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Table of Contents:

   seeking administrative intern.                                                  
     doron <>                                              

   since 1994                                                                      
     { brad brace } <>                                              

   IMPORTANT MEDIA ART SEMINAR DONE IN PERU                                        
     ATA Cultural <>                                              

   Free exchange of AIDS/HIV programming between radio stations worldwide          
     "" <>                                             

   Dramatical N.N.                                                                 
     Grethe Melby <>                                                   

   Fwd: this is really cool art                                                                                                         

   Dj Spooky Playlist July/August 2002                                             
     "Paul D. Miller" <>                                        

   an old topic, but still...                                                                                                                  

   Public Music                                                                    
     KOGO <>                                                  


Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 11:31:25 -0400
From: doron <>
Subject: seeking administrative intern. is seeking part-time administrative intern (8 hrs a
week), to help manage the computerfinearts collection and for general
administrative work.
looking for a web-savvy with knowledge of new media arts.
computerfinearts collection is a net and media art online collection at:
office location at: 414 broadway , nyc

please email a short cover letter and resume (no attachments) to:


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 16:51:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: { brad brace } <>
Subject: since 1994

                    _______ _            __ ___  _
                _  |__   __| |          /_ |__ \| |
                 -_    | |  | |__   ___   | |  ) | |__  _ __
                   _  | |  | '_ \ / _ \  | | / /| '_ \| '__|
                    __ | |  | | | |  __/  | |/ /_| | | | |
                     |__|  |_| |_|\___|  |_|____|_| |_|_|
          _____  _____ ____  _   _            _ _____  ___ ___ _ ____
         __|_   _|/ ____|  _ \| \ | |      _    | |  __ \|  ____/ ____|
           _| | | (___ | |_) |  \| |___ ___    | | |__) | |__ | |  __
           |_ |  \___ \|  _ <| . ` |____--__|   | |  ___/|  __|| | |_ |
       _| _|_ ____) | |_) | |\ | | |__| | | | |___| |__| | |_____
             _|_____/|____/|_| \_| _ \____/|_| |______\_____

                    _ |  __ \         (_)          | |
                       _| |__) | __ ___  _  ___  ___| |_
                      |_  ___/ '__/ _ \| |/ _ \/ __| __|
                      | __|   | | | (_) | |  __/ (__| |_
                      |_| _  |_|  \___/| |\___|\___|\__|
                           _          _/ |
                             _        |__/

> > > > Synopsis: The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project began December 30, 1994. A
`round-the-clock posting of sequenced hypermodern imagery from Brad Brace.
The hypermodern minimizes the familiar, the known, the recognizable; it
suspends identity, relations and history. This discourse, far from
determining the locus in which it speaks, is avoiding the ground on which
it could find support. It is trying to operate a decentering that leaves
no privilege to any center.

                       The 12-hour ISBN JPEG Project
                          began December 30, 1994

  Pointless Hypermodern Imagery... posted/mailed every 12 hours... a
spectral, trajective alignment for the 00`s! A continuum of minimalist
masks in the face of catastrophe; conjuring up transformative metaphors
for the everyday... A poetic reversibility of exclusive events...

	A post-rhetorical, continuous, apparently random sequence of
imagery...  genuine gritty, greyscale...  corruptable, compact,
collectable and compelling convergence. The voluptuousness of the grey
imminence: the art of making the other disappear. Continual visual impact;
an optical drumming, sculpted in duration, on the endless present of the

  An extension of the printed ISBN-Book (0-9690745) series... critically
unassimilable... imagery is gradually acquired, selected and re-sequenced
over time...  ineluctable, vertiginous connections. The 12hr dialtone...

                     [ see ]

KEYWORDS: >> Disconnected, disjunctive, distended, de-centered,
   de-composed, ambiguous, augmented, ambilavent, homogeneous, reckless...
>> Multi-faceted, oblique, obsessive, obscure, obdurate...
>> Promulgated, personal, permeable, prolonged, polymorphous, provocative,
   poetic, plural, perverse, potent, prophetic, pathological, pointless...
>> Emergent, evolving, eccentric, eclectic, egregious, exciting,
   entertaining, evasive, entropic, erotic, entrancing, enduring,

	Every 12 hours, another!...  view them, re-post `em, save `em,
trade `em, print `em, even publish them...

Here`s how:

(Note: all "Teleport" addresses (web/ftp/email) have been eliminated: no
thanks to Earthlink scum. Please choose alternates listed below:)

~ Set www-links to ->

  Look for the 12-hr-icon. Heavy traffic may require you to specify files
  more than once! Anarchie, Fetch, CuteFTP, TurboGopher...

~ Download from ->  /pub/users/bbrace
  Download from ->  /users/bbrace
  Download from ->   /pub/users/bbrace
  Download from ->  /u/b/bbrace
  Download from ->  hotline://

  * Remember to set tenex or binary. Get 12hr.jpeg

~ E-mail -> If you only have access to email, then you can use FTPmail to
  do essentially the same thing. Send a message with a body of 'help' to the
  server address nearest you:
  bitftp@plearn.bitnet			bitftp@dearn.bitnet		bitftp@pucc.bitnet
  *					*

~ Mirror-sites requested! Archives too!
  The latest new jpeg will always be named, 12hr.jpeg
  Average size of images is only 45K.
  Perl program to mirror ftp-sites/sub-directories:

~ Postings to usenet newsgroups:

* * Ask your system's news-administrator to carry these groups!
  (There are also usenet image browsers: TIFNY, PluckIt, Picture Agent,
    PictureView, Extractor97, NewsRover, Binary News Assistant, EasyNews)

~ This interminable, relentless sequence of imagery began in earnest on
December 30, 1994. The basic structure of the project has been over
twenty-four years in the making. While the specific sequence of
photographs has been presently orchestrated for more than 12 years` worth
of 12-hour postings, I will undoubtedly be tempted to tweak the ongoing
publication with additional new interjected imagery. Each 12-hour posting
is like the turning of a page; providing ample time for reflection,
interruption, and assimilation.

~ The sites listed above also contain information on other cultural
projects and sources.

~ A very low-volume, moderated mailing list for announcements and
occasional commentary related to this project has been established at /subscribe 12hr-isbn-jpeg

- -- 
This project has not received government art-subsidies. Some
opportunities still exist for financially assisting the publication of
editions of large (33x46") prints; perhaps (Iris giclees) inkjet duotones
or extended-black quadtones. Other supporters receive rare copies of the
first three web-offset printed ISBN-Books. Contributions and requests
for 12hr-email-subscriptions, can also be made

- --
ISBN is International Standard Book Number. JPEG and GIF are types of
image files. Get the text-file, 'pictures-faq' to learn how to view or
translate these images. [ftp]

- -- 
(c) Credit appreciated. Copyleft

1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002



Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 01:39:29 -0500
From: ATA Cultural <>

[english version below]


Durante la 6ta edición del Festival Internacional de Video Arte Electrónica
(Lima, Perú, mayo a junio del 2002) se realizó el primer seminario en
animación digital y técnicas de realización en el país. Este programa, cuya
iniciativa partió del Laboratorio Mediático de Alta Tecnología Andina (ATA),
motivó el interés en la creación digital en el Perú, ofreciendo a los
artistas la posibilidad de desarrollar proyectos multidisciplinarios en un
ambiente de equipo. A través de una serie de lecciones, los participantes
­la mayoría estudiantes universitarios, de escuelas de arte y programas de
comunicación y tecnologías de la información) recibieron una sólida base en
los conceptos y técnicas necesarias para empezar a aplicar las herramientas
digitales en sus iniciativas artísticas.
El seminario fue expuesto por Eric Henry y Syd Garon, quienes recientemente
co-dirigieron el largometraje animado Wave Twisters, basado en la última
producción musical del DJ Q-Bert (Wave Twisters se estrenó en el Festival
Sundance 2001). Ambos también son co-autores de un capítulo en el libro
³After Effects Magic, publicado por New Riders.
Este seminario fue posible gracias al financiamiento recibido de la
Fundación Daniel Langlois para el Arte, la Ciencia y la Tecnología, y a la
colaboración de la Embajada de los Estados Unidos de América en el Perú.

- --


During the 6th International Video.Art.Electronica Festival (Lima, Peru,
May/June 2002) was held the first ever hands-on seminar on Digital Animation
and Filmmaking Techniques in Peru.  This program, an ATA Media Lab
initiative, encouraged the interest in digital creation in Peru, offering
the artists the possibility of developing multidisciplinary projects on
teamwork basis. Through a series of structured lessons, the participants
(mostly young students from universities, art schools, communication and
information technologies studies) received a solid grounding in the concepts
and techniques necessary to begin applying digital tools to their own
Artistic endeavors.
The Seminar was leaded by Eric Henry and Syd Garon who recently co-directed
Wave Twisters, the latest release from the renowned turntablist DJ Q-Bert
(Wave Twisters premiered at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival).  Both also
recently co-authored a chapter in "After Effects 5.5 Magic", by New Riders
This Seminar was possible thanks to grants received from the Daniel Langlois
Foundation for Art, Science and Technology and the Embassy of United Sates
of America in Peru.

- -- 

A T A [Alta Tecnologia Andina]
tel: 444-5525 fax 447-3981

Coordinador Cultural: Carlos Letts

Visita el Festival Internacional de video/arte/electronica

Inscribete a la Lista de Interés Iberoamericana de Arte, Nuevos Medios,
Ciencia y Tecnología [iberoamerica-act]
Subscribe at:
Post message:


Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 16:05:40 +0100
From: "" <>
Subject: Free exchange of AIDS/HIV programming between radio stations worldwide

OneWorld Radio AIDS Network to promote free exchange of radio programmes on
AIDS/HIV between radio stations worldwide.

Johannesburg, South Africa, 27 June 2002 -- OneWorld (, the
online sustainable development and human rights network, announces the
launch of OneWorld Radio AIDS Network

OneWorld Radio AIDS Network is a community of broadcasters, NGOs and
activists coming together in the fight against AIDS. The network launches
with 100 member organizations and radio stations across the world.

Globally, radio programming is being used to share experiences of AIDS and
to give advice on reducing risk and supporting those living with HIV/AIDS.
The medium can provide facts on HIV/AIDS in the face of fear and stigma to
combat discrimination and prejudice. Radio is also critical in raising
awareness and understanding of AIDS not just as a health and social issue
but also as a political, development and human rights concern.

Yet the wealth of AIDS awareness and other audio material produced by NGOs,
government agencies and broadcasters is usually restricted to the
geographical area where it has been produced and aired. It then often
remains unheard by wider audiences.

The Internet provides a solution to this problem. OneWorld Radio AIDS
Network has a searchable database exchange of audio files that allows
broadcasters and other programme producers to upload and download AIDS
programming in any language on the World Wide Web. Radio stations around the
world can then rebroadcast this copyright-free material or adapt it for
their own audiences. Anyone with Internet access can listen to the
programmes online at OneWorld Radio AIDS Network

“For now, with no cure in sight, information and communication are our only
effective weapons to beat AIDS/HIV,” said Priscilla Jere, director of
OneWorld Africa. “OneWorld Radio AIDS Network links the power of radio with
the networking potential of the Internet to make the connections that can
really help limit the human suffering and devastation of HIV/AIDS.”

The OneWorld Radio AIDS Network website also includes news, training
materials, funding information and other practical resources for national
and community broadcasters, health educators and campaigners as well as
people working in AIDS/HIV organizations, aid agencies and development NGOs.

Combining technology and information with this community of organizations
and individuals, OneWorld Radio AIDS Network aims to make a real difference
to the lives of millions.

- -
Media contacts:
Siviwe Minyi (South Africa), mobile +27 82 8981669
Priscilla Jere (Zambia, for rest of Africa),
260-1- 23 27 73
Glen Tarman (London, for rest of world),, +44 (0)20 7091

1. OneWorld is a non-profit network that aims to harness the democratic
potential of the Internet for human rights, sustainable development and an
end to world poverty. OneWorld brings together a partner community of over
1250 organizations at
2. Member organizations of OneWorld Radio Aids Network include AMARC, CARE,
InterWorld Radio, Johns Hopkins University, Panos, Radio Netherlands, Soul
City, UNICEF and many more. Organisations and radio stations that wish to
join OneWorld Radio Aids Network can do so on the site or by emailing for more
3. Edited and co-ordinated from OneWorld Africa, OneWorld Radio Aids Network
is part of the OneWorld portal on issues related to HIV/AIDS, (, and is a themed network of OneWorld
Radio (, an initiative promoting sustainable
development and human rights through radio. OneWorld Radio Aids Network is
supported by Parthenon Trust.
4. OneWorld is a founding partner of the UNDP ICT Against AIDS Coalition, an
alliance of developed nations, developing country governments, private
sector companies, non-profit and academic organizations aiming to strengthen
the global response to HIV/AIDS through greater access and more effective
use of ICTs (information and communication technologies).
- -

*** Now screening on OneWorld TV ( 'The Struggle
Continues ....' South African AIDS activists draw on the traditions of the
struggle against apartheid to fight the AIDS crisis and build a grassroots
movement to demand treatment for HIV-positive people. Hear their stories and
see how they use video to give a voice on AIDS/HIV to those affected.***

Send an email to with the following in the body of
the message:
subscribe aidschannel

- - please forward to colleagues/link to site/publicise offline as
appropriate - ENDS -


Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 17:55:21 +0200
From: Grethe Melby <>
Subject: Dramatical N.N.

- --=====================_13251076==_.ALT
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed

Amanda Steggell from Motherboard - (NO)
presented/performed this interpretation of the various
N.N. mails and the interpretations of N.N. by others
beautifully to the audience present at Art Norways
seminar on mailinglists june 11th.

As English is Free, you can all read the the text

People reading Norwegian can read more
about the seminar in general:


Grethe Melby

ART NET NORWAY - official gateway to Norwegian Art on the internet
General inquiries: /
Postal address: Nedregt. 5, N-0551 Oslo

About Art Net Norway:
English guide to norwegian net art:


Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 11:57:29 -0400
Subject: Fwd: this is really cool art

uospnJ wrote:

>I am sending you this blatantly obvious virus I made to get your 
>advice.  Open it right up, hope you like it.  it looks through your 
>hard drive for @ symbols and sends a copy of itself to everyone you 
>vaguely know, locates your FTP preferences, erasing everything from 
>any server you have uploaded in the last 3 years, figures out your 
>bank account number and emails the bank, telling them to transfer 
>all of your funds to Madagascar, tells Con Ed to go ahead and shut 
>your electricity off because you've found an alternative, writes 
>whoever you have written most often in the last month and tells them 
>about your newly realized sexual fetish for lepers and that you just 
>need a few years to "experiment", has the super in your building 
>change your front door lock next time you're out, before 
>over-writing all the information in your computer.  Just wanted to 
>see what you thought of it.
>Thanks in advance for your comments,


223 E 10th Street
PMB 130
New York, NY  10003


Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 13:34:56 -0400
From: "Paul D. Miller" <>
Subject: Dj Spooky Playlist July/August 2002

Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

Top 11
Discs in Serious Rotation: July/August 2002

"Every Dj is a walking radio station...."
Ad Astra

1.  Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid "Optometry" (a dj/jazz project 
featuring Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Pauline Oliveros, Carl 
Hancock Rux, Napoleon of iSWhat?, High Priest of Anti-Pop Consortium, 
and others) Thirsty Ear Records

2. Dj Cam featuring Afu-Ra "Vodoo Child" 12" (Dj Premier remix) 
Inflammable Records/Columbia

3. Dub: More Bass Culture (compilation of rare weird out-takes of 
King Tubby's collaborations with Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, Gregory 
Isaacs etc etc)  Metro/Union Square Music

4. Juke Box Jive - The Birth of Rock n Roll (early dance hall rock 
1940's/1950's - Lionel Hampton, T-Bone Walker, Joe Turner, Julia Lee 
etc etc) Charly

5. Constant Elevation ("progressive" hip-hop compilation curated by 
Jazzbo featuring Anti-Pop Consortium, Mad Lib, Steinski etc etc), 

6. Arto Lindsay, Invoke, Righteous Babe

7. Amadou & Mariam "Wati" (chilled out Afro-guitar from Bamako) 
Universal France/Jazz

8.  John Cale "Stainless Gamelan: Inside the Dream Syndicate Vol III" 
Table of Elements/Sandwalking

9. Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music (Luigi Russolo, Philip 
Jeck, Dj Spooky, Survival Research Labs, Sonic Youth, Nam Jun Paik 
etc etc), Sub Rosa

10.  Merzbow/Jazzkammer "Live at Molde International Jazz Festival," 
Smalltown SuperSound

11. Mich Gerber "The Endless String" Okular Music

Bonus Beatz:

Really bugged out MP3 mixes of Eminem's "So Empty without Me" on 
strange website:

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe 
they are free...."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

wildstyle access:

Paul D. Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

Subliminal Kid Inc.

Office Mailing Address:

Music and Art Management
245 w14th st #2RC NY NY


Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 12:54:04 +00200 (MEST)
Subject: an old topic, but still...

a website put together by two Swedish female artists who have been 
there for humanitarian reasons. 
they made it very clear that "this is not an  art project".

without bringing staggering news, it puts things in context.



Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 12:39:49 +0900
From: KOGO <>
Subject: Public Music

> This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
this format, some or all of this message may not be legible.

Public Music 
*candyfactory web projects

Denim Girl Denim Girl
music : John Miller photo: Takuji KOGO

Middle Of The Day John Miller

Grace lands 
Interview with Lawrence Wiener
Takuji Kogo ; Federico Baronello
collaboration with Ethical Bros. FROM Catania Sicily

 Nunotani Bldg. ON SALE update 2002 Nunotani Bldg.
Yokohama triennial + Korean web art festival Oct. 2001
Mike Bode + Takuji KOGO

Take Me Out to the Festival Gaku Tsutaya Takuji KOGO

Negative thought remix @ AA Bronson

Cortile Japonica, Landskrona konsthall, Sweden.
Mike Bode and Staffan Schmidt

Invisible Colors / Chrysanne Stathacos

NASDAQ Online Opera  Ola Pehrson


  *candyfactory web projects

exhibition schedule

July 12th
Center for Contemporary Photography Melbourne
Neighbours  Non Broadcasting Time @ Melbourne
music John Miller   photo Takuji KOGO
*candy factory projects

Takuji KOGO

*candy factory

PUBLIC MUSIC/ *candy factory

web project @ Akiyoshidai artist-in-residence


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