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<nettime> Article on Google and the Usenet Archives in recent Science Studies

I am interested in comments from people on Nettime to my 
article about Google and the Usenet archives in the most recent issue of
Science Studies. Ronda (


This article explores the conflict between the cooperative online culture
of users who have created Usenet and the corporate commodification of
Usenet posts by companies archiving the posts. The clash of decision-
making processes is presented thorough the details of how Usenet 
users choose to petition a company to provide protection for the 
public archives it had collected. The company disregarded the petition
and the archives were sold to another company. The new company has begun
to put its own copyright symbol on the posts in its archives. How will
such a commodification affect the cooperative nature of Usenet itself
and the continuing vitality of Usenet's cooperative culture The article
explores this culture clash and considers possible consequences.

from "Commodifying Usenet and the Usenet Archive or Continuing the
Online Cooperative Usenet Culture?" by Ronda Hauben
in Science Studies 15:1(2002), 61-68

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