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<nettime> Nigerian Women Storm 4 ChevronTexaco Flow Stations

Nigerian Women Storm 4 ChevronTexaco Flow Stations
Wed Jul 17, 1:35 PM ET

LAGOS, Nigeria (Reuters) - A group of women has occupied four ChevronTexaco
flow stations in southwestern Nigeria, a local community chief said
Wednesday, just as the firm is trying to end a blockade at a nearby export

Edwin Clarke, leader of the Ijaw ethnic group, confirmed reports that women
from his community had stormed the flow stations -- whose combined output is
estimated at 150,000 barrels-per-day -- in four districts of the Delta

"We have sent people there to find out what is happening and why the women
are there," Clarke told Reuters by phone from the oil center of Warri.

A security source said about 1,000 women were involved in the new blockades,
which come as ChevronTexaco is struggling to end a 10-day siege at its
340,000 barrels-per-day Escravos terminal. A spokesman for the company said
he was aware of the reports but could not confirm or deny them. 

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