mogelijk subsidiegevers: moeten ze streven naar langlopende, structurele subsidies of is het huidige systeem van kortlopende, incidentele subsidies toch het beste? Welke keuze willen de initiatieven maken tussen de uitersten van commercialisering en institutionalisering? Hoe willen de initiatieven zich verhouden tot enerzijds de musea en anderzijds gevestigde instellingen voor experimentele kunst zoals De Appel en Witte de With?

Als sprekers zullen optreden Ann Demeester (directeur W 139), Alex Adriaansens (directeur V2), Erik Hobijn en Dirk van Lieshout (beeldend kunstenaars), en Thomas Peutz (directeur SMART Project Space). Tineke Reijnders (voorzitter AICA-Nederland) zal een korte inleiding houden en Janneke Wesseling(kunstcriticus NRC-Handelsblad) treedt op als moderator.

Aanvang: 15.00 uur. Toegang gratis. Telefoon SMART Project Space: 020 4275951

SMART Project Space | www.smartprojectspace.net
Exhibition Space & Cinema: 1e Const. Huygensstraat 20  
Opening times: Tues-Sat from 12.00-22.00, Sun from 14.00-22.00 hrs.
Mail to: P.O.Box 15004, NL-1001 MA Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 427.5951
Fax.: +31 20 427.5953
mail: info {AT} smartprojectspace.net

If this e-mail was forwarded to you by way of someone other then SMART Project Space, and you would appreciate to receive further mailings announcing exhibitions at SMART Project Space, you can send mail to info {AT} smartprojectspace.net with the following command in the body of your email message: "subscribe e-mailing SPS"

If you would want to remove yourself from this mailing list, you can send mail to info {AT} smartprojectspace.net with the following command in the body of your email message: "unsubscribe e-mailing SPS"


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