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Re: <nettime> Hypertext pre.0.1
porculus on Sat, 5 Oct 2002 16:47:26 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Hypertext pre.0.1

> The associations made via the link in plain hypertext lead you by the
> nose through something where we prefer to make our own associations
> unless the terms are, say, technical, as in Help files, or asides and
> such. We are quite used to navigating via pleasure through large fictive
> texts. We're all growed up. Links that lead us by the nose are coy.

yez, now in wordy virtual zpace itz hard to make to believe you could easily
enter with your male fatum as your hand on a gun or your prick, as vor the
guenuine original one that could be pornographie, cause at the origine the
textz had the popular hyperkey in sex, hope you remember the rapidity you
could find the good 4 or 5 pages in an 250 bullshit book one, it'z not only
a joke, i am absolutely chure ze pornographie is the moderne original
virtual zpace, and the enlargement pills his quest..er and i i am its french
lancelot tzeteraz..vor inztance only the breviary of the devil is in
hypertext in which the reader would never find himself & his panz exzpt his
komplit destruction. even not his deconztruction itz what all good
structuralist would sez..at the end you are condamn to speak endlessy az a
godard if you dont want to tell a story, and what sez godard ? what is the
real use of wordz ? to choose beetween huge or small titz thats all doktor

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