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<nettime> Indymedia Italy Press Release

(this one bwo bristol.indymedia)

Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 14:14:26 -0800 (PST)


The social center TPO in Bologna: YOU COULD ALSO KEEP THEM 

Yesterday 7 the of March we got back the materials confiscated by the
police the 20th of February, during the police attack to the presumed
Indypendent Media center around Italy.

police forces confiscated computers, videotapes, documents, photos of all
sorts in the social center TPO in Bologna,

In the release from seizure, we verified that:

-computers were damaged, with external signs due to violent transport -
computer's hardisks were taken, so copied. Some of them are broken -papers
and audio-visual equipments are now unsalable

Indymedia Italy and the TPO of Bologna announce that they will consult
experts to verify and denounce the damages.

We take act of the conclusion of a useless confiscation. Useless because
the materials were public. To access it, wasn't needed an act of
confiscation, but a mandate. A harmful confiscation: for two weeks it
stopped the activities of dozens of people. An ineffective confiscation,
if the intention was the one of intimidating us.

Indymedia Italy together with radio Onda Rossa will organize RECLAIM THE
MEDIA: Saturday 16th of March, a SOUND-MEDIA PARADE for the freedom of
expression. We call for everybody to reclaim their visibility, trying to
communicate with the most various instruments. We welcome banners, massive
sticking up of posters, video-projections, reading of poetries, graffiti,
performances, hot-air balloons, clowneries, cabaret, acrobatics,
orgies..... INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE FREE contacts

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