Ricardo Bello on Sun, 3 Mar 2002 03:35:07 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Venezuelan Politics x2 [Brian Holmes]

The article on Venzuela must be a new version of pop-art. Chavez´s
government is the most corrupt and desastrous regime I have seen I my
whole life. Venezuela oil´s company, once one of the most succesful of the
world, is on the verge of bankrupcy. Moody have downgrade the country
economy several time since Chavez won the presidency and unenployment is
rampant today. But above all, Chavez managed to divided the country. We
were one of the most peaceful countries in Latin America (no
dictatorships, terrorism or endless guerrilla warfare) and now we walk on
the brink of civil war and menace of coup d´etat every three days from
angry generals. He believed that the Pandora Box of hate should be open
and he stood behind his word.  Who will close it now, who can close it?

I don´t believe Chavez must be removed by firing even a single shot. He
must go out peacefully and he will go, peacefully. He would love a war, he
would love dying like a martir. I wont stand such paranoical stand on
venezuela´s politics. Marxist never approved free press, their attack on
media comes as nothing new.

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