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dunja kukovec on Tue, 15 Oct 2002 07:30:22 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> SASKIA SASSEN in ljubljana.si {AT} fest city of women

*.an american in the east.
the nonlinear text that follows is an edited subjective transcript of a 
lecture saskia sassen gave at the festival city of women in ljubljana on 
13th of october 2002.

title of the lecture:
European Immigration Policies - Is this the way to go?

::migration is a story of predjudices
::at one point we talk about arrival of guests at the other about 
intrusion of foreigners
::migration is not new social phenomena/appaerance

::art is daring and visionary
::art voice is in the oposition of the voice of voters

::primarly questions
+what immigration labels/when we use the term?
+who are all the actors in the thing we call immigration?

we are talking about complex dinamic and we can witness a sort of 
crossborder loop, whereas the case begins in washington and/or in new 
yorks corporation centres.

when someone enters we are the actors / reactors  the discurse involves 
us ourselves.

and it is not the immigrants who are producing the state of immigration, 
the point is we have to draw the whole landscape of immmigration factors.

for example slovenia will/can become sort of patrolling country cause it 
will be on the edge.
thus the problem will be focused and concentrated in slovenia. instead 
of this there should be the whole institutional map that would regulate 
the whole thing as the subject of european policy.

immigrants go to country where the sort of bridge was build. one of the 
bridges is historical colonization for example. geography is often 

than you have the american that are capable to say, one example from the 
eighties when the new york city was in total degradation (criminal, 
homeless, annihilated and expensive city infrastructure...) while the stock
on a new york market was flying.
why arent you reach if you are so smart?
and the only adequate reply would be:
why arent you smart if you are so reach?

two particular aspects:
::civil society rule of laws - human rights.

important is to have strong civil society
[we - u.s. is far less civilized]

.illegal death bodies.

cancer in our rules of law -> by the time you discover it its often 

1996 : usa : more authority to police : we can abuse our civil rights 
but we cant abuse civil rights of the others

luxembourgh = more than 10% of the entire population are immigrants / 
undocummneted immigrants/persons / illegal traffic is huge buisness/ cia 
www.cia you find the data  exact research and numbers that are mapping 
the traffic - organizations entry points

why traffic has grown/ im  international monitoring/15 years now we 
know/ illegal traffic buisness is growing / there is no job / grey zone 
/ making money goverment/

the map of actors is huge / international economic and dynamic system as 
florian scneider: if the money can freely move why than the people cant? /

we are crminalizing asylum, militirizing the crowd and raising the 
police component / 4 my friends everything 4 my enemies law / what are 
the bridges that allow to enter the law?

:microhistories: repeatin but still the question is what strategic 
point do women have?

.shadows of 17th and 18th century.

lot of established knowledge has to be problematize/citizen have to push 
representators to learn  to do their homework/ we have to bring them 
the way but its also not their interest/ we have to learn about global 
finance/ us goverment treats us as children / strategic agents / 
prostitutes / last decade of the nineties is dark age  a gap / no 
formal system of power has not lasted 4ever. and no formaal system of 
power has has ever really gone down! /

::corporativist system of power::

abstract transScript by dunja kukovec
artless ahistorian, melon {AT} skylined.org

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