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Announcer on Sat, 5 Oct 2002 10:07:48 +0200 (CEST)

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Table of Contents:

   Disinformation: The Interviews                                                  
     "The Disinformation Company" <books {AT} disinfo.com>                                

   Year Zero One presents: the Splash Page Project October 1 -                     
     Year Zero One <splash {AT} year01.com>                                               

   COPYRIGHT DEBATE: Is self-regulation legitimate?                                
     Sandy Starr <Sandy.Starr {AT} spiked-online.com>                                     

   Coco Fusco's video installation in Belgium                                      
     TONGOLELE {AT} aol.com                                                               

   Re: nettime-l-digest V1 #908                                                    
     komninos zervos <k.zervos {AT} mailbox.gu.edu.au>                                    

   mystical strippers and eldritch insects                                         
     Daniel Pinchbeck <daniel {AT} breakingopenthehead.com>                               


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 18:30:30 -0400
From: "The Disinformation Company" <books {AT} disinfo.com>
Subject: Disinformation: The Interviews

The Disinformation Company announces Richard Metzger’s new book,
"Disinformation: The Interviews" – publication/street date November 18,

A companion 2-DVD set featuring the complete Disinformation® TV series,
plus highlights of the Disinfo.Con event featuring Robert Anton Wilson,
Douglas Rushkoff, Joe Coleman, Kenneth Anger, Marilyn Manson and others,
will be released simultaneously.

Satanisn * Shemales * Extreme Pornography * Time Travel * Fetish *
Outsider Music * Conspiracy Theories * Weird Science * Mind Controlled Sex
Slaves of the CIA * Robot Sex * Hillbillies on fire…

How far is too far? Well, when it comes to “reality TV”, you’d think
nothing was too outrageous for prime time these days--but you’d be wrong.
Just 12 days before it was to air on the SCI FI Channel, the
Disinformation® series was unceremoniously dropped despite being listed in
TV guides and the TIVO service.

Hosted by Disinformation Company co-founder Richard Metzger, the series
caused quite a stir when it aired on the UK’s Channel 4 TV network. The
first season was bizarrely scheduled after Ally McBeal and surely messed
with the heads of more than a few fans of that show; the second season
went even further in challenging the network’s censors, resulting in
Channel 4 refusing to air certain segments. Nonetheless, the series was a
hit and was bought by SCI FI Channel in the United States. They didn’t
quite realize what they’d paid for, apparently, and never aired the

With this new book, Metzger, Disinformation’s “wicked warlock,” presents
the most compelling interviews from the hit TV series Disinformation® -
mind-blowing thoughts from modern culture’s most radical thinkers:

*   Robert Anton Wilson on The Illuminati and “black magician” Aleister

*   Comics genius Grant Morrison (The Invisibles, X-Men) describes sex
magick, Hollywood’s interest in underground culture and the best alien
abduction story you’ll ever hear!

*   Scientist Howard Bloom (The Lucifer Principle) on the coming
biological apocalypse

*   Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) describes what it’s
like to be the leader of your own cult

*   Artist Joe Coleman on serial killers

*   Douglas Rushkoff explains media viruses

*   New York’s most outrageous performance artist Kembra Pfahler on why
she sewed her vagina shut.

*   Artist Paul Laffoley tells how to build a time machine and solve the
housing shortage by growing houses from plants

*   Duncan Laurie reveals the forbidden science of radionics

*   Philosopher Peter Russell on ecological doomsday and spiritual renewal

*   The apocalyptic visual parables of religious painter Norbert H. Kox

The special 2-DVD set--crammed with extras--features the entire 4 x 1-hour
series created for the SCI FI Channel, plus a second disc with hours of
material from the legendary counterculture convention, The Disinfo.Con,
held in New York’s opulent Hammerstein Ballroom on Februrary 19, 2000 and
featuring Robert Anton Wilson, underground film maker Kenneth Anger,
rocker Marilyn Manson, Kembra Pfahler and the Girls of Karen Black
performing ‘The Wall of Vagina,’ Joe Coleman exploding and much, much

To schedule an interview with Richard Metzger, call 212 529 2330, fax 212
387 8152, or send email to books {AT} disinfo.com.

A very limited number of advance copies of the book and videocassette
screeners of the Disinformation® TV series are available upon request.


Title:		“Disinformation: The Interviews”
Author:		Richard Metzger
ISBN:		0-9713942-1-0
SRLP:		$19.95
Pub Date:	November 18, 2002


Title:		“Disinformation: The Complete Series”
Director:	Richard Metzger
Features:	2-Disc set, color, 4 x 1 hour SCI FI series, Channel 4 UK series
segments, Disinfo.Con footage - 8+ hours
SRLP:		$29.95
Street date:	November 18, 2002 from www.disinfo.com; retail 2003

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Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 00:12:21 -0400
From: Year Zero One <splash {AT} year01.com>
Subject: Year Zero One presents: the Splash Page Project October 1 -

+ + +

Year Zero One presents: the Splash Page Project
October 1 - December 1 2002 : pavu.com

Year Zero One has offered its splash page as an exhibition space for 
artists that will operate on a bimonthly basis.  A selection of 
Canadian and international net.artists have been invited to show 
their work in this forum.

We are pleased to present the artists featured for October 1 - 
December 1 : pavu.com:  Paul Dupouy - Chief Président, Jean-Philippe 
Halgand - Executive Directeur, Clément Thomas - Officer Général.

Please visit http://www.year01.com to view the work.  IBM Blue, or O 
Canada red? Turn your speakers on, and don't forget to take a peek at 
the source code!  To see more of pavu's work, please visit their 
website at http://pavu.com

The Splash Page Project launched on Feb. 1, 2002 with a piece by 
net.artist Mouchette.  The Project is curated by Michelle Kasprzak. 
If you have a proposal for this space, please e-mail: 
splash {AT} year01.com

Year Zero One is an on-line artist run centre which operates as a 
network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media 
through web based exhibitions, an extensive media arts 
directory/bulletin, and the Year01 Forum - an electronic art journal.

+ + +

- -- 


Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 11:56:01 +0100 
From: Sandy Starr <Sandy.Starr {AT} spiked-online.com>
Subject: COPYRIGHT DEBATE: Is self-regulation legitimate?


   The online debate 'Copyright in the digital age', hosted by the online
publication spiked and sponsored by the European Commission research project
RightsWatch, continues.

   In the latest expert responses to the debate:

 - NORMAN LEWIS, director of technology research at Freeserve.com plc, says
the debate should be reposed, to clarify what is meant by self-regulation.

 - MARK ISHERWOOD, director and co-founder of Rightscom Ltd, calls for
regulation that takes into account 'the inadequacy of the court system and
the greater stakeholder interest of the citizen'.

 - GREGOR CLAUDE, researcher at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths
College, accuses cultural industries of 'disabling the internet's potential
for creating and disseminating knowledge'.

   The debate can be found at:


   Several reader responses have also been published, arguing, among other
things, that:

 - 'File sharing is a euphemism for theft'

 - 'Copyright should be a compromise, not an axe'

 - 'Copyright laws operate to steal a human right'

   The debate, although moderated, is open to contributions from anybody.
Contribute by clicking on 'Join the debate' in the right-hand menu.

   All debate contributions will be permanently archived.

   If you have any enquiries about this online debate, contact Sandy Starr
at spiked:

   Tel: +44 (020) 7269 9234
   Fax: +44 (020) 7269 9235
   Email: Sandy.Starr {AT} spiked-online.com


Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 10:09:29 EDT
From: TONGOLELE {AT} aol.com
Subject: Coco Fusco's video installation in Belgium

Coco Fusco's video installation, DOLORES FROM 10 TO 10 will be featured in 
the media exhibition, WHAT? A TALE OF FREE IMAGES at the Memlingmuseum in 
Brugge, Belgium, opening October 4, 2002.

Museum address: 
Mariastraat 38, 
8000 Brugge

Also included in this exhibition are video works by Walid Ra'ad (The Atlas 
Group) and Fiona Tan.

A video installation by Coco Fusco
Performance by: Ricardo Dominguez and Coco Fusco

Dominguez and Fusco's 
original net.performance was produced by:
ARS 01 Unfolding Perspectives
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
Helsinki, Finland

"In the summer of 1998, on a research trip to Tijuana, Mexico, I met Delfina 
Rodriguez, a maquiladora worker who had been accused by her employer of 
trying to start a union in the plant. To coerce her into resigning, her 
manager had locked her in a room without food, water, bathroom or phone for 
twelve hours. She had signed a letter of resignation under duress and then, 
once she was released, she sued her former employer for violation of her 
civil rights. Her boss told the judge that she was insane, that nothing had 
happened and that she had no proof. Her coworkers were afraid to testify on 
her behalf. I was convinced that there must have been surveillance cameras 
recording what happened to her during her internment. Dolores from 10 to 10 
is my interpretation of what the cameras saw."


Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 18:14:35 +1000
From: komninos zervos <k.zervos {AT} mailbox.gu.edu.au>
Subject: Re: nettime-l-digest V1 #908

henry lawson was a republican poet of the late 19th and early 20th century
in australia.
his poetry has been described as a simple bush ballads by 'high' art
critics, and not considered as literary as his short stories.
his writings indicate he was also anti-semitic and anti-chinese.
i see him as australia's first performance poet, he toured for ten years in
outback australia earning his living by his performances and royalties for
his poems and stories.
i've put one of his poems, 'do you think that i do not know?' to blues
music with my turkish baglama, as a flash piece.
this poem was written as a response to criticism from another poet of that
time, ab paterson, 'the banjo of the bush', that lawson never wrote love poems.
the poem to me had its own music and the poem is full of emotion even
though the language may be simple and repetitive.
i offer it for your enjoyment


Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 10:54:45 -0700
From: Daniel Pinchbeck <daniel {AT} breakingopenthehead.com>
Subject: mystical strippers and eldritch insects

My first book is just released, and I think Nettimers would enjoy it. The
book, "Breaking Open the Head," is an earnest attempt to integrate a huge
amount of information about shamanism, psychedelics, brain chemistry,
anthropology, told through the prism of my own personal story. I went
through a Bwiti initiation in Gabon, tested DMT and DPT, visited the Amazon
and the Mazatec mountains of Mexico, and attended the Burning Man festival.
The book also does not shy away from the political aspects of the subject -
for instance, my trip to the Amazon convinced me of the imminent death of
the planet unless we make a quick change of direction. I push for a shamanic
or occult perspective on globalization. Here is a short, smart review from
last week's Entertainment Weekly:

The author of this "journey into the heart of contemporary shamanism" is not
some hippy-dippy hedonist staggering down the road of excess but rather a
skeptical philosopher of consciousness seeking the enlightened path. In the
late-90's, a spiritually exhausted Pinchbeck took a magazine assignment to
gobble the African psychedelic iboga, launching an earnest exploration of
himself, his self, and this world. Acid in Manhattan, mushrooms in Mexico,
yage in Ecuador... He reports on his trips, travels, and travails in an
unfailingly strong voice and analyzes a broad range of theorists with a
light touch. Pinchbeck ought to have done a bit more homework on
neuroscience, but his book nonetheless blows the mind. (A-, Troy Patterson)

The book was also the cover story of The Washington Post Book World -
although the writer could not handle my shamanic perspective. Here is a link
to that: 


I have a Website for the book - www.breakingopenthehead.com - which includes
discussion forums, where I am hoping to advance the contemporary discourse
on shamanism, globalization, the esoteric roots of our current catastrophe,
crop circles, psychedelics, and other such subjects.

I am reading tonight (Thurs) at Barnes & Nobles Astor Place, at 7:30. Next
week, on Friday, Oct 11 (8 p.m.), I will be lecturing at the Open Center
about the book and what I have been thinking about since I finished writing



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