Florian Cramer on Sat, 27 Jul 2002 23:03:11 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> unstable digest vol 4

To: nettime-l@bbs.thing.net
Subject: [Nettime-bold] $BL$>5Bz9-9p"(%S%8%M%9%D!<%k%9%Z(B $B%7%c%k%Q%C%/!*!*(B
From: $B@6?e(B <jyouho7777@anet.ne.jp>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 08:50:58 +0900
Reply-to: nettime-bold@nettime.org









From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim@panix.com>
Subject: CORE CORE bash bash CORE bash
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 20:30:30 -0400 (EDT)

CORE CORE bash bash CORE bash

There are %d possibilities.  Do you really
wish to see them all? (y or n)


grep hurt mm grep terr mm grep these mm grep eyes grep eyes mm grep hands
mm grep terr mm > zz grep hurt mm >> zz grep nobody mm >> zz grep
important mm >> zz grep terror mm > z grep hurt mm >> zz grep these mm >>
zz grep sexy mm >> zz grep eyes mm >> zz grep terror mm > zz grep hurt mm
>> zz grep these mm >> zz grep sexy mm >> zz grep eyes mm >> zz grep sexy
mm >> zz grep hurt mm >> zz grep eyes mm grep hurt mm grep hands mm grep
terr mm > zz grep these mm >> zz grep nobody mm >> zz prof!

if [ "x`tput kbs`" != "x" ]; then # We can't do this with "dumb" terminal
        stty erase `tput kbs`


cannot create capability list Cannot allocate memory Invalid argument No
such file or directory Operation not permitted Input/output error
Permission denied Error ' failed! Assertion ` BUG IN DYNAMIC LINKER ld.so:


history: bad non-numeric arg `mm' Virtual memory exhausted. tgetent:
warning: termcap entry too long virtual memory exhausted clntunix_create:
out of memory svc_unix.c - AF_UNIX socket creation problem svc_unix.c -
cannot getsockname or listen svcunix_create: out of memory svc_unix:
makefd_xprt: out of memory


getpt: internal error: invalid exit code from pt_chown ! "getpt: internal
error: invalid exit code from pt_chown" empty dynamics string token
substitution invalid mode for dlopen() shared object not open DES entry
for netname %s not unique netname2user: missing group id list in `%s'.
netname2user: DES entry for %s in directory %s not unique netname2user:
principal name `%s' too long netname2user: LOCAL entry for %s in directory
%s not unique netname2user: should not have uid 0

Master server busy, full dump rescheduled. Unable to create process on
server No file space on server Unable to authenticate NIS+ client Unable
to authenticate NIS+ server Yes, 42 is the meaning of life NIS+ service is
unavailable or not installed NIS+ operation failed Full resync required
for directory Error in accessing NIS+ cold start file.  Is NIS+ installed?
Attempt to remove a non-empty table Query illegal for named table Modify
operation failed Passed object is not the same object on server Illegal
object type for operation Non NIS+ namespace encountered Error while
talking to callback proc Named object is not searchable Missing or
malformed attribute Error in RPC subsystem Too many attributes Partial
success Link points to illegal name Entry/table type mismatch Database for
table does not exist Modification failed Name/entry isn't unique Not
found, no such name Results sent to callback proc Unable to create
callback Malformed name, or illegal name Invalid object for operation Not
master server for this domain Object with same name exists Server out of
memory Name not served by this server Not owner Permission denied
First/next chain broken Generic system error Server busy, try again
Unknown object NIS+ servers unreachable Cache expired Probably not found
Not found

    Explicit members:
    No explicit members
    Implicit members:
    No implicit members
    Recursive members:
    No recursive members
    Explicit nonmembers:
    No explicit nonmembers
    Implicit nonmembers:
    No implicit nonmembers

unable to free arguments

To: nettime-l@bbs.thing.net
Subject: [Nettime-bold] _Hir][in][s][tit][ut][ion][e Net.Work ][non][Formation::WarRage_
From: "][co][De][e][p.rivation" <netwurker@hotkey.net.au>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 18:22:40 +1000
Reply-to: nettime-bold@nettime.org

_|Uber|N.stitute|of|Net.vorkian|][N][In[e lives][Formation|Wa.|Rage_

[aka dark terror][vision][(j)ism--]
--m][canon f][ountains of dea(d)th lust.age--
--dow][jones scrabbling][ned via se.gre(p)gated m.path.E st][d][ances--
--eco.][sheltered ge][nomic sucking thru a war.torn.straw--

[aka hypo.terra][vision][+ vacuous uber.isms--]
[aka dark terro.ris[ing]m--]

::][h][arms sing][ed][ular +pixel drift[.ing]
::glass green f][l][ilt.e.red inf.r][uby][ared
::pre.emp.t][y][iff & gifs vul.can.][c][ic][atrix][

::[[pr]e.m.ptying rabid flip.faced c.mantick echos]
::[drinking m.printing millit][g][aris][h][tic]

::bad c|O-D|uh                  [death knella soundinge = .uhn.]
::[o-dee(j)ing on milita][.N.][c][rypt][(f)elled]

_[milit.sha jocky vs ][h][armed s][l][ur.vi][le][ce]_

_[dropping peace][.meal][code & suctioned war|fix][es][]_

.           .    ....         .....
collapsing adj[thr]usting.txt
.... .               .???  .......

To: <NETTIME-L@bbs.thing.net>
Subject: [Nettime-bold] Head & Rotor VE 07/25
From: "diesel fuel injection" <china_lutong@163.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 09:28:32 +0800
Reply-to: nettime-bold@nettime.org

Dear Sir,


 * 中路通配件厂有多年生产VE泵头的狙, 作为较早进入油泵油嘴行

 * 如对我们的产品感兴趣,请通知我们.

   we have been in the field of diesel fuel injection
systems for quite a few years.(CHINA)

   We tell you that we will update our VE h&r
(hydraulic heads for the VE distributor pump) list in our

homepages.Thirty more models will be added.And the minimum
order will be 6pcs a model.We quote them as follows:

   We can ship the following three models to you within 8~10 weeks. after
we receive your payment.
  If you feel interested in our products,please advise the details about
what you need,such model name,part number,quantity and so on.We are always
within your touch.
  Looking forward to our favorable cooperation.
  Hope to hear from you soon.
1 468 333 320
1 468 333 323
1 468 334 313
1 468 334 327
1 468 334 337
1 468 334 378
1 468 334 475
1 468 334 496
1 468 334 565
1 468 334 575
1 468 334 580
1 468 334 590
1 468 334 594
1 468 334 595
1 468 334 596
1 468 334 603
1 468 334 604
1 468 334 606
1 468 334 666
1 468 334 675
1 468 334 720
1 468 334 780
1 468 334 798
1 468 334 874
1 468 334 899
1 468 334 946
2 468 334 021
2 468 334 050
2 468 335 022
1 468 335 345
2 468 336 013
1 468 336 352
1 468 336 364
1 468 336 371
1 468 336 403
1 468 336 418
1 468 336 423
1 468 336 464
1 468 336 480
1 468 336 614
1 468 336 626


Sales & purchasing director

To: nettime-l@bbs.thing.net
Subject: [Nettime-bold] //[w(d)e(ad)b]ring wyrm :: spit limbic
From: "][co][De][e][p.rivation" <netwurker@hotkey.net.au>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 15:51:26 +1000
Reply-to: nettime-bold@nettime.org

//[w(d)e(ad)b]ring wyrm

.spi][ri][t limbic
.psi.stem stell.ar Dee.reaming   -----------------------------[b.gin::]
.body mappage + cording systems a.    .go
.go ][.net.    get----------------------------------------Os]
.wrenching sic()k. o .fan][a][.tic][ker][s
.N.crypt + reap.Ah.pack.errs

[aka anti-fl][dr][uid data
aka neural .netpurile
via s][drawing][ore vectors
via pig0-skinned consciousness
via draw1string][ed][ reverb]
via shifting gash.sparks]


.           .    ....         .....
collapsing adj[thr]usting.txt
.... .               .???  .......

To: list@rhizome.org, nettime-l@bbs.thing.net
Subject: [Nettime-bold] _Pan Aggregation_
From: "][co][De][e][p.rivation" <netwurker@hotkey.net.au>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 16:59:25 +1000
Reply-to: nettime-bold@nettime.org

_SP(?)an][ner][ Agg.reg][ul][ation_

--m.us][able][cled outb.ox][N logging pl.ow][
--rest.r][oomed][ained subject][ive][ shards
--booming thru wood][have cood have nots][en mem][e][.brains
--chain][ed][ 2 + concept ][2 the powa of 10][
--seizure fuck.][kl][ing][s][ + dr.ow][n][ing arse.][e][mbl][M][age bouy.doms
--fictile text.fa][lconic][shions
--birthing acts in swe][et][a(l)t pock][mark][ets
+ duct][ape][ crus with s][c][ensors N.built

      + i. am. _r(l)egion_ -----------------------------[in    .here.]
+ sp.a][+b+c][tial blo.od][d][ ren.d][uh!][ering
      + .anti.podi][um][al .milk.ing

+fast shutta speed ][smell the][ d.K ][.mov.ie][
--crik soundings thru a white-washed wav.ing wall
--air-carved park][in.son][ jabs
--fetal caves + blak.mouthed m][n][uzzling

_Pan [right: 3.1] Voyeur Aggregation_

.           .    ....         .....
collapsing adj[thr]usting.txt
.... .               .???  .......

To: "'nettime-l'" <nettime-l@bbs.thing.net>
Subject: [Nettime-bold] Norton AntiVirus detected and quarantined a virus in a message you sent.
From: NAV for Microsoft Exchange-RALEIGH-NT01 <NAVMSE-RALEIGH-NT01@raleigh.org.uk>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 21:10:36 +0100
Reply-to: nettime-bold@nettime.org

Recipient of the infected attachment:  Lucy Billings\Inbox
Subject of the message:  A very  new game
One or more attachments were quarantined.
  Attachment install.exe was Quarantined for the following reasons:
    Virus W32.Klez.H@mm was found.


Date:         Wed, 24 Jul 2002 22:09:02 -0400
From:         Alan Sondheim <sondheim@PANIX.COM>
Subject:      Archive of Live Chat from Incubation2 - Alan

Deena Larsen put this up - Alan


(It needs some cleaning up which I will do later...)

Action items seem to be:
Get a live chat at the ISEA conference to continue the
See if we can explore collaborations---can we create a
map or a database of people who want to collaborate on


Date:         Wed, 24 Jul 2002 19:22:17 -0400
From:         Alan Sondheim <sondheim@PANIX.COM>
Subject:      Check out this palindrome of 2002 words - fascinating - Alan

Check out this palindrome of 2002 words - fascinating - Alan

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 14:20:44 -0500 (CDT)
From: William <william@spinelessbooks.com>
To: Alan Sondheim <sondheim@panix.com>

Hi Alan,

The palindrome is online at spinelessbooks.com/2002. A pornographic book
version is due out this October.


Spineless Books
Box 515 Urbana Illinois 61803

Date:         Mon, 22 Jul 2002 08:34:33 -0700
From:         Soli Psis <solipsis@HEVANET.COM>
Subject:      portrait

n鉯 ri猲g n鱝 - 甶觤 quan tr飊g v韎 l辌h v tr鋘g nh蕋 - l辌h b b鉩 l閠
ch鑞g v y V蕁  l筰 s c馻 ch chuy猲 ch輓h v s秐 ngh躠 kh玭g hi觰
g l辌h s c竎 l v蕁  c╪ b秐 c馻 cu閏 c竎h m筺g ho芻 kh玭g mu鑞
phong tr祇 c玭g nh﹏ hi謓 i bi誸 g v m苩 n祔. v蕁  t蕋 c c竎 nc
t  chuy猲 ch輓h. Ai kh玭g hi觰 b秐, kh玭g tr m閠 nc n祇. r籲g b蕋
c giai c蕄 c竎h Mu鑞 gi秈 th輈h th蕌 o v蕁 m筺g n祇 mu鑞 th緉g l頸
u  , c莕 ph秈 hi觰 l辌h t蕋 y誹 ph秈 th鵦 h祅h chuy猲 s c馻 n.
Tr猲 ph筸 vi ch輓h, th ngi  giai c蕄 qu鑓 c玭g nh﹏ hi謓 n鉯 chung
v v i c竎h m筺g ho芻 chuy猲 ch輓h l閠 l kh玭g mu鑞 bi誸  t礽 li謚
v ngu錸 t蕋 c c竎 nc v s秐 n鉯 ri猲g t g v m苩 tr飊g v韎 nh薾
th鴆 n祔. b秐, kh玭g tr ch y誹 nh蕋 c馻 m閠 hi觧 nhi猲 l l辌h s c馻
ch 甶觤 s t蕋 c ngh躠 x ch髇g ta c竎 cu閏 c竎h quan v v韎 l辌h s
tr鋘g nh蕋 - l辌h h閕 c竎h m筺g v s m筺g c馻 ch輓h c bi謙 c馻 ch
c竎h m筺g n鉯 t蕋 ngh躠 M竎. Th n鱝 c c竎 cu閏 c竎h l tr飊g v韎 l辌h
m筺g chung v v s c馻 - v chuy猲 ch輓h v c馻 y hi觧 nhi猲 l giai
c蕄 b 竝 ch ngh躠 M竎. Th b鴆 s秐 ch輓h. Ai kh玭g ph秈 x h閕 nh鱪g
k hi觰 l辌h s c馻 b鉩 l閠 l t礽 n. hi觰 r籲g b蕋 c竎h m筺g v c c
giai c蕄 Tr猲 bi謙 l li謚 v ph筸 vi qu鑓 t, ngu錸 nh薾 th鴆 ch l辌h
c竎h m筺g n祇 tr飊g nc n祇. Mu鑞 mu鑞 th緉g l頸 s gi秈 th輈h y誹 nh蕋
c馻 h鋍 thuy誸 v c馻 ch髇g ta v chuy猲 u t蕋 y誹 th蕌 o v蕁 
ph秈 th鵦 h祅h V蕁 , c莕 v蕁   chuy猲 ch輓h v chuy猲 t, l辌h s
s秐 chuy猲 ch輓h, th c馻 h鋍 b 竝 ngi  kh玭g l b鴆 v b b鉩 v蕁
 c╪ b秐 thuy誸 v chuy猲 ch輓h c馻 hi觰 g l辌h c竎h m筺g l閠 ch鑞g
s c竎 cu閏 phong l筰 nh鱪g k b鉩 tr祇

Date:         Wed, 24 Jul 2002 22:39:53 -0700
From:         joe keenan <yajoeya@YAHOO.COM>
Subject:      just ripple of rudiment

edlidm.einnt..bdliigsss..baenld .wi.ntdh.eo.fa..riundgi.moefn.tw.adtie
.iimne.nbtl.idsisg.sa.nbde.lionwd. tohfe..rau.diinmge.notf..dwiagtse.r
nm.ebnlti.sdsi.gasn.db.eilnodw..otfh. r.uad.iimnegn.to.fd.iwgast.ebre.
leinsts..daingds..ibnedl.oowf..trhued.ia . inntg..doifg.sw.abteelro.wr
sn.ta.nddi.gisn.db.eolfo.wr.utdhiem.ean.ti. dgi.gosf..bwealtoewr..trhe
atn.dd.iignsd..boefl.orwu.dtihmee.nat..idnig . o.fb.ewlaotwe.rt.hree.l
d..diingds..obfe.lrouwd.itmheen.ta..diinggs..ob e lwoawt.etrh.er.eal.a
idnidg.so.fb.erluodwi.mtehnet..ad.iignsg..boefl. w a.ttehre..rae.liant
nidg.so.fb.erluodwi.mtehnet..ad.iignsg..boefl.oww . tehre..rae.liantgi
dg.so.fb.erluodwi.mtehnet..ad.iignsg..boefl.owwa.t e re..rae.liantgi.o
.so.fb.erluodwi.mtehnet..ad.iignsg..boefl.owwa.tt h e .rae.liantgi.oon
o.fb.erluodwi.mtehnet..ad.iignsg..boefl.owwa.ttehr . r e.liantgi.oonf.
obfe.lrouwd.itmheen.ta..diinggs..obfe.lwoawt.etrh e . al.aitnigo.no.f.
oefl.orwu.dtihmee.nat..idnigg.so.fb.ewlaotwe.rt. r e l a.tiinogn..o.fs
.loofw..rtuhdei.mae.nitn.gd.iogfs..wbaetleorw.. t h e .tai.oinn.g..soe
.oowf..trhued.iam.einntg..doifg.sw.abteelro.wr e l a t.iao.ni.n.gs.eoe
dw..otfh.er.uad.iimnegn.to.fd.iwgast.ebre.lro w . t hieo.na...isnege.m
i.ntdh.eo.fa..riundgi.moefn.tw.adtiegrs..r e l a twi.otnh.e..sae.eimnr
.tihned..ao.fi.nrgu.doifm.ewnatt.edri.g s . b e lioown..t.hsee.eam.rie
nhde..ian.di.nogf..orfu.dwiamteenrt..r e l a t.iboenl.o.ws.etehmer.eav
aen.da..iinndg..ooff..rwuadtiemre.n t . d itgiso.nb.e.lsoewe.mtrheev.e
s..aa.nidn.gi.nodf..owfa.treurd. r e l a t.idoing.s..sbeeelmorwe.vtehr
ias.si.nagn.do.fi.nwda.toefr. r u d i mteinotn..d.isgese.mbreelvoewr.u
b.liinsgs..oafn.dw.aitnedr . r e l autdiiomne.n.ts.edeimgrse.vbeerluor
ni.nbgl.iosfs..waantde. i n d . oaft.iround.i.mseenetm.rdeivgesr.ubre.
.nign..obfl.iwsast.e r . r e lnadt.ioofn..r.usdeiemmernetv.edriugrs..t
lgd..oifn..wbalti s s . a n da.tiinodn..o.fs.ereumdriemveenrtu.rd.itgh
i.eolfd..wiant e r . r e l.aatnido.ni.n.ds.eoefm.rreuvdeirmuern.tt.hdi
loife.lwda. i n . b l ilsast.iaonnd...isnede.morfe.vreurduirm.etnhti.s
ofp.lwiaet e r . r e lbaltiisosn..a.nsde.eimnrde.voefr.urru.dtihmiesne
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pweaot e r . r e l.aitni.obnl.i.ssse.eamnrde.vienrdu.ro.ft.hriusdeirmt
paeto p l i e l d .tiino.nb.l.issese.marnedv.eirnudr..otfh.irsuedritmi
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p.e o p l i e l dn..i.ns.ebelmirsesv.earnudr..itnhdi.soefr.triuodni.mr
er e l a t i o n .i.ns.ebelmirsesv.earnudr..itnhdi.soefr.triuodni.mreu
oep l i e l d . i ns.ebelmirsesv.earnudr..itnhdi.soefr.triuodni.mreunl
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lrouwr..tthhei.sae.ritnigo.no.fr.uwlaet.esrc.t e d . o u t . o f .sjeu
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et.hai.sienrgt.ioofn..wrautleer..srcetleadt.ioount . o f . j u s t . r
eh.ias.eirntgi.oonf..rwualtee.rs.crteelda.toiuotn . . s e e m r e v e
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.sae.ritnigo.no.fr.uwlaet.esrc.treedl.aotuito.no. . s e e m r e v e r
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er.tai.oinn.gr.uolfe..wsactteerd..roeulta.toifo n . . s e e m r e v e
htei.oan..irnugl.eo.fs.cwtaetde.ro.urte.loaft. j u s t . r i p p l evp
tihoen..ar.uilneg..socft.ewda.toeurt..roefl a t i o n . . s e e m rper
.otnh.er.ual.ei.nsgc.toefd..woautte.ro.fr. j u s t . r i p p l e pmrro
onw..rtuhlee..as.citnegd..oofu.tw.aotfe r . r e l a t i o n . .psreoep
l.orwu.lteh.es.cat.eidn.go.uotf..owf . j u s t . r i p p l enp.r.ospee
breulloew..stchtee.da..oiuntg..oo f . w a t e r . r e l aetpiroonp.e.r
su.lbee.lsocwt.etdh.eo.uat..io f . j u s t . r i p p lreeplraotpieornt
ilges..sbcetleodw..otuhte.. a . i n g . o f . w a tleerp.rroeplearttii
.ed.isgcst.ebde.loouwt.. o f . j u s t . r i p p lweaptreorp.erretliae
n.ts.cdtiegds..obuetl o w . t h e . a . i n g .loefp.rwoapteerrt.irees
msecntte.dd.iogust . o f . j u s t . r i p pilnegp.roofp.ewrattieers..
dcitmeedn.to.udti g s . b e l o w . t h ep.lae.pirnogp.eorft.iweast.e.
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Date:         Sun, 21 Jul 2002 06:34:33 -0700
From:         august highland as chelsea lerner <hmfah@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject:      august highland as chelsea lerner: excerpt from MICROELECTRODE
              CRANIAL JACK #001

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Subject: CORE CORE bash bash CORE bash
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Subject: [Nettime-bold] Head & Rotor VE 07/25
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Subject: Archive of Live Chat from Incubation2 - Alan
Subject: Check out this palindrome of 2002 words - fascinating - Alan
Subject: portrait
Subject: just ripple of rudiment
Subject: august highland as chelsea lerner: excerpt from MICROELECTRODE

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From: $B@6?e(B <jyouho7777@anet.ne.jp>
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim@panix.com>
From: "][co][De][e][p.rivation" <netwurker@hotkey.net.au>
From: "diesel fuel injection" <china_lutong@163.com>
From: "][co][De][e][p.rivation" <netwurker@hotkey.net.au>
From: "][co][De][e][p.rivation" <netwurker@hotkey.net.au>
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From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim@PANIX.COM>
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim@PANIX.COM>
From: Soli Psis <solipsis@HEVANET.COM>
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From: august highland as chelsea lerner <hmfah@HOTMAIL.COM>

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