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<nettime> noZelig - French digital countercultures event
Flo on Sat, 26 Jan 2002 05:59:52 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> noZelig - French digital countercultures event

[for any information regarding the no-zelig conference, please 
contact contact {AT} no-zelig.org]

The year 2000 has had its zeligConf', european digital 
countercultures meeting. It should have happened only once. But 
since that event, the french LSQ (the french "Loi Sur la Securité 
Quotidienne ) has come to life. The year 2002 will then see a 'no-
zelig', first stage of a insubordination and civil disobedience Forum, 
a small hackmeeting serving as an introduction to the Big Brother 
Awards France.

In the year 2000, the zeligConf ', the European digital 
countercultures Meeting, took place after Seattle which saw of the 
importance taken by the communication tools in the policital 
struggle and debate. The meeting attendants noticed that the 
Independant Media Center had been surrounded by the police, 
which was trying to deprive thecontesting of its powerful weapon of 
coordination and cooperation.

In the year 2001, Genoa showed us that an Independant Media 
Center could also be a target of the desire of vengeance, of blind 
and systematic violence from some kind of police. The 9/11 events 
have given the opportunity to many western governments to make 
laws come up which, in other circumstances would never had been 
voted in such form. The monitoring of the internet has been voted, 
as well as the criminalisation of cryptography and hackers.

Last year's meeting between free software defenders, life patenting 
opponents, independant media, hacktivists, social movements 
activists, privacy activists, have shown up to which point the 
networks' notion could be a constructive answer to the privatization 
of the world by the Empire merchants.

If hackmeetings exist in many western countries, France was 
rather deprived in this matter. The Y2K zeligConf' had been 
conceived as an european rendez-vous, which should initially have 
taken place only once, in collaboration with several foreign 

But the situation has gotten worse and worse since las year and it 
is worth reviewing the state of the art in the field of network rights 
and freedoms. The 2002 edition won't have the european dimension 
of the zeligConf'. It takes place in a time of overbid and so-called 
security "emergency". So, and rather than to say good-bye to the 
"free" suporters' values, we decided to resist and to organize this 

A space-time of convergences to envisage new possibilities of 
collective actions between the various cultures of networks. A 
temporary autonomous zone of productive cooperation between the 
the activism and hack cultures the hack, the practices of counter 
information and the productive genius of the free software, the 
creativity of the social movements' actors and the communities of 

During the No-Zelig, you'll be able to hear talks about perspectives 
of civil liberties and security, LSQ software patenting, generic 
impossible protection of personal data on the web, cryptography, 
cooperative webhosting services. An iniation to SPIP (a 
collaborative webauthoring tool) will be proposed. A project of Net's 
by the associative actors in French-speaking Africa will also be 
presented. Finally, there will be several workshops on computer 
security or electronic intelligence.

These conferences have been setup with the help of Samizdat, 
Globenet, L'Autre Net, LSIjolie, BugBrother, Gandi, les Virtualistes, 
Kitetoa,the French Lawyers Union, Ras l'Front, Souriez, vous êtes 
filmés. At the CICP, Centre International des Cultures Populaires, 
21 ter rue Voltaire, 75011 Paris (Métro : Boulets Montreuil), 
starting on January, 25th 6pm, ending on January, 27 th.

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