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lop1912 on Mon, 28 Jan 2002 09:18:23 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> porto alegre

Im going to porto alegre, and I will try and write something for nettime,
next days. What I know about the world meeting of PAL makes me think that
this is going to be an important step in the institutionalisation of the

Plenty of institutional and political persons are going to be there, and
this can mark the end of the first phase of the anti-corporate movement:
the cycle that began in Seattle is closed. Now what?

In Genova we have understood that the age of liberism as a consensual
policy is over. Corporate globalization is becoming a global military
dicatotorship. It is time to take note of this. Will the institutional way
of the World Forum (a new world is under construction) be enough? I do not
think so. A new world is not under construction, so far. Corporate Global
dictatorship is destroying our world, and a process of self-organization
of collective intelligence has not yet began.

I hope that in Porto Alegre there will be room for discussing other
possible strategies of action against the corporate globalization. I hope
that in Porto Alegre there will be room for discussing other strategies of
action for the process of self-organization of cognitive labour, beyond
the rules of capitalism.


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