Michael Benson on Sun, 17 Mar 2002 10:35:10 +0100 (CET)

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RE: <nettime> mailing list monoculture in one easy step

I was very sorry to receive that monoculture mail. Grief or extreme sorrow
may be going a bit far, but not genuine chagrin; I'm none too pleased with
myself about this outgoing mail either. For some it's hard to say a simple
'I'm sorry,' and I regret to say for me it ain't so; I'm regretful and full
of a sense of humiliation, shame, beans, etc. about it all. Please accept my
expression of regret, you know what I mean, in the same way that the Chinese
finally stooped to accept the official envelope (signed, sealed, on heavy
paper, etc) filled with US "regret" that their spy-vs-spyplane was
unfortunate enough to crash -- whoops -- into the much slower, twin
turbo-prop US version of the same, which (very regrettably) then had no
choice but to land, sorrowfully, trailing smoke, on Chinese territory. It
was a bad and regrettable situation, though not as much as, for example, the
US's mistaken -- whoops -- trashing by aerial bombardment of the Chinese
Embassy in Belgrade the other year, where a full-tilt, nearly grovelling
"We're very, very, VERY sorry, please believe it" was officially issued into
the airwaves by the State Department. At any rate, there's no doubt that a
sense of sorrow and regret hangs heavily, even apologetically, in the air.
I'm gonna cross-post this just in case you didn't get the message, you'll
have to take it and like it.

Cheers, MB 

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