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<nettime> [risks] Risks Digest 22.29 excerpt: ENUM in OZ
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<nettime> [risks] Risks Digest 22.29 excerpt: ENUM in OZ

     [via <tbyfield {AT} panix.com>. heads up, antipodeans: the ENUM
      standard presents insanely complicated problems, but it's
      coming to a phone near you RSN anyway -- very likely in a
      very malignant form. cheers, t]

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Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 13:00:31 PDT
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Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 9:08:44 PDT
From: "Peter G. Neumann" <neumann {AT} csl.sri.com>
Subject: Phone system could have your number (Mark White via Dave Farber's IP)

>From: Mark White <tausyankee {AT} optusnet.com.au>

Phone system could have your number
Kate Mackenzie, *The Australian*, 7 Oct 2002

A single telephone number doubling as an e-mail address could soon be
available in Australia despite fears the technology could become a de
facto identification number.  Under the ENUM system being analysed by the
Australian Communications Authority, one number could track down a person
via a home or mobile phone number, or an e-mail or website address.  The
technology has attracted controversy overseas because of privacy
implications of people being identified by a single number.

The ACA wants feedback on a discussion paper it has issued, saying privacy
is one of its concerns.  But ACA numbering manager Neil Whitehead said
potential benefits of the system could be enormous.  "People would only
need to remember one number to contact other people in a variety of
devices," he said.  Equipment manufacturers and Internet service providers
were keen to pursue the technology.

Telstra proposed a single-number service in 1997 and offered numbers
beginning with 0500 that could redirect to any number. Called Telepath,
the service, which cost $7 a month, failed to attract many subscribers.  
ENUM would have to be deployed across all telecommunications and Internet
providers to be effective.

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