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<nettime> Help Australians Organize Migration Politics Protest

(this weekend there is a very special demonstration coming
up in woomera, in the desert, thousands of kilometers away
from australia's major urban centres. there are an amazing
amount of people starting to make their way. nik will be
nettime's special reporter from there and he will send a daily
digest from woomera. /geert)

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Subject: Help Australians Organize Migration Politics Protest
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Help Australians Organize Migration Politics Protest

Help Australians Organize Migration Politics Protest
Join the Global Fax Jam by "Boat People" March 29, 2002


A government-sponsored xenophobia disaster is
enveloping Australia and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

In  contravention of UN conventions on refugees,
Australia incarcerates asylum seekers in detention
camps around the country, run for profit by American
private prison corporations. The suffering of the
imprisoned refugees, many of whom are children, is a
matter of record. Our government seems to believe that
we are so far away from everyone else that they can
ignore UN obligations without censure from the rest of
the world.

We call upon artists/activists everywhere to help us
agitate for change. Let the Australian government know
that the world IS watching.

On March 29, 2002 we are mobilizing across Australia and
your solidarity is requested. We ask you to send the
fax attached here to your closest Australian embassy,
and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. If
you have other things to add, please write them on the

Fax numbers for many embassies are at the end of this

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