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Table of Contents:

   The European Graduate School                                                    
     "Paul D. Miller" <anansi1 {AT} earthlink.net>                                        

   AGORA 2002 ON CHILDREN MEDIA LITERACY  message 2                                
     "ALAS" <alas {AT} ath.forthnet.gr>                                                   

   Announcement of Experimental Party                                              
     US Department of Art & Technology <press {AT} usdept-arttech.net>                    

   /// 0100101110101101.ORG /// VOPOS                                              
     PROPAGANDA {AT} 0100101110101101.ORG                                                 

   read_me shortlist                                                               
     Olga Goriunova <og {AT} avia.formoza.ru>                                             

   *candy factory  {AT}  EDINBURGH                                                      
     KOGO <ga2750 {AT} i.bekkoame.ne.jp>                                                  

   To George Fifield, Curator of New Media.                                        
     "Ture Sjolander" <PerTure {AT} bigpond.com>                                          

   FW: Jake Day Declared on Wackenhut - april 1st                                  
     "rcam" <rcollins {AT} netlink.com.au>                                                

   "RhythmEngine" WEBSITE                                                          
     hidenori watanave <vzq01525 {AT} nifty.ne.jp>                                        

   Stream Yourself  ( Workshop - Online )                                          
     "Stream Yourself" <nfo {AT} streamyourself.org>                                      

   Xanadu Artists Society released webpage.                                        
     Yukihiko Yoshida <yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp>                                      


Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 06:02:22 -0500
From: "Paul D. Miller" <anansi1 {AT} earthlink.net>
Subject: The European Graduate School

Hey folks, this is a project I'm working on with folks like Jean
Baudrillard, John Waters and Slavoj Zizek etc etc it's a pretty
heavy/intense theory scene, and well, I just wanted to make sure the list
knows about it. Basically people show up at a remote region in Switzerland
and you hang out with various philosophers etc etc for a couple of weeks.
It's a pretty chilled out scene. Essentially it's a PHD program with some
of the more dynamic minds invoved with conteporary architecture,
philosophy, and media/design. And the degree is at the same level as
places like Yale etc etc It's kind of like the Black Mountain College
scene in the 1960's... If anyone is interested, just check out the
website. This year is already set up, but if anyone's interested for next
year, well... let me know.



Here's a brief blurb about the program:


The European Graduate School EGS Media and Communications program,
aiming at creative breakthroughs and theoretical paradigm shifts,
brings together master's and doctoral students with the visionaries and
philosophers of the media world who teach about art, media,
communications, film, internet, web and cyberspace studies from a
cross-disciplinary perspective.

Our faculty includes, Giorgio Agamben, Chantal Akerman, Pierre
Aubenque, Alain Badiou, Jean Baudrillard, Yve-Alain Bois, Victor
Burgin, Tracey Emin, Christopher Fynsk, Peter Greenaway, Donna Haraway,
Martin Hielscher, David Lynch, Jean-Fran=E7ois Lyotard=DD, Paul D. Miller
a.k.a. Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid, Carl Mitcham, Jean-Luc Nancy,
Jochen Poetter, Avital Ronell, Wolfgang Schirmacher, Michael Schmidt,
Sandy Stone, Fred Ulfers, Gregory Ulmer, Victor J. Vitanza, Hubertus
von Amelunxen, John Waters, Samuel Weber, Siegfried Zielinski, and
Slavoj Zizek.

The comprehensive program of the European Graduate School EGS is
distinguished by the cordial interaction of eminent faculty members
with students who are the best of the cybergeneration. A true
international mix, they are outstanding college graduates as well as
filmmakers, artists, web designers, computer programmers, college
instructors, writers, actors, photographers, theater directors,
teachers, journalists, graphic designers, musicians, critics, and

The selection process of the Media and Communications program at the
European Graduate School EGS is stringent and personal. We consider
only fiercely independent students who work well within a program
combining distance learning, studies and limited residency in Saas-Fee,
Switzerland. Our students are expected to choose their own emphasis and
area of concentration as supported by their Master's and Doctoral /PhD
thesis / project. The language of instruction is English.=20


"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are f=

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


wildstyle access: www.djspooky.com

Paul D. Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

Subliminal Kid Inc.

Office Mailing Address:

Music and Art Management

245 w14th st #2RC NY NY=20


- --============_-1196105147==_ma============--


Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 15:38:28 +0200
From: "ALAS" <alas {AT} ath.forthnet.gr>

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forwarded by ALAS-Athens Digital Culture Organization =
alas {AT} ath.forthnet.gr
and ''e-phos'' festival www.filmart.gr

apologies for cross posting

AGORA 2002
Athens, Greece  15-18 June

The Annual Regional Mediterranean Summit

opportunities for investements and synergies
contact  management {AT} ectc.gr
Preliminary program at http://www.3rd-ws.org/agora2002/

In the heart of the Mediterranean basin AGORA becomes from this year an
Annual Mediterranean Summit and attracts children's media professionals,


Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 10:59:28 -0500
From: US Department of Art & Technology <press {AT} usdept-arttech.net>
Subject: Announcement of Experimental Party

US Department of Art & Technology
PO Box 32265 Washington, DC
press {AT} usdept-arttech.net

Press Secretary
For Immediate Release:  March 13, 2002

US Department of Art & Technology
Announces Experimental Party

Washington, DC. - On April 13th at the Thaw 2002 Festival of Video, FIlm,
and Digital Media in Iowa City, Iowa - the heartland of the nation and a
hotbed of American politics - the US Department of Art & Technology will
announce the formation of a new artist-based political party, heralding a
new era for the nation. The party will be officially named the
Experimental Party - the "party of virtualization" - to be built on the
inherent strength of the artists' message.

"There is no stopping the Experimental movement," said Randall M.  
Packer, Secretary of the US Department of Art & Technology and National
Co-chair of the newly formed Experimental Party Steering Committee. "The
new Experimental Party of the United States of America is an artist-driven
caucus from which will fuel the momentum against the corporatization of
media that is building on a global scale."

The US Department of Art & Technology has decided to form the Experimental
Party in order to activate citizens across the country in its effort to
bring the artists' message to center stage of the political process.
According to Packer, "This is a great political awakening, 'Representation
Through Virtualization' is the major political thrust of the Experimental
Party, it is the driving force."

"In making this announcement in America's heartland, the Experimental
Party is working for the things that will make a positive difference in
the lives of average citizens, " Secretary Packer said. "We are working
towards new ways of thinking, freedom of association, and extreme states
of subjective experience. We propose an end to corporate control of mass
media, so that a new century is spared new horrors of CNN - the issue
Americans should care most about."

At the University of Iowa, Packer will announce a two-part strategy to
build the party in the coming years.

(1) The Experimental Party intends to recruit and support viable artists
who will virtualize both Republicans and Democrats at every level of
government. The party will subject these two parties to artistic forces of
appropriation, virtualization, and transformation.

(2) The Experimentalists will aggressively register new members across the
country to create a party that will truly engage the voter, to catalyze
the artist's need to extend aesthetic inquiry into the broader culture
where ideas become real action.

Packer's announcement, scheduled for 12:00 PM at the Shambaugh Auditorium
at the University of Iowa, will be open for press coverage. The speech
will be taped for delayed broadcast over Tel-SPAN, the telematic
broadcasting channel of the US Department of Art & Technology. Throughout
the day, Packer will be available for questions and for the recruitment of
party members.

The Department's "Media Deconstruction Kit" Preview will also be on view
at the University of Iowa Art Museum. The "Media Deconstruction Kit"
seemlessly integrates data, analytics, theory, electronic art, virtual
reality and straight through processing in a single, extraordinarily
robust and complete solution delivered in real-time to the desktop,
gallery, artist studio, or outdoor media sculpture.

Media representatives may cover this event upon presentation of either (1)
a US Government-issued identification card (Department of State, White
House, Congress, Department of Art and Technology, or Foreign Press
Center), (2) a photo ID issued by the employing media organization, or (3)
a letter on official letterhead from their news organization verifying
their employment as a journalist, accompanied by an official photo ID
(drivers' license or passport).

URLs: US Department of Art & Technology: http://www.usdept-arttech.net
Tel-SPAN: http://www.usdept-arttech.net/tel-span Thaw 2002:

Contact: Press Secretary of the US Department of Art & Technology
press {AT} usdept-arttech.net

# 01-096


Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 22:32:43 +0100
From: PROPAGANDA {AT} 0100101110101101.ORG
Subject: /// 0100101110101101.ORG /// VOPOS

/// PROPAGANDA /// HTTP://WWW.0100101110101101.ORG ///

>>> Jan 2002
>>> 0100101110101101.ORG / VOPOS

The telephone, satellites and the Internet: "VOPOS" exploits and merges
three kinds of net. The two members of 0100101110101101.ORG are the cell
under control. They wear a GPS transmitter that sends, through a cell
phone, its co-ordinates to a website: HTTP://WWW.0100101110101101.ORG. A
software draws on a digital geographic map the exact position in which
they reside, establishing a path that traces all the movements of the
cell under control.

The Global Positioning System (or GPS) is a collection of satellites
owned by the U.S. Government. GPS receivers on the earth's surface
listen in on the information received from three to twelve satellites
and, from that, determine the precise location of the receiver, as well
as how fast and in what direction it is moving. Some GPS receivers have
been integrated into mobile radios, cellular phones and mobile data
terminals. In the next future they will probably be installed on each
vehicle and miniaturized to the point of being wearable.

"VOPOS" represents the second stage of a wider project, "GLASNOST",
started on 2000, that consists on monitoring and making public, in real
time, the biggest quantity of data concerning an individual in the
actual society. With the first stage, "life_sharing",
0100101110101101.ORG started giving every Internet user free 24-7 access
to their computer: programs, system, desktop, archives, tools, ongoing
projects and even private mail are all public. "life_sharing" radically
challenges the concept of intellectual property and explores the
contradictions of privacy in the era of information technology.

0100101110101101.ORG is trying to give an account of how vast amounts of
personal information are moving into corporate hands, where they can be
developed into electronic profiles of individuals and groups that are
potentially far more detailed and intrusive than the files built up in
the past by state police and security agencies. 0100101110101101.ORG
reveals how ordinary citizens are losing control of the information
about them that is available to anyone who can pay for it.


>>> Feb 2002
>>> 0100101110101101.ORG / Negativland: What's this noise?

Jan 2001 / Jan 2002 - One year anniversary of life_sharing: The
experimental-music and art collective known as Negativland features one
month of 0100101110101101.ORG's phone conversations recordings in a song:

          >>> What's this noise? <<<

Download now:


Negativland: Since 1980 Negativland have been creating records, video,
radio, web sites and live performance using appropriated sound, image
and text. Taken mostly from corporately owned mass culture, Negativland
re-arranges these bits and pieces to make them say things they never
intended to. In doing this kind of cultural opposition and "culture
jamming" (a term coined by Negativland in 1984), Negativland have been
sued twice for copyright infringement and have, since 1991, been
aggressively and publicly involved in advocating a significant reform of
this nations copyright laws.

# Anything has been said about this renegade cyber-entity,
# accused of being "simple thief", dubbed as "media dandy"
# and "cultural terrorists" or, simply, "shit".
# 0100101110101101.ORG is the author of some of the most 
# perfect media exploits of the last years, such as the 
# creation and diffusion, at the opening of the 49th 
# Venice Biennial, of the computer virus "biennale.py" or 
# the memorable theft of the art gallery Hell.com.

/// PROPAGANDA /// HTTP://WWW.0100101110101101.ORG ///


Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 19:39:23 +0200
From: Olga Goriunova <og {AT} avia.formoza.ru>
Subject: read_me shortlist

read_me 1.2
artistic software / artistic software games


the jury of artistic software festival read_me 1.2 has selected the nominees:

(in alphabetical order)

"Carnivore"" by RSG http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me/now/7/

"DeskSwap" by Mark Daggett http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me/now/6/

"Portret of President" by Vlad http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me/now/37/

"Re (ad.htm" by mez breeze http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me/now/71/

"Screen Saver" by Eldar Karhalev / Ivan Khimin

"Textension" by Joshua Nimoy http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me/now/4/

"TraceNoizer" by LAN http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me/now/58/

"WinGluck Builder" by CooLer http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me/now/27/


read_me 1.2 will take place in Moscow on 18-19 of May

read_me 1.2 explores the meanings of "program," "programming," "media
space," and other poorly understood concepts. What are new media art strategies?
What does Open Source do? Work gets made: how? 

There are more than seventy works submitted, from Australia, Hungary, Austria, Latvia,
France, Slovakia, the U.K., Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Poland,
Russia, Yugoslavia, the U.S., and elsewhere.

organizer: Macros-Center, Petrovka, 28/2
tel. (095) 200 1808, fax (095) 921 9291, http://www.macros-center.ru

location: DOM Cultural Center, B.Ovchinnikovski per. 24 / 4
tel. (095) 953 7236, 953 7242, http://www.dom.com.ru


Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 17:37:53 +0000
From: KOGO <ga2750 {AT} i.bekkoame.ne.jp>
Subject: *candy factory  {AT}  EDINBURGH

*candy factory  {AT}  EDINBURGH
21st March 2002

Dear all
*candy factory projects is taking a place here at new media Scotland from
21st March 2002 through one cultural exchange project for Japan and Scotland
, part 2 of art works in domestic spaces titled "Art in The Home"
 But our works will be shown at the street from Collective Gallery in
21-24,29-31 MARCH 2001- 7:00-0:00 even for homeless people
broadcasting non broad casting time of a TV studio in Yamaguchi Japan titled
Also an old department store here in Edinburgh now on CLEARANCE SALE.

For more Art in your home , here you can check more non-broad casting view
from EBC program " WHY " from Seoul Korea .
Re-installed WIN.EXE with OLA PEHRSON , he took old icon of windows folder ,
Also re mixed domestic boredom in UK about one TV program MY DAD SEDUCED MY

More web project will be soon here

Takuji KOGO

   takujikogo {AT} mac.com
   ga2750 {AT} i.bekkoame.ne.jp


*candy factory

Re:move/ *candy factory


Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 22:11:46 +1100
From: "Ture Sjolander" <PerTure {AT} bigpond.com>
Subject: To George Fifield, Curator of New Media.

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Early Video Project and the Experimental Television Center  on the Net,  =
will loose the face and the credibility after  this information:




But thats life !

Ture Sjolander

- ------=_NextPart_000_008C_01C1C880.91532940


Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 00:07:39 +1100
From: "rcam" <rcollins {AT} netlink.com.au>
Subject: FW: Jake Day Declared on Wackenhut - april 1st

[Wackenhut is the global incarceration company of which Australasian
Correctionals Management is the subsidiary which runs all onshore Australian
internment camps, organises deportation, etc.  sf.indymedia is the San
Fransisco indymedia site.  A.]


Jake Day declared on Wackenhut
by (:þ) • Monday March 11, 2002 at 07:55 PM

This April the first the Discordian community will be serving a Jake to
Wackenhut, one of the largest (in)Security Companies in the world. This is
specifically in coordination with the upcoming protest over Easter

This April the first the Discordian community will be serving a Jake to
Wackenhut, one of the largest (in)Security Companies in the world. This is
specifically in coordination with the upcoming protest over Easter, outside
one of their "Detention" facilities at Woomera in the Australian desert,
where refugees are kept like animals awaiting the whim of Phillip Ruddock
(Minister for Cruelty). For more info: http://www.woomera2002.com/

For the uninitiated, Jake Day involves sending various forms of communique
(fax, telephone, mail, email etc) of a fun, or prankish manner to the
organisation concerned. The emphasis is on fun and humour rather than mere

For instance a large number of enquiries to Wackenhut asking whether they
sell disposable handcuffs in designer colours or peach scented capsicum
spray. Or a swathe of applications to work there from fictitious & fanciful
entities (eg Hermann Goering making an application for a security position &
his qualifications). Or a variety of amusing complaints from mythical groups
(eg Citizens for Normalcy complaining that Wackenhut has not been
suppressing UFO information adequately). Whatever YOU think might be fun...

[More info via the sf.indymedia link above]


Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 03:14:46 +0900
From: hidenori watanave <vzq01525 {AT} nifty.ne.jp>
Subject: "RhythmEngine" WEBSITE

hello nettimers,

we opened the official site of a project of spatial communication tool with
$B!H(JMusic$B!I(J and $B!H(Jvisual effects$B!I(J over the network.


please download and play it.

- ------------------

RhythmEngine$B!I(J (REg) is a project of spatial communication tool with $B!H(JMusic$B!I(J
and $B!H(Jvisual effects$B!I(J over the network. The new communication tool, $B!H(JREg$B!I(J
proposes an ideal way of new un-simultaneous communication to the current
web-world where mainly $B!H(Jexchanging words$B!I(J on $B!H(J real time$B!I(J is getting
more focused. The world of web used to be based on un-simultaneous
communication as e-mail communication indicates of its method for instance.
Broad-band-ization in recent years tends to promote to pursuing of
simultaneity (Real-time) connection. The communication tool is switching
from the e-mail to messenger. However, real-time communication is pursued
how hard, the delay never becomes zero. Moreover, does the difference of
$B!H(Jdelay$B!I(J of a 2milli-second or a 1milli-second have significance so much?

In Japan, we discover or give stories within the trees, shrubs, the roadside
stones and so on$B!D(J to recall or visualize the past, and also leaves the
sentiment to someone in the future. The culture, which uses $B!H(Jthe material
such as stones$B!I(J as a catalyst to tell $B!H(Jthe sentimental emotion$B!I(J at
interval of times, has been cultivated from ancient times. Encounters of the
human and conversations could be happened in heart even across time and

Endless pursuing of convenience conceives some danger of producing a savage
world. We now should re-appraise furthermore about the potential of the web,
which gives us the connection with others beyond time and location.

Moreover, looking back in the history of communication, message only could
tell by verbal, songs or gesture at ancient times and the message exceeds
times and generation with this way. Development of the printing technology
made carving messages on material possible. However, on the other hand, we
wonder if the rich expressiveness and emotional feeling from $B!H(Jsound$B!I(J and
$B!H(Jgesture$B!I(J are not impaired.

We propose $B!H(Jun-simultaneous communication$B!I(J and $B!H(Jmusic and image
communication$B!I(J which has rich emotion through the $B!H(JRhythmEngine$B!I(J. 


Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 23:43:30 +0100
From: "Stream Yourself" <nfo {AT} streamyourself.org>
Subject: Stream Yourself  ( Workshop - Online )

 -> un e-space experimental en mouvement
Streamyourself est une scène ouverte audio-vidéo sur le web qui se déroulera
depuis "La chaufferie",
Galerie de l'Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg.

Ouvert aux étudiants de l'ESAD et aux artistes invités de La Friche à Feu  :
de vendredi à 21h jusqu'à...
et de samedi de 14h jusqu'à...

au hasard de quelques pauses...
et oui peut-être aussi de quelques désagréments techniques...

- -> Pour vous connecter : http://www.streamyourself.org

Dispositif et workshop proposés par laboiteblanche & Carl.Y

avec le soutien du CICV

Dans le cadre de La Friche à Feu


Stream Yourself -> Experimental e-space on the move
Streamyourself is an open audio-video scene on the web that will be
happening from "La chaufferie", Gallery of Ecole supérieure des arts
décoratifs de Strasbourg.

Open to ESAD students and invited artists of La Friche à Feu (fired fallow
land) :
from friday 9PM (french time) til ...
and saturday from 2PM (french time) til...

Breaks of all kinds may occur...

- -> Connect yourself to : http://www.streamyourself.org

Device and workshop proposed by laboiteblanche & Carl.Y

with the support of CICV

In the context of La Friche à Feu


Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 00:40:15 +0900
From: Yukihiko Yoshida <yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp>
Subject: Xanadu Artists Society released webpage.

Dear lists,

Takuji Tokiwa and Yukihiko YOSHIDA started the project,"Xanadu Artists Society".

Xanadu Artisits Society released webpage.
The url is in the following:


Our page have related link as Xanadu Related Project from
Xanadu Australia (http://www.xanadu.com.au/).

Here is brief profile from our webpage :
(Please check out our webpage.)
XaS was born in June/2001
XaS have started as little but long project with mission.
(As you know, GNU Project began as little but long project in 20th Century)

[Our Vision]

equality / no hierarchy
universal / not like "OTAKU"
new imagination of (art) world
TrasCopyright and MicroPayment<br>
No copy / Original
respect for each others 
General / not sub-culture.It is not high culture,too. Be general

The world has already been full-digital.Be full xanalogical.

"Xas - Xanadu Shared
Xas is for share the art work for other artist as data, and getting new
knowledge between community members.
Basic role of XaS:
The artist who join the Xas, could use each other's work with respect for
his work, but the work must be opened on the XaS list with some data."<br>
by Takuji TOKIWA

[Short Term Mission]
We will relaese codes with simple HTML as fist step,little by little.

[Long Term Mission]
We build up the concept and art work under Xanalogical Paradigm.<br>
Can this project be origin of staring local branches on Project Xanadu,for example  Xanadu Austlaria (already exists),Xanadu France,Xanadu China, Xanadu Japan and etc, in every countries and languages ? 

[Exhibitions/Concerts/Performances etc]

We express ourselves under Xanalogical Paradigm.

very Best Wishes from TOKYO


Yukihiko YOSHIDA

Petition:Martha Graham is still in danger/

3 Elements of the world:   Joy / Fun / Love
- --Yuk;-)iko YOSHIDA
Yukihiko YOSHIDA
Artist/Systems Humanist/Generalist
Keio University,Graduate School for Media and Governance
Japanese Society for Dance Research
World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific /WDA-AP
  --Research and Documentation Network

Electoric Frontier Foundation:a member

Project Xanadu : working as an assistant
<Personal Projects:>
The moderator of Dance Mailing List:
Xanalogical Artists Society -- We Fight on ! --
e-mail address : yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp
                 yukihiko {AT} xanadu.net
webpage: http://www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~yukihiko/
closest fax number: <:none>
current BGM:<pizzicato five>
Travel Path:<none>
currnet physical location:<fujisawa.kanagawa/Tokyo/JPN>
current physical status: < happy sad >
current GPS Coordinates:<.>
Citizen of World
PGP Key <finger yukihiko {AT} sfc.keio.ac.jp>
trans(c) Yukihiko Yoshida 2002

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