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Re: <nettime> the dominion of nettime
     "wade tillett" <>
     bc <>
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From: "wade tillett" <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> the dominion of nettime
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 11:48:36 -0600

ok, tell me if this is an accurate summary:

you believe that a group of nettime people, i.e. the dark network,
broke into your computer and messed with your head as some sort of
sick artwork/joke, all the while surveilling you and sending emails
back and forth about how funny it was. and you believe perhaps this
was retribution for some article you wrote critiquing one/some of
them. also, they stole your info for their own use, in their articles
and against you.

but i guess the questions i have that were not answered in the post
what post do you believe started this, and why?
what proof do you have that surveillance/alteration happened?
what proof do you have of a nettime dark network?
who are these people?
(yet, i presume you do not know who these people are since you say
'unmask yourself')
what proof links this dark network to the surveillance/alteration?
why do you believe it to be nettime instead of the government as you
did previously?

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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 12:10:19 -0600
From: bc <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> the dominion of nettime

  a post will follow explaining this. i want to be careful with my
  words, as there are things i do not know, cannot know, and will
  not presume to know. and want to be clear about that. but then
  again, there are things i do know, that those who may know of
  some tricksterism may not know in the crowds,
  that is an overlap of the net.architecture establishment, which
  was out to either have my work, promoting open-source archi-
  tecture, submit to their authoritarian structure and theorism,
  and was willing to pay and have me at their champaige meetings,
  or be framed for its destruction, which is what has now happened.
  this same person is a proponent of friends of the top .eu architects
  who are trying to make a mindgrab into hacking and cracking their
  established cultural order, and so a major offensive is going on,
  and it is best that the artists realize this, the theorists, and also
  the architects. as it ain't' funny, no Sir, and there will be hell to
  pay, as they say, but money won't be what it costs: reputations.
  this person is also, if remembering, on the far left, 'how far do
  you want to rock the boat' i asked. 'i want it to turn over' said
  they. you know, connected with Empire crowd, straight to the
  commune, forget about the complexities of socialism and of the
  value of social ideas, just solidify the social structure and add
  it to the economic mix and there you have a final formation. it
  is going to be coming around the corner. keep eyes open. and if
  you do not know someone, consider any assumed trust of their
  intentions for supporting (and-or then killing) your work. it is
  happening. architecture is a hard-profession, one of the most
  elitist, conservative, and closest to the biggest powerbrokers
  and imagemakers, which is all that is going on in aestheticizing
  thought. a type of eugenics. fine in private, but as public truth
  there is something to be desired, and heretics are burning now
  at the stake, while people who should be conscious of this are
  laughing. being handled, i'd say, by the established order of
  control of the operations, of the way things do not work. so,
  a post about net.sabateurs in the mist may be arriving, some-
  hour, some-day, some-week, or maybe not. matters how well-
  connected these power schemers who are about anything but
  open ideas and democracy are interested in. if it is as corrupt
  as it could be (worst case, unlikely) this may not be written.
  but worth the chance, as there are a lot of cracks, over there
  on the left, over there on the right, and a straight shot through
  the center to the students of these despots of thought. this is
  not the dark ages, but it will be unless we work together to
  drop the egos and see our connections, in public, at the most
  basic level, and try to find common ground to work from. on
  the left, on the right, and most importantly in the center. and
  that center, in quantum logic, is paradox. it is impossible to
  reach in the old traditional order, the old Empire now rebuilding.

  people are being handled, manipulated, and to some, it is brutal.
  that thing Hardt stated he desired: barbarism. that is what is
  now happening, instead of the social capital. it is the old logic.
  it is death and killing and war and power and greed and control.

  don't trust me. think for yourself. hints are one thing, truth an-
  other. some know more about what is going on than i. but with
  enough puzzle pieces, it is time for people to stand together, as
  a major information assault from within academia is underway.

  hopefully it will be contained. peace and education and change will
  occur, all at chaos and battles will not be the result. but a phase
  change, a change of state, of conscience, of values, of common-
  goals, shared ideals, dreams, for people the world over, humans.

>ok, tell me if this is an accurate summary:

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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 13:08:00 -0600
From: bc <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> the dominion of nettime

  and a second note of clarification:

  i have been needing to write something (for about 9 months)
  about U.S. foreign (and domestic) policy, which is centrist,
  but not soft, in its analysis of events.

  it takes into account the roles of states beyond the perogative
  of the United States (of America), and posits the question of
  how things can be peacefull resolved if moving in the direction
  and with the dynamics at hand. how to take rubble and make
  architecture, in a humane redesign of the sitation: building it.

  this analysis would have included addressing issues related to
  and also including potential perspectives of:

  - ordinary peoples in various areas
  - people in institutuions of power
  - governments and industry

  - China
  - Russia
  - Non-Opec nation-states
  - Opec nation-states
  - Saudi Arabia in particular
  - Israel and Palestine

  - various forms of government and economics,
  including commnunism, democracies, and also
  that of capital, and social capital in particular.

  - the idea of evolution in terms of difference and-or
  mutatation allowing adaptation to changed circumstances

  - the role of energy in relation to state power

  - peaceful transformation through educational change

  - a differentiation between pubilc and private realms,
    to recontextualize contentious issues, such as religious
    belief, morality, rights.

  - a basic proposal for human rights, as the first and major
  step in all countries, regardless of governmental structures.

  yes, ideal to imagine there does not need to be war, or to be one of
  those who thinks their ideology should replace the prior one, that
  it all needs to be rebuilt again, but anew. only in part. some things
  do work. to be anti- this or pro- that is to be stuck in dialectics
  without logical compromise, right and wrong (or right and left).
  things have changed. we know more. and we should include more
  of the complexity in our analyses, if to be fair and objective. the
  world situation is a powder keg. and thanks to whoever is playing
  games with me, this small contribution to try to send out to others
  who may be able to do more with the same idea, in the sense of may-
  be offering an alternative to the precipice of world war, and civilian
  world wars, well, it is possible. funny, this was a question i asked
  NN but did not state in these terms. and i am not sure of the answer
  as afterwords this other thing began unravelling so fast, that there
  will be no way i can write this idea, which i have been contemplating
  for many many months, trying to find a way to write in an appropriate
  and peaceful way about things in a way that might otherwise get one
  in a bit of trouble. that is. walking into the ring of fire and surviving.

  oh, yes, and whatever antics have been going on, they've been in
  correlation to my work with Enron and US Energy Policy, much in
  advance of the revelations of deep corruption in that unfortunate
  but enlightening event. so, things are not exactly not dangerous
  when doing art, architecture, design, for peace and education.

  just needed to clarify this as i will not include it in my upcoming post.
  but this attempt to try to reframe the situation, well, it was stopped
  in its tracks becasue of these other things, which landed me in the E.R.
  a pain equivalent to having thumbs going into your eyeballs. and it is
  not able to go away. it is stress. all there is to do is take tranquilizers,
  and enough to make the pain stop makes my eyes shut and i only sleep.

  so i'd like to take this moment to thank those who were so generous
  in helping stop change, alternative approaches, open thinking, and
  sharing and working together. you have, well, as they say 'big balls',
  and that may be part of the problem, as this isn't about that. it is
  about human beings working together, in cooperationt to be able to
  live and co-exist and sustain, in the long-haul, as a common people
  yet with our unique cultural heritages. to peace, but first, this. bc

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