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   Bridges Call for Papers                                                         
     "Anderson, Janet" <Janet_Anderson@BanffCentre.CA>                               

   McLuhan's birthday this Saturday                                                
     "George(s) Lessard" <>                                             

   RhythmEngine workshop                                                           
     hidenori watanave <>                                        

   [Fwd] [vorbis-dev] Vorbis 1.0 released                                          
     jaromil <>                                                      

   RhythmForest project - an international forestation interface                   
     watanave hidenori <>                                        

   [] - Join Parliament Bitte - the 101/0 UpGrade PlateForm!          
     "" <>                                    

   trashconnection at Le Monde                                                     
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Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 13:54:51 -0600
From: "Anderson, Janet" <Janet_Anderson@BanffCentre.CA>
Subject: Bridges Call for Papers


  October 4-6, 2002

  The Banff Centre, Banff New Media Institute, & The University of Calgary
  in collaboration with the Annenberg Center for Communication at the
  University of Southern California.

  The first BRIDGES Consortium was held in 2001 in Los Angeles. It brought
  together artists, technologists, and scientists, top experts from
  educational, research and funding institutions and the private sector, to
  explore interdisciplinary collaboration between art, culture, science and
  technology.  At the BRIDGES II Consortium we plan to expand the
  cross-disciplinary realm to include social sciences and humanities
  researchers who are partners in culture and science collaboration.  This
  year, BRIDGES comes to Canada and will be held at the Banff New Media
  Institute.  We hope to make it a truly international event. 

  As well as a number of keynote speakers, we invite you to join BRIDGES II,
  either as the presenter of a paper or to participate in the consortium's
  scheduled discussions of collaboration as a form of knowledge and a set of
  skills to be identified, studied, and learned.  Through a number of
  different session formats, including break-out groups involving all
  consortium delegates, we wish to identify best practices, amplify
  and provide a means of communication for those engaged in the reality of
  collaborative research. Difference in work styles, priorities, language
  usage and invention, communication styles, educational principles,
  institutional frameworks, temperaments, and even fundamental values have
  potential to become either obstacles or stimulants to effective
  collaboration.  And creating with ever-more complex technology requires
  greater specialization as well as better collaboration between technicians
  and creators.  Issues of access are critical, as we look at international
  challenges and regional discrepancies.

  We welcome submissions of proposals for 20 minute papers for the following
  panels (suggested approaches are given in the questions following the
  titles, but proposed papers need not be restricted to these areas):

  Collaborative Methods: What can we learn from collaboration in science, in
  arts, in social sciences and humanities that we can apply across these
  disciplinary areas?  What can learn from studying the research process as
  much as the outcomes of research? 

  The Ethics of Collaboration: What are the ethics of collaboration between
  science and art?  Social sciences and art?  How can we ensure mutual
  respect?  How do projects shift depending on who is leading the research?

  Policy & Collaboration: What policies exist, are emerging, and are needed
  support collaboration?  What policies and practices do we need on the
  international front?  What assumptions and ideas lie behind institutional
  policies?  What are the implications for training the next generation of
  interdisciplinary researchers?  Who is excluded from policy making?  What
  are the incentives for young researchers and artists to collaborate?

  Collaboration & Gender: How is collaboration gendered?  Is it read as
  feminine?  How does it intrude on science hierarchy?  How does it intrude
  art hierarchy?  Who is blocked from leading projects? What are the biases
  surrounding this?

  Where Does Art & Science Collaboration fit in a period of Global Crisis &
  War: What examples can we draw from history?  What circumstances are
  different in today's historical moment?  How do developments in new
  technologies inflect our understanding and our experience of global crisis
  and war?

  Digital Archives & Databases for Collaboration: What are effective models
  for networks?  What are the access issues?  How do we understand virtual
  actual presence in the design of archives and/or databases?)

  We will also have two showcases: A festival of new media works or
  documentation AND a show and tell of tools that enable collaboration. 

           300-word abstracts for proposed papers 
           one  page new media and tools descriptions, with URL's, should
  sent NO LATER THAN JULY 22,  2002 to: 

                              Sara Diamond & Susan Bennett 
                        Convenors, BRIDGES II 
                              c/o Janet Anderson
                        Banff New Media Institute 
                        The Banff Centre, Banff AB, T1L 1H5 
                        Phone: 1-403-762-6282 
                        Fax: 1-403-762-6665 

  For further information about BRIDGES II, contact Janet Anderson, Project
  Coordinator at the above contact information.

  For the results of BRIDGES I, please check our website at:


Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 17:40:05 -0500
From: "George(s) Lessard" <>
Subject: McLuhan's birthday this Saturday

Marshall McLuhan would have been 91 on July 21, in the year 2002., the site of sites for all things McLuhan. This web site was 
launched by the McLuhan global research network and members of the first 
advanced Understanding McLuhan and Media summertime seminar (Culture and 
technology 1005) held in 2001. with the help of the byDesign eLab.  

The content for the site is being reinvigorated during the course this year. As 
a result, some pages may temporarily be without content. Be assured that this 
is a temporary measure, and will be remedied by July 27, when the course ends.  

This web site is home to the McLuhan Coach House Renaissance project, a not for 
profit affinity group that intends to raise funds, network with other 
institutions and faculties within and outside of the University of Toronto, and 
catalyze ideas and people to:  

- - restore the heritage Coach House building where Marshall McLuhan did his 
teaching 1968 - 1980 and 
- - support the graduate academic research and teaching mission of the McLuhan 
- -- 
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  George Lessard, living @ 61.10N 94.05W
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Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 18:26:59 +0900
From: hidenori watanave <>
Subject: RhythmEngine workshop

(This message was multiposted)

This workshop was held as a DigitalMediaDesign class third grader's first
half subject. In the lecture, the plan of the application project which
harnessed the concept of RhythmEngine, auxiliary materials (ex: movies,
pictures, and musics,etc.), and the original skin were made, and carrying
out a presentation was called for.

Students made the REg original skin plan on the theme of [Bonsai -
traditional performing arts of Japan], [Gatyagatya - Japanese children's
basic goods toy], and [Information-space of the intenet], etc.

The jury session was held in two days, July 8 and 15,2002. Juries are Tom
Saito, Ryuichi Nogami, and Hiroshi Moriyama. By the result of a presentation
and debate, three persons' project especially accepted to be excellent is
introduced here.

(Their work is introduced in SIGGRAPH2002.)


Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 02:14:38 +0200
From: jaromil <>
Subject: [Fwd] [vorbis-dev] Vorbis 1.0 released

a small step for a developer, but ...

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Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 13:10:37 -0400
Subject: [vorbis-dev] Vorbis 1.0 released
From: (Monty)

Nothing much else to say.  Vorbis 1.0 is officially out. Have at.


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Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 14:19:07 +0900
From: watanave hidenori <>
Subject: RhythmForest project - an international forestation interface

- ----------------------------------------
        [RhythmForest project]
- -an international forestation interface-
- ----------------------------------------

We Team Photon are successful to form a Public Sphere on the web-world for
the people on the earth to communicate with melody and visuals through the
[RhythmEngine] project.

More than 10,000 people a day visit our site to enjoy the RhythmEngine
session. We want to utilize the high potential of this RhythmEngine to
improve the actual world.

RhythmForest is a project an international forestation activity fund. When a
player play with RhythmForest to raise greens in a game, a tree will be
plant on the forestation area in the actual world. RhythmForest helps people
especially children to plant trees online. OISCA International has been
backed up this project. OISCA is the global NGO, which has been particularly
active in the field of agriculture, forestation, and environmental

RhythmForest project is under planning to start in 2002.

For more information, Please mail to
(hidenori watanave - Team Photon/Photon,Inc.)

- --
hidenori watanave

Representative Director @
Photon,Inc./team Photon

Lecturer @ 
Kyoto University of Art and Design
Osaka Seikei University (2003~)
Asagaya college of Art and Design

302 Villa Gloria,2-31-7 Jingumae,



Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 10:47:05 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: [] - Join Parliament Bitte - the 101/0 UpGrade PlateForm!

dear nettime friends and colleagues

We all know canigou ronron summer resorts are no help in stopping the peals
and drilling the bore.

Therefore time has come for LA Team to invite you to experience
Network iRonleGGing with Parliament Bitte - the OverCent UpGrade PlateForm

Feeling like walking the network the political way?
Join the Parliament Bitte and Toolbar the Future!
Majorer or oppositer? ToolBarOn or ToolBarOv?
Grasp the opportunity to Walletize your PowerSiege and voiceLoud your

To Get rid of unfair cLaws! Toolbar now!

How? Just subscribe to the Parliament Bitte mailing-list :

This will open your personal shouTing TriBune and allow you to join or not
the already politizing ToolBarOns and ToolBarOvs on both the major and
opposite sides of the 101/0 Upgrade PlateForm.


On sunday evening 07.28, the Parliament Bitte 101/0 UpGrade Plateform will
hold its first working session in Kassel: a voiceLoud deBaiTing Tribune will
be installed to enable supporters to publicly Walletize their candidates

Parliament Bitte - the 101/0 UpGrade PlateForm is part of the gurMuru
SurdMan kuo ming soung venture to be held in kassel, germany on july 28 as
part of the Canal Bleu meeting.

gurMuru SurdMan kuo ming soung :
Canal Bleu :

wishing you the best always

LA Team
- -/ PoopePeedoo winding you! /-


Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 14:05:43 +0200
From: trashconnection <>
Subject: trashconnection at Le Monde

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