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Re: <nettime> artistic software for dummies

> - The highly rational way of life in such societies as the US, can go out
> of whack from time to time: one of the most convincing examples lies in
> the events of the 11th of September 2001. The growing conflict between
> East and West - which can be seen as a conflict between an extremely
> rationalised western society and the metaphysically oriented eastern one -

up to everyone to remake the world in his glass of beer as he feel it,
it's one of the nicest conquest of individualism and 'west culture', but
all the same let some beer for others & even for muslim, cause it is
question of them no in this est metaphor no, just for the simple raeson to
be grateful to have been the conservatoire of all ancient grec -& science-
during some centuries..er..& allah & algorithmus ! everybody just wonder
the fuck in which cul-de-basse-fosse aristotle & us would marinate right
know without them. plus, when you speak about 'rational' i wonder about
what you speak exactly..if form follow function and less is more &
etceteraz let to oussamaz the rational conciseness of esthetic of terorism
in a cutter line. and let to usa & russia & frankreich & england & co the
superational amount of 200 x the nukes necessary to blow up the solar
system. and when you speak of science i wonder the fuck about what you
speak exactly..except of technique and mass product. it's quite recent one
can't no more extract the science of techne you know, and in this lay
nearly all the modern metaphysical question, once upon a time the science
existed above all for the desir of 'understanding' and the will of 'its'
application juged quite 'suspect, dangerous'& socialy 'irational' (there
were some famous historical exemple)

principaly what is 'irrational' is the deal with irrational 'force' in
denying it ...well after all, all you want is to become some kind of
priests yourself, sure what you want is to forge a priest class, well kind
of arty clergy class with some weird computer as the scientologist has his
electric bull whatsit for taking all the arty grant as rhizome. well to
piss in our boots of web community of dummies in saying 'ho look it's
digitaly raining from above' ...er..but caught it. confiscated !

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