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<nettime> 3 Suggestions For A News Diet

Taken without permission from an article by Marco Visscher, "Wijsheid is
geen nieuws" ("Wisdom is No News"), in *Ode*, Rotterdam, #44, March
2002, http://www.ode.nl

Three Suggestions For a "News Diet" (detox program):

1) Never read today's paper, always yesterday's. This will automatically
lead to a certain distance.

2) Never watch the news on television, but watch it half an hour later
on video tape instead. You will find you'll skip over the uninteresting
bits, and that the sum total of news you watch will drop. (Bonus tip:
With everything the news reader says, ask yourself aloud, "Oh, is that

3) (Advanced technique) Once a week, put your newspaper aside
immediately. Do not use for litter box. Do not read; stick to reading
yesterday's paper during the rest of the week. Read the extra paper only
after two (or three, or four) weeks. You will find that many articles
have become redundant or are simply boring. You will have missed

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