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<nettime> <Nettime> Re: Carnivore

Oh, Nettime's up again.

I was writing to the problematic of how the cultural and social 
impact of technology is often 'resolved' by introducing more 
technology in bulk or through innovation. The distribution of 'Carnivore' forgrounds this problematic in interesting 
and quite alarming ways and brings into high relief the 
institutional, legal and governmental terrain that
practices, artistic and political cannot help but impact.

'Carnivore' distribution and its impacts on the institution 
of 'the self' of rights and responsibilities with regard to others 
and to the State, and Knowbotic Research's Minds of 
Concern which cast into high relief the legal and contractual 
bases of Internet Service Provision and of Arts management and
production, together cast light on matters of State, Public Institutions, Law and Commerce. To this end both the distribution of 'Carnivore' and Minds of Concern share similarities in the productive nature of the questions that are raised. The balance 
between State, Commerce, and the Public seems out of whack. 

 Thanks for pointing to the distinction between Open distribution 
of code, which is a cause for concern, and the curation of a project of art.

 I have a post about the Knowbotic Research project that I meant 
to send several weeks ago but most of the lists I was writing to ground to a halt, perhaps a moment of ethical/legal consideration 
of these practices as they relate to institutional leagal matters 
or perhaps just the advent of summer.



There were no legal issues that I know of regarding the presentation of
Carnivore at the New Museum. There were significant legal issues around
the presentation of Knowbotic Research's Minds of Concern and Critical
Art Ensemble's GenTerra performance. 

Steve Dietz
Curator of New Media
Walker Art Center

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> Yep, Yanks. Distribute Carnvivore: Archie Bunker thinking - 
> 'arm the passengers' (his solution to the terrorist hijacking 
> threat in the 70s). 
> But what about Omnivore and Dragonnet?? 
> I think the use of Carnivore at the New Museum quickly 
> revealed the contractual and legal terrain of both the ISP 
> (which has legal 
> obligations to service providers 'upstream' [they colocate 
> with whom?] 
> and the employees, as well as a range of other regulatory 
> requirements) and the Museum (which has legal obligations 
> mediated by the trust to employees, users, artists, etc. etc.).
> The institutional character of Internet became more clearly 
> defined. It is textual and it is legal, the outcome of a set 
> of legal requirements and contracts in civil law.
> Rhizome proposes to become a 'web hosting service' (with 
> Carnivore on their server? GMAB) but is unclear on the 
> textual the legal contract and the physical location of 
> digital properties. 
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