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<nettime> the death of netradio - interview with dublab

Interview with Dublab.

In Folge der Entscheidung bezüglich der Webcast Raten, die jetzt in den USA 
fällig sind (  siehe Debug News), haben wir einige unserer Lieblings 
Webradios gefragt wie sie zu den Entscheidungen stehen und was in der 
Zukuft für sie so ansteht, denn nur die wenigsten waren bislang so 
konsequent und haben den Stecker gezogen wie Soma.FM. Hier also ein kleines 
Interview mit Jon Buck von Dublab, dem sympathischen Radio aus der LA Zone, 
die mit Freeways auch eine sehr schöne Compilation gefeatured hatten und 
ständig jeden aus der Elektronika und Dubposse der grade in LA auflegt als 
Gast-DJs haben. Und wie erwartet, zeichnet er ein recht schwarzes Bild, das 
wohl auf einige der uns liebsten Webradios treffen dürfte.

DE:BUG: We would really like to know how you react to the decision on 
webcasting that got through today.

JON BUCK: We think it still sucks. We definately can't afford to pay all 
the fee's and don't think it's a fair ruling considering there is no % of 
revenue option. The fee's in question represent a mechanical license fee. 
One that is only in question because of a temporary cache of your computer 
while it passes threw your computer. This fee is 200-500% larger then the 
ASCAP,BMI and SESAC rates in question. Total BS!

DEBUG: What will be the amount you`ll have to pay more to these greedy riaa 

JON BUCK: It looks like we would owe over 5-15,000$ a year? We really 
aren't sure yet. But it's a hell of a lot more than we have ever made. And 
we are's just the industry is so young and we have little 

DEBUG: Can you afford that. Or don´t you have to pay that much because you 
dont play any RIAA stuff anyway?

JON BUCK: About 5-10% of the musicians we play are represented by the 
RIAA...and the fee's would be over 200% of our entire operating budget. 
Currently we operate on about 1,500 a month.

DEBUG: Will you be likely to stay online under these terms?

JON BUCK: No if it went down today and was set...we would be dead...unless 
someone came along and saved us.

DEBUG: Will you move to another country? And will the costs for the last 
years (i think it there is some talk about having to pay for the last 2 
years too) ruin you?

JON BUCK: I have no idea...I think we would look at our options but i'm not 
sure what would make the most sense for us?? Can we put our servers in your 
basement:)??? We won't tell anyone where they are:)
24.06.2002 - 18.34 Uhr

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