Alan Sondheim on Sun, 10 Feb 2002 00:45:08 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Vector, Site, Event

Karl Kraus, somewhere said I thought, In the beginning was plagiarism.
Then I thought he said, In the beginning there was no plagiarism. But I
revert to the first, another aphorism.

"We no longer have roots, we have aerials." The comma separates what might
be an apposition; we might have had a semicolon or colon. But a comma
emphasizes the wave - radio or otherwise - traveling through the roots.

Aspens share roots. Creosote rings can be 12000 years old. Some bamboos
grow rhizomatically. With all of these, how can one date, age?

But roots imply dating/aging/origins. Aerials - not antennas, which seem
more specific, tuned to specific bandwidths of the electromagnetic
spectrum (for example) - cover rooftops at crazy, beserk (re beserkers run
amuck, anglo-saxon) angles - there are shuttered/shattered/shuddered flows
among them, askew interferences, ghost images on the television, static on
the radio, dangerous lightnings, leakages. Think of them as broadband,
allband, like those thermionic units in the 20s that healed by radio but
blasted across spectra, were finally outlawed.

Aerials is perfect - collusion, clotting of information - coagulation into
barely recognizable forms, usages -

Thought proceeds by the aphorism, gathers in the eddies of the delcarative

Or one might think from particle to wave, root-particle, C:\ or \ to the
flux of Ballardic dying machines. Or information that doesn't crawl
across/through the Ground, floats and dissembles - what I used to call,
based on fractal Cantor dusts - radiation-dusts. -


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