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Re: <nettime> Fakes... [3x]

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   Re: <nettime> Fakes...                                                          
     "N Jett" <>                                                    

   Re: Fakes                                                                       
     Phil Duncan <>                                       

   Re: <nettime> Fakes... [4x]                                                                                                              


Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 23:05:08 +0000
From: "N Jett" <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Fakes...

"your just a copy of an imitation..."


"nothing is real but the medication..."

Is someone starting a cult...? The dichotomy of 99.9999+% of "fake"
humanity vs. us, the noble "true" humans who are actually "real"... it's
perfect for that sort of thing... a very dangerous way to think. What to
do about them huh? How do you propose to eliminate the threat the "fakes"
post to "progress"?

"One must resist any ideas that have no point, endlessly question, and
never accept imperfection or compromise in any answer."

Perhaps this essay is meant as irony...


Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 10:59:25 -0700
From: Phil Duncan <>
Subject: Re: Fakes

All that we see or seem
is just a dream within a dream
- -Edgar Allen Poe


Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 22:00:15 -0700
Subject: Re: <nettime> Fakes... [4x]

I am down with all the previous comments on the "fakes".

I think the only thing that bothers me about the premise of the original
e-mail is that it is based on a movie that by now has become part of pop
culture in a way that can no longer be benefiting for a productive
endeavor beyond pure commercialism -- or an interesting deconstructive
lecture on how Baudrillard is brilliantly mixed with Moses and Jesus in
the length of two hours.

This is the price that all interesting work that enters the mainstream

 As much as I love The Matrix (and make reference to it when appropriate),
it is no longer enough.  We must move on.  I will not search the words, it
is a futile endeavor.  I already know that the best I can do is pass on
what I learned...  A straight ahead well informed rhetoric would be much
more productive.


Eduardo Navas


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