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<nettime> News on Woomera [benson x2]

     Tracey Benson <>                                        

   more news in woomera                                                            
     Tracey Benson <>                                        


Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 12:49:26 +1100
From: Tracey Benson <>
Subject: woomera

from melbourne indymedia

latest news from Woomera frontline at 2:12pm

                        just had phonecalls from people out there who are 
in the hardline/frontline. At about 2pm (15mins ago) a peaceful,
                        colourful, festive, trying to calm parade, was 
busted up. The 600 or so protestors were divided into two groups as half of
                        them went back to their camp which was/is being 
busted. Half of the group are at the front entrance to the restricted
                        area...paddy wagons are turning up as we speak and 
arrests are imminent. The road back to camp has been
                        roadblocked and so the groups are unable to 
regroup. Federal legalities are now becoming very relevant in blame
                        People are being asked to make it to Woomera if 
they can possibly get there, and id is being requested upon entry.
                        They are still letting people in to the camp but 
not out!!!!!!!!!!!
                        peace and solidarity


Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 12:52:05 +1100
From: Tracey Benson <>
Subject: more news in woomera

update from 3cr

                        currently there is a picket at the second fence of 
the woomera detention camp. They have been informed that they are in
                        an arrestable situation. They are giving toys to 
the detainees, and are flying balloons to show them the protestors are
                        still there.

                        500-600 trying to give toys, 100 in camp, and 
several hundred milling around.

                        The group at the fence are split into two groups, 
those at the second fence, and those at the first (non-arrestable
                        situation I gather from the interview)

                        They are facing off with the Australian Protective 
Services (APS), not the actual police (federal or state)

                        [from interview with Craig, on emily's phone, on 
3cr 855 am at 2:30 pm]

                        next update at 5pm, with legal and medical reps, 
and someone from the refugee action collective on the phone.

                        tune in for the word from the front line



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