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<nettime> In Italy it's getting hotter

The water in the south of the country is runnig out, people protest of course,
but the government remains silent. But they are being very active on other
fronts as:
digital registration for every stranger that enters, but of course not the
rich ones, it's only for the poor immigrants in search for jobs or a so
called better live. PApers call it ' Apartheid' italian stile.

In the North of Italy, in Padua some days ago on the festival of Radio Sherwood
was a debate, with Naomi Klein (on video), on stage were between others,
Toni Negri, Gianfranco Bettin (vice-president of the Italian Green Party
and vice-mayor of Venice), Giorgio Cremaschi of the Cgil (biggest labour
organisation with 5,5 million members). He's the head of the Fiom which
is the stealworkers section. A nice debate, in which Negri at the end said
that there's no way out of this world anymore: "Where to go?" he asked the
public. So yes, it'll be quite rough in the near future, if anything is
for sure, it'll be that.

Today Gianfranco Betin, together with others from the Venice region, anounced
a hungerstrike from the 14th until 17th of july, in solidarity with the
Bhopal people, who'se rights (and who'se deaths) are definitely neglected
by law. The industrials go free, is the outcome of 'the trial'. The intention
is also to bombard the ambassees and consulates of India with protests.
Of course this doesn't have to remain an only lonely Italian-Indian action...

The festival of Radio Sherwood endured one month, and is finishing today.
Also today Gianfranco Bettin and others announced a hungerstrike in solidarity
with the hungerstrikers from Bhopal, who's rights, or even lives are neglected
since the Union Carbide disaster in India took place.

See the website of Radio Sherwood in Padova for more information on the
debate and the festival.


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