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Table of Contents:

   State Biophilosophy 2.0                                                         
     "Eugene Thacker" <>                                

   Kenji Siratori > another one interview                                          
     "voip .panafonet." <>                                          

     Don Ritter <>                                     

   NYC: F2F - Finnish new media artists at Parsons, 10/2+                          
     t byfield <>                                                  

   Electrofringe 2002                                                              
     "shannon o'neill" <>                                  

   Towards a Recombinant Reality -  An Online Exhibition By The Alternative Museum 
     z <>                                                                


Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 17:36:13 -0400
From: "Eugene Thacker" <>
Subject: State Biophilosophy 2.0

For those interested, a slightly revised version of an earlier posting on 
Fukuyama, Stock, & bureaucratic biotech, online at Mute:


Eugene Thacker, PhD
School of Literature, Communication & Culture
Georgia Institute of Technology


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 20:28:12 +0300
From: "voip .panafonet." <>
Subject: Kenji Siratori > another one interview

I think so that this guy is a real artist.....

Kenji Siratori interview :


Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 11:55:47 -0400
From: Don Ritter <>


EVERY-THING.NET presents a unified perspective of every thought, person,
society, object and history by determining the number of their
possibilities. "Every person" is determined by combining the world's
supply of ova with the world's supply of sperm, and "every thought"
determines the number of different thoughts which are possible. "Every
object" determines the number of atoms containable in the universe and
the number of possible molecular structures of the universe. "Every
history" determines the number of histories which could have happened
over 13.5 billion years and "Every society" determines the number of
possible societies which could be formed from the current world

Calculations for require over 4.28 googol octillion
(4.28 x 10^127) years of computer processing, a duration of time
times greater than the history of the universe.

EVERY-THING.NET was created by Don Ritter, a New York based Canadian
artist whose work has focused on interactive and network based digital
art since 1979. His work has been exhibited in 15 countries in North
America, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia, including Ars
Electronica(Austria), Sonambiente Festival(Berlin), European Media Art
Festival(Osnabruck), Art Institute of Chicago, Musee d'art Contemporain
de Montreal,  Banff Centre for the Arts(Canada) and ArtFuture
2000(Taipei). contact:


Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 01:22:53 -0400
From: t byfield <>
Subject: NYC: F2F - Finnish new media artists at Parsons, 10/2+

- ----- Forwarded 

Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 13:13:07 -0500
From: Andrew Michael Baron <>
Subject: F2F

New media artists from Finland exhibit at Parsons.
A MUST SEE! Opening reception this Wed., October 2, 2002 at 6pm
[see enclosed PDF file]
- ------------------------------------------------------------

Parsons Exhibitions
Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries
66 Fifth Avenue and Gallery at 2 West 13th Street,
New York, NY 10011

October 2 - November 15, 2002
Monday - Friday 9 am - 9 pm
Saturday - Sunday 10 am - 6 pm
October 2, 6 pm - Opening Reception
October 5, 4 pm - Lecture

F2F New Media Art from Finland exhibition takes us to the unexplored 
worlds of contemporary art. It combines traditional elements of art with 
the latest solutions of new technologies evoking innovative interaction 
between the artwork and the audience. Within F2F the audience becomes a 
significant part of the artwork.

The featured artists and their works are HAME by Laura Beloff and Maex 
Decker; The Battle over Indifferent Minds by Hanna Haaslahti; mirror++ 
by Juha Huuskonen; SOB by Marita Liulia; Aquarium by Teijo Pellinen; 
hit2Morrow by Kristian Simolin; Need by Tuomo Tammenpää; and Mother, 
Child by Heidi Tikka.

The interactive installations of F2F take you face to face with the 
possibilities of the human - machine dialogue. Many of the works are 
"physical computing" related. In them, the interaction between the 
audience and the work takes place via devices other than the traditional 
mouse and keyboard. Using cutting edge solutions of the new 
technologies, such as custom made computer software and movement 
sensors, the works represent modern Finland, a pioneer country of wired 
and wireless communications.

The F2F Catalogue contains commentaries by North American and Finnish 
scholars and critics. The writers reflect on the challenges and 
potentials of the contemporary information society, and ponder the role 
of new media art in it.

The exhibition has been curated by Marko Tandefelt in collaboration with 
Bryn Jayes; the production was coordinated by Juulia Kauste. The 
exhibition design and visual image is by Finnish designer Ilkka 
Suppanen, the Design Director of Snowcrash Design Group. The F2F 
exhibition has been previously presented in Los Angeles, Washington DC, 
Toronto and Montreal.

The F2F exhibition and tour has been produced and organized by the 
Finnish Foundation for the Visual Arts, New York in partnership with the 
Embassy of Finland, Washington DC. The exhibition in New York has been 
realized in collaboration with the Parsons School of Design and the 
Finnish Consulate General in New York.

F2F has been generously supported by Sonera, Unisys, and William and 
Gloria Jackson. Additional funding has been provided by the Ministry of 
Education in Finland, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland, the 
Art Council of Finland, DPS Inc., Apple Finland and AVEK.

For more information about the exhibition in New York, please contact 
Juulia Kauste, Executive Director, Finnish Foundation for the Visual 
Arts at (212) 674-5570 or Clinton Kuopus, Director of Exhibitions at 
Parsons School of Design at (212) 229-8987.

- ----- Backwarded


Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 13:19:03 +1000
From: "shannon o'neill" <>
Subject: Electrofringe 2002

October 2-7
Newcastle, New South Wales

Electrofringe is an annual festival of digital, hybrid, electronic and new 
media arts, now in its fifth year. The festival provides a series of 
workshops for young and emerging new media artists, and critical forums 
examining the state of new media arts, technology, and screen culture, both 
within Australia and globally.

Electrofringe is part of This Is Not Art (TINA) which occurs annually in 
Newcastle, New South Wales. TINA also includes Sound Summit independent 
labels conference, The National Young Writers Festival, The National 
Student Media Conference, The Oceania Indymedia Conference, The New Media: 
Critical Approaches conference, and RadioActive independent radio 
conference. With all of these events occurring concurrently, TINA is 
Australia's largest annual gathering of young media makers, musicians, 
artists, writers, and troublemakers.


Electrofringe's international participants this year include:

V/Vm (Manchester, UK)
James Kirby aka V/Vm has released over 100 records on a vairety of labels 
including releases on his own V/Vm Test Label. Musically every style has 
been touched by the hand of V/Vm and V/Vm operates under the slogan "nobody 
is safe". Releases vary from noise, plunderphonic, bootlegs and more. And 
V/Vm are in no way sponsered by an insipid arts scene.

The Light Surgeons (UK)
A collective of designers, film makers and musicians, best known for their 
pioneering design of projected visual displays at clubs, music tours, 
commercial events & exhibitions. They have been at the cutting edge of 
multi media sound and light installations since the group was formed in 
1995, working across a range of media including digital video, 16mm film, 
photography, print based design, music & spoken narrative. The Surgeons 
have provided creative production and toured internationally with live 
music acts such as the Propellerheads, Cornershop, DJ Food and Unkle and 
have worked with many other ground breaking independent record labels and 
artists. Their experiments in celluloid & digital formats have led to the 
production of promo videos, titles for broadcast, art based installations, 
exhibitions and their own live audio visual performances at international 
film & new media festivals. Patients include Sony, Columbia Tristar, 
Bloomberg, Wall of Sound, Mo Wax, Ninja Tune, Channel 4, BBC and Diesel

John DeKron (Germany)
One of Berlin's leading video performers, playing everywhere from 
Loveparade to Mayday. Having developed the video mixing software ES_5 based 
on Max/Msp/Nato, he works with the art of absolute real time performance.

Other international participants at This Is Not Art this year include 
Neotropic (UK), Kevin Blechdom (USA), Sage Francis (USA), Manitoba 
(Canada), Funkarmor (Japan), Mitchell Akiyama (Canada), Tom Frank (USA).


Each night, Newcastle will erupt with sounds and visuals you won't catch 
anywhere else. This is Australia's largest electronica and hip hop event.

'FreeNRG' Book Launch Party - Thu 3/10
Cambridge Hotel, 9PM - 5AM, AUD$5 atd
Features a diverse range of artists and imagineers affiliated with the new 
anthology FreeNRG: Notes from the Edge of the Dance Floor, a journey into 
the activist and inspired dimensions of Australian electronic music and 
media culture. The night includes a special presentations by Robin Cooke 
(Mutoid Waste), and Peter Strong (Ohms not Bombs) at 10pm sharp followed by 
performances from Organarchy, Morphism, DJ Krusty, Kundalini, bags, 
Aqueous. Includes the Abominable Knowledge zine library and special guests. 
Books/CD Rom available on the night @ discount.
Acts playing: 7u? / Abominable Knowledge Emporium / Aqueous / Bags / Krusty 
/ Kundalini / Morphism / Nam Shub of Enki / Organarchy Sound Systems / 
Robin Cooke / technomad

Midnight Horror - Thu 3/10
PAN building, 11PM - 3AM, FREE!
Vampyre Movies underscored with spooky audio provided by Frost from 
Adelaide, Kate from B(if)tek and IO from Brisbane.... Spooooky.....

HIP HOP MC Battle - Fri 4/10
Cambridge Hotel, 8PM - 2AM, AUD$11
Two rooms of Hip Hop action with the NATIONAL STEALTH MC BATTLE NSW FINAL 
starting at 8:30 SHARP. Sage Francis from Anticon in the US of A headlines 
the show with supports from the likes of The Herd, Quro and Mostyn, 
Hermitude, DJ Danielsan and many more.
Acts playing: Blades Of Hades / Danielsan / DJ Bonez / DJ Dr Phibes / DJ 
Groovy D / DJ Mark Pollard / DJ Prince Valium / Hermitude / Jonny Phive and 
Lowrion / Monkfly / Sage Francis / Sulo / The Herd / The QURO and MOSTYN 
show featuring BVA and MUSKRAT

Vengeance As Sport - Fri 4/10
Hunter On Hunter, 10PM - 4AM, Free entry with $2 coin
loud / dark / brash / abrasive / harsh / uncompromising in your arse / face 
/ personal space drum & bass / breakcore / industrial hardcore / audio sludge
Acts playing: Epsilon / Fraughman / Mark N / Paul Blackout / Syndicate

Hard Ware House - Sat 5/10
Honeysuckle Warehouse, 10PM - 7AM, AUD$25
This is the big Saturday night warehouse party in a amazing warehouse space 
right behind Civic Station. One room indoors and an AV spectacular ourdoors.
Acts playing: Auxilary / Concord Dawn (NZ) / Dave Miller / Dirty Slut / DJ 
Funkarmor / DJ Luv / Hydatid / Kato / Light Surgeons /
Manitoba / Neotropic / Scalene / Sir Robbo / Sub Bass Snarl / The Alphatown 
Collective / The Coven

Chilled Experiments - Sun 6/10
Clarendon Hotel, 1PM - 9PM, Free
An afternoon / evening of lushious ambience, chilled breaks and funky 
beats, a nice relaxing atmosphere to sit in the sun, have a beer, enjoy the 
music, fall asleep, whatever!
Acts playing: Philasophigus / Epoq / Sense / Beat Surgeons / Throbgoblin / 
Phreaddee / Trancendental Headache / iOnic /
Beat Surgeons / Darren Ziesing

Mutant Electronica Closing Party - Sun 6/10
Cambridge Hotel, 6PM - 3AM, AUD$16.50
Three rooms of Electronic Mayhem at the Cambridge Hotel.
Acts playing: Anthony Pateras vs Robin Fox / Bradbury vs Sweden / Bunny 
Attack / Cindii with Dither / Clue To Kalo /
Curse Ov Dialekt / Dave Brown / Delire / Denki Jam / DJ Arsecrack / Dsico / 
ELF / GhostHype / Julian Knowles / Kevin Blechdom / Lalila / Meem / Pablo 
Dali vs Audio Cephlon / Paul Abad / Pretty Boy Crossover vs Subliminal / 
Puzahki / Raven /
Rik Rue / Scott Sinclair / DJ Smallcock / Steve Law with Kontinuum / TEAM 
PLASTIQUE / The New Pollutants / TJ Eckleberg /
Toydeath / two4k / V/Vm (Manchester UK) / Wake Up And Listen

Birdcage - Sun 6/10
594 Hunter St, 7PM - 11PM, Free!
A special outdoor event to warm yr aural toes and yr blind eye - a 
collection of ambience and sneaking beats featuring AV textures, visual 
rhythms and the audio tiptoe. Performers include Cicada, notsusan, Oxoid, 
Alex Davies and special guests.


This Is Not Art includes more than 200 workshops, panels, talks, and 
masterclasses. Electrofringe is providing over 60 of these,
with such alluring titles as:

antipoetsonikwerdgalleryshop / Festival Launch/Art Crawl / Online Radio / 
Musicians' Journeys / Notes from the Edge of the Dancefloor: Myth Makers 
and Culture Creators / Web Developers Toolbox / Modified Instruments / 
Video Texts and online narrative / MELDart [elektroXwerkshop] / DemoScene 
Overview / Patcher Workshop/Performance / Queensland Showcase /  DVD do's 
and don'ts / Infinity Box Presentation / DIY Social centres / Screen Comedy 
/ Designers After Dark / Cybercultures Forum / Circuit Bending / Wireless 
Families / DIY TV / Solitary Confinement: an artist talk / game sy_sect / 
Visuals Worldwide /
Lalila Multicam / Australia Council Mentorship Guide Launch / John 
Watermann Tribute / Swap Collaborative Workshop /  Bootlegs/Mashups: Where 
To Now? / Gaming Showcase / The Light Surgeons masterclass / Public Fiction 
/ Public/Private Surveillance Strategies / Handheld Technological Objects 
and Video Instruments / Media, Power and Girl Culture (workshop / book 
launch) / Team Plastique Electroclash Spectacle / elektroXwerd / Spanky 
Masterclass / Music Games and Popular culture / Camgirls Forum / Terror 
Aesthetics / Space Invasions / John Dekron video masterclass / Where to for 
independent game development in Australia? / Info-Psychology & Film 
Scanning / Melbourne Audio/Visual Presentation

Plus numerous screenings, including:

Tokyo Techno Tribes / Holiday Camp (Adelaide / Hamburg 2002) / Transcodeur 
Express / Independent Exposure 1 / Reelife Short Film Festival / Tasmanian 
enviro vids / Laptop Cinema: the small screen / 3 Woomera docos - SKA TV / 
Mu-Meson Archives present: Ground Zero, Collateral Damage: "Let's do it!" / 
Archimedia presents: Fat of the Land / The Exploding Cinema Show / Guerilla 
News Network / Independent Exposure 2 (All Digital Special) / Subliminal 
Bodies, Irrational Spaces / Electroshorts

a survey of current computer-based art, from installations to 
There will be several artists' talks during the festival.

For the full program check out

Shannon O'Neill & Joni Taylor
Coordinators - Electrofringe 2002
Phone/Fax +61 2 4927 0470 


Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 21:24:06 -0400
From: z <>
Subject: Towards a Recombinant Reality -  An Online Exhibition By The Alternative Museum

The Alternative Museum is pleased to announce the launch of "Towards a 
Recombinant Reality": an online exhibition opening on October, 4th, 
2002, featuring works by Shu Lea Cheang, Sawad Brooks+Beth Stryker, Olia 
Lialina, LeCielEstBleu, Eryk Salvaggio, Wolfgang Staelher, and Zhang Ga.

Guest curator, Zhang Ga

This exhibition is made possible by
The National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal Agency
The Center for New Design at Parsons School of Design, a division of New 
School University
The Friends of the Alternative Museum.

The exhibition can be accessed on line on October the 4th, 2002

Opening reception:

October the 4th, 2002, 6pm-8pm
Center for New Design Gallery
55 West 13th St.Fl.9th
New York, NY10011
(The gallery installation will remain on view for two weeks)
Contact: Zhang Ga,; Geno Rodriguez 212 966 4444


Towards a Recombinant Reality

That reality is ambiguous and a byproduct of retinal overload suggests 
an estrangement which artists strive to reconcile.

A recombinant reality is reality processed, meditated, elucidated and 
transcended, one which is beyond the real yet possesses substance. It is 
an ontological one that beckons the anonymous, an aesthetic one whose 
resonance is the utterance of discord, and a logical one therein 
syllogists find no dwelling.

It is truer than that which is real.

It seeks to reveal, to disclose, to clarify what the real hides from us 
and bewilders us with. It tells a story of sorrow, narrates a tale of 
mischief, unfolds a drama of passion and dictates a passage of wisdom. 
It attempts to explain humanity.

The extension of reality with a binary pulse, the digital reality, has 
ushered in a new fascination with packets, protocols, and bitmapping of 
invisible sphere, the new constituents of the reality. The technological 
sublime overwhelms and consumes, inspires and subdues. It is a 
dazzlingly blinding force run amok.

Yet, it is a reality that longs for reconciliation, to fill with its 
hollowness the flesh of life, for the virtual cannot sustain itself 
without the real, and the real can only be made sense of when recombinant.

Let us therefore sojourn into the nether and yonder land of that 
recombinant reality. Let us not be a captive of the binary, but let 
humanity prevail.

Working with network technologies, artists in this exhibition seek to 
come to terms with that reality. They manifest diverse visual and 
perceptual undertakings, from powerful vision of the terrible, as seen 
in Eryk Salvaggio's September 11, to LeCielEstBleu's normality gone 
absurd, from Shu Lea Cheang's meandering across the tangible and the 
imagined where home(less) is homepage(less), from Sawad Brook and Beth 
Stykers' problematic equilibrium to Olia Lialina's murmur of an 
unspeakable melancholy, from Wolfgang Staehle's meditative contemplation 
to Zhang Ga's implicit commentary in a transposed time and space. They 
set forth environments, milieus, images, and language to suggest complex 
structures that engender a psychological impact and leave an emotional 

Towards a recombinant reality.

- - Zhang Ga


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