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<nettime> enroniana digest [funny money, home movies]
bc on Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:17:26 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> enroniana digest [funny money, home movies]

bc <human {AT} electronetwork.org>
     Enron's funny money
     Enron's Home Movies

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Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 19:10:22 -0600
From: bc <human {AT} electronetwork.org>
Subject: Enron's funny money

  [this is an Enron artifact up for auction at ebay. ironic in many ways,
  from the signing of the banknotes by kenneth lay and jeffery skillings
  (where Presidents or Treasurer's names usually belong), or within the
  twised 'In Enron we Trust', the icono of 'being smart' on the cover, ie
  einstein, to the world trade towers on the back of the million dollar bill.
  a feast for cultural interpretation. videos mentioned in a previous post
  were immediately taken down from Enron's website; still developing...]

>>>>  	EBay.com auction description	>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ENRON - Rare Million Dollar Bill with World Trade Center

"ENRON RARE Mint Condition Million-Dollar Bill with New York City skyline
  including the World Trade Center. NOT INTENDED TO BE INSENSITIVE. This
Bill was made in 1998 for internal promotional use only. NOT LEGAL TENDER.
The front sports the Enron Corp "Crooked E" logo in full color. The rest of
the bill is in traditional money green. The top of the bill states: "SAVINGS
THROUGH INNOVATION". The mug shot is of Albert Einstein for his innovative
  thinking well beyond his time. Listed as printed in Houston, TX by the
  Department of Energy Savings. Signed by both Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling.
Top Center on the back it reads: "IN ENRON WE TRUST." You will find the
"Crooked E" logos on both the right and the left with the New York City
skyline including the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. It is
assumed that the New York City skyline was chosen as it is the worlds
center of Trade and Commerce.

This bill was never approved for use by the promotion at Enron. Printed well
before the WTC attacks and not to be associated with the attacks in any way.
Very few were made. A definite collectors item."

PAYPAL or Postal Money Order preferred. Allow 10 days for checks to 
clear. Payment must be made within 7 days of auction close or item 
will be relisted.





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democratic energy policy by and for humans worldwide
list sponsored by openflows.org

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Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 20:06:36 -0600
From: bc <human {AT} electronetwork.org>
Subject: Enron's Home Movies

  [wrote to nettime a few days ago about the Enron TV advertisements still
  being available online. sure enough, within hours, they went offline, and the
  page is 'not found' as are the files. luckily, downloaded the movies to disk,
  for educational purposes, as there was one movie in particular (the last/5th)
  which was prescient to what has occurred since the 2000 US election night
  when it aired on national television. so, have put these files online at a few
  sites, please take a looksee at the _main_ site, and please download and re-
  distribute (for educational purposes only) the content, as it needs 
to be in the
  public domain, given the givens, such that US energy policy and the US Energy
  Task force is becoming a key issue (ie, non-starter) for changing the outcome
  of accountability, beyond money, and into power brokering at the 
highest levels.]



**** for EDUCATIONAL FAIR-USE ONLY.... 2oo2 ****

  Enron's e-shredded tv commercials available at the following locations:

  main:		http://www.electronetwork.org/enronomics/
  secondary:	http://home.earthlink.net/~aetherica/
  partial mirror:	http://us.architexturez.net/

[from Enron's website on advertising why-campaign, immediately taken offline
  as of 1/26/2002, after publicly posting that the TV commercials were 
still online...]

See the LAST MOVIE for a most disturbing correlation to the Enron case today...
YOU CAN HELP by SAVING (and renaming) the movies and creating MIRRORs to
keep this information in the public domain, away from the powerful private
shredders of truth...

[quote from Enron's WHY ad-campaign webpage]

There is a very simple question
behind our advertising campaign.

It is a small word...
but it can bring years
of conventional assumptions
to a jarring halt.

Find out how we're changing
the way industries think.

Discover the power of WHY

[ENRON TV Commercials 2000-2001/Windows Media & QuickTime videos]

#1   Why. It can bring years of conventional assumptions to a jarring halt.

30 seconds (1.5M Windows Media)
/ mirror 1 / mirror 2 /

[DESCRIPTION: WHY commercial using a philosophical bent to convey
'because'.  Interesting aspects of commercial, one being the use of sign
language, starting with the signed letter "W", the three fingered salute
used by George W. Bush in his election campaign, then, in a staccato of
images, the letters 'H' and 'Y' in turn. Also, world-class architect Frank
Gehry's "Fred & Ginger" building in Germany is used as a symbol of the
power of WHY, quite ironic in that insider-trading and aesthetic
smokescreen's pervade the global arts ands humanities.]

{QUOTE: (typical marketing foo-fah which needs to be seen to be perceived, but
the ending has this gem of a quote:) "Most innovative company in America.
-FORTUNE Magazine. FORTUNE Magazine's Most Admired Companies Survey."
(followed by the closing icon) "ENRON. ask why."}

#2    It's how we are changing the way industries think.

30 seconds (1.6M Windows Media)
/ mirror 1 / mirror 2 /

[DESCRIPTION: Man in locked metal suit in city, like tin-man in Wizard of Oz,
symbolic to the well-known tale of illusory power.]

{QUOTE: "Keep asking why... It is just the most critical question there is. We
inheret some ideas that are unnecessary. We have to jetison that excess 
baggage, in order to make progress. ... You can't really live without 
questioning why"}

#3   Enron has created the market to buy and sell bandwidth.

30 seconds (1.6M Windows Media)
30 seconds (5M QuickTime Mac)

[DESCRIPTION: creating bandwidth as a market commodity, compared to 


#4    EnronOnline has created an open, transparent marketplace.

60 seconds (3.1M Windows Media)
30 seconds (1.6M Windows Media)
/ mirror 1 / mirror 2 /

[DESCRIPTION: blind humans in mice costumes with business suits in the maze of
the city with canes and seeing eye dogs]

{QUOTE: "Enron Online will change the markets for many many commodities, it
is creating an open, transparent marketplace that replaces the dark blind
system that existed. It is real simple: you turn on your computer and it's
right there - and if you want to do business, you push the button."}



#5    Enron has created a new market to protect revenue against 
unfavorable weather.

60 seconds (3.3M Windows Media)
30 seconds (1.6M Windows Media)
/ mirror 1 / mirror 2 /

[DESCRIPTION: commercial aired in California on the US Presidential
Election night.  Along with others. It shows a CEO who has to break
bad-news to its shareholders, who is then turned into a state-fair shooting
duck. Enron is predictable, the opposite of this situation. Although it has
been stated that in 2000 people knew that things were unraveling in the
company along these lines...]

{QUOTE: "Welcome analysts, this was a challenging fiscal year for the
company--" (says CEO in bathroom rehersal). (shareholders take their
seats)...  (still in bathroom, the CEO continues...) "-due to unpredictable
weather, earnings are down." (antacid- like medicine is put into
wine-glass, next to prescription bottles of pills)... (CEO repeats self...)
"Welcome analysts." (Now CEO is on stage, and says...) "But as everyone
knows, you can't predict the weather." (cut to video of a state-fair 'toy'
shooting-gallery of mechanical bunny rabbits and ducks)... (image of duck
getting hit by bullet and falling down)... (CEO shownspeaking again...)
"There is nothing you can do about it" (cut to CEO's face being shown in
place of the mechanical duck in the toy-gun shooting-gallery,...) (the
CEO's face is shot, and like the duck, is taken-down in the state-fair
game)... (cut to white Enron text on black screen:) "Enron has created a
new market to protect revenue against unfavorable weather." (immediately
after, the words fade in...) "why?" (then) "ask why?"}

/// brought to you by the PUBLIC ENERGY NETWORK
// Democratic Energy Policy by and for Humans Worldwide
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