N Jett on Fri, 8 Mar 2002 12:23:35 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Internet Voting Abolished?

I've tried signing up before and had a terrible experience dealing with 
them. They didn't mail me my access code, the form to request a new code did 
not work. The emails I sent all bounced. Eventually they sort of fixed the 
form (it stopped giving errors and instead became extremely slow) so I 
eventually got an access code. But guess what, the code they sent me was not 
valid! I sent them an email informing them of this and asking them a few 
questions, which didn't bounce but of course they didn't reply to it... I 
also requested another access code using their form but by this point my 
original request to sign up had expired because I didn't log in before the 
cut off date so they wouldn't send me a new one. I sent another email 
explaining the situation and never received a response, after that I gave up.
It is my personal suspicion that much of this was intentional, they had to 
know their @Large system did not function. I know for a fact that I am not 
the only one who experienced these problems. I did everything I could to 
participate, but I was still excluded from what was ostensibly a 
"democratic" process.
I have given up on participating in ICANN because of these experiences. I am 
not sure of what should replace them or if/how they should be reformed, but 
as things are now ICANN is, at best, an incompetent organization.

Nigel Jett

>Do you want to keep the right to vote for directors of ICANN, the body
>that manages domains and IP addresses (and interferes through
>trademark issues with free speech..., manages a cartel...)? Then,
>please, sign up at
>It is free.
>If enough people sign up, it will be more difficult for ICANN to do

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