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<nettime> NAME.SPACE TLDs and Fair Access to the ROOT.DOMAIN.

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From: Paul Garrin <>
Subject: NAME.SPACE TLDs and Fair Access to the ROOT.DOMAIN.
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Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 06:33:20 -0400

Dear Vint,

In Washington, DC last year (2001) after your testimony at
the House Commerce Committee you made a remark to me
that "Why would we 'give' any TLDs to a company that's
about to go BANKRUPT?" implying that Name.Space was going
bankrupt.  What about YOUR company, MCI/Worldcom, whose
bankruptcy was allegedly caused by CORPORATE CRIME?  So far,
my company Name.Space, who was driven to near bankruptcy
(we're NOT bankrupt) by ICANN's CORRUPTION and apparent
conspiracy to control the domain market, is still here
despite the fact that ICANN robbed us of $50,000.00 and
hijacked 3 of our domains, 'INFO.', 'PRO.' and 'MUSEUM.'
"subjectively" (as you put it in your testimony) giving
them to a small circle of interests close to ICANN and
the other dominant players in the DNS industry.

I know that the law is not always applied equally--many believe
that Name.Space should have prevailed in it's antitrust case against
NSI the same way MCI won against ATT in 1983--but perhaps
those in your circles who are responsible for the wrongdoings
both at MCI/Worldcom and at ICANN will be brought to justice
and prosecuted for their crimes.

If my company ever does go bankrupt at least I will
have the comfort of knowing that I worked diligently and
honestly, and that if any white collar criminals are
responsible for its failure, that they come not from
within my company, but from without, possibly from people whom
you may be familiar with.  Nobody from inside NAME.SPACE
stole money as the insiders of MCI/Worldcom allegedly did;
our money was stolen by ICANN and its co-conspirators.

As I understand it, Name.Space's application is still
pending before ICANN and we intend to pursue the publication
of our TLDs into the root as well as seek redress for any
transgressions that may have taken place in the process of
preventing us from rightfully gaining access to the root
domain to publish our TLDs globally.

Name.Space has been publishing new TLDs at the request of the
public since 1996, PRE-DATING ICANN by more than TWO YEARS.
In 1997 Name.Space sought publication of its new TLDs in the
legacy ROOT through its antitrust action against
Network Solutions, Inc./SAIC and through First Amendment action
against the National Science Foundation, then the US Department of
Commerce/ NTIA (after the NTIA took control of the NSF/NSI cooperative
agreement in Sept, 1998, amending it to establish the chain of command
originating at the NTIA where it lies today).


Paul Garrin
Founder, Name.Space

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