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Re: <nettime> TIPs designed for Domestic Spygaming

Two (or two million) can play at this game.

Antonio Prohias* Especia'l (or E-something, I'm at work and in a hurry,
ok?) Memorial American Network would be another million citizens, who
would report on bad behavior of cops and spooks, with particular focus
on Homeland Security apparatchiki. At best, TIPsters will reflect the
population at large, with its usual variety of human weaknesses. At
worst, TIPs will attract the same Nosey Parkers and Church Ladies that
made the former Soviet Union such a fun place. APEMAN operatives would
fan out and smoke out the snoops, using cameras and get eye-catching
photos of our snoops at work. Alternatively, they could make spoof
photos of a priori evidence of suspicious activity, like pita bread
wrappers and empty hummus cans in the trash (planted, of course in the
bins of the most lily white but deserving citizens or companies). People
working in the mail room could divert incriminating documents destined
for shredders and post them to fucked company and/or mail them to
Indymedia. Use the TIPs hotline to report corporate and electoral fraud.
Start your own network. Turn this into a festival. Make up "Tom Ridge
(or Johnnny Ashcroft) Junior H-Man" badges for the kids. You get the
idea. Go ape! Go APEMAN!

*AP was the Cuban-American artist who did Spy vs. Spy for Mad Magazine,
who accurately summed up the shenanigans of the world's intelligence
orgs in short, goofy slapstick cartoons YEARS before the Church
Committee report or the KGB's capping of Bulgarian defector Georgi
Markov with the poison umbrella.  

Special Agent Blacque Jacques Shellacque

human being wrote:
>   [this seemed a possibility, in a worst-case scenario, with
>   the design of the US Patriot Act, which i earlier wrote of
>   with regard to the site; citizencorps, and the TIPs project.]
> US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies
> By Ritt Goldstein
> July 15 2002
> The Bush Administration aims to recruit millions of United States
> citizens as domestic informants in a program likely to alarm civil
> liberties groups.

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