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<nettime> Re: MPEG-4 Goes Pay-Per-View (fwd)


>It's been pointed out that many small Web sites have essentially been
>driven out of business by their own popularity -- as rising hits = more
>use of bandwidth = big bill$$$$
>Well, now it gets worse.  MPEG LA, the holding firm that manages patent
>rights for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, has announced their new licensing terms for
>Of particular interest are new pay-per-stream and pay-per-encoded- copy
>fees that the content distributor has to pay (quoted below):

Which makes the development of DivX;) and any other work Project Mayo
<http://www.projectmayo.com/> are working on even more pressing and
critical.  Let's wish them luck, and hope that a true streaming version of
DivX;) isn't too far away.




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