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Re: <nettime> murder [Graham, Holzer, Jwadmin, Robinson]

   murder - collated responses and links                                           
     Phil Graham <>                                     

   Re: <nettime> murder                                                            
     "Derek Holzer" <>                                          

   Re: <nettime> murder                                                            
     Keenan Jwadmin <>                                               

   Re: <nettime> murder                                                            
     Alex Robinson <>                                      


Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 00:55:46 +1000
From: Phil Graham <>
Subject: murder - collated responses and links

As promised, I have updated the murder page, putting links to collated responses 
which also contain other links to varied and conflicting reports of the 
event. As one correpondent put it, the controversy seems to turn on the 
question of whether the person executed had a bomb, and why the last 
picture of the robot was left out. Also, there is a question of whether it 
is video frames or photographs. The name in the original post appears to be 
incorrect. Regardless of whether there was a bomb, the person was 
restrained and his clothes removed prior to his being shot through the 
head. It is doubtful that shooting a person through the head will stop a 
bomb exploding. In fact it seems rather stupid to let off guns in the 
presence of an explosive device.

I'm sure there will be more about this. The page has been hit more than 300 
times in less than 24 hours.

This has to stop. Heiko Recktenwald says it reminds him of South Vietnam. 
It had the same effect on me. I remember as a child the footage of the 
south vietnamese officer shooting a bound young man through the head in the 
middle of a street.

Somehow, and for some reason unknown to me, these kinds of state-sponsored 
summary executions seem to me to be far more reprehensible in moral terms 
than do suicide bombing, regardless of the innocence or otherwise of the 
victims (I do not condone any form of violence). Perhaps someone can tell 
me why. There are mass murders being carried out at the moment in 
Palestine. There is a difference between "an eye for an eye", a stupid 
philosophy of "justice" in any case, and the logic of mass, state sponsored 
reprisals and summary executions which amount to the dismemberment of a 
perpetrator's civilization in response to the loss of a dozen teeth.

If you have visited the page recently you will of course have to refresh 
the page to get the new links and discussion page. There are many varying 
reports. We saw nothing of this in our media here in Australai. News here 
has degenerated into harmless tabloid entertainment. For example, the Queen 
Mother's death has taken up the media agenda here for most of the last two 

Best regards,

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Phil Graham
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UQ Business School

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Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 16:14:07 +0200
From: "Derek Holzer" <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> murder

Phil, et al,

This series of pictures was published (in Holland, at least), about 
two weeks ago in the Volkskrant, and I believe one other news 
daily. It was shot from an apartment overlooking a street where this 
scene took place. From what I recall of the text, the man in the 
picture was taken from a bus when other passengers reported he 
had a bomb. This series is missing the last picture which I saw 
published, in which a bomb-disposal robot is seen picking up the 
dead man's belt. A romantic-styled, photo-parlour image of this 
man taken before his death was also published in last weekend's 
Volkskrant, along with similar photos of other "martyrs". I wish that 
I could provide a link to the Volkskrant pictures, but I cannot right 
now. The text accompanying the pictures on your site (not yours, I 
assume) does seem a bit "inflamatory", and I suspect that the last 
picture in the series was removed to strengthen the impact of the 
rest. Regardless, summary execution is hardly a style of justice 
befitting a civilized, western nation, as Israel would like to make 
itself out to be. The series of images (truncated or not) stands as 
brutal testimony to the kind of desperate, "frontier-justice" being 
handed out to the Palestinians on a daily basis.



Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 00:46:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Keenan Jwadmin <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> murder


The killing of Mohammed Salah by Israeli police on 8 March 2002


Controversy over 'execution' pictures

Tom Keenan

> I am waiting to hear 
> specifics about its provenance. 


Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 23:27:24 +0100
From: Alex Robinson <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> murder

>>>>  provenance <<<<

I believe it's originally from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights


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