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<nettime> The Electronic Revolution plus
Heiko Recktenwald on Tue, 22 Jan 2002 03:10:21 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> The Electronic Revolution plus

an update on video/vnd.mpegurl is at
http://www.uni-bonn.de/~uzs106/ .

I think the time isnt yet ripe for a moviestandard in mpeg 4 as it was/is
with mpeg 1. see www.isma.tv, what an url...

Surprise, surprise, Apple isnt anymore with danish marmelade "Sorensen".

Their newest gimmick is the "standard hinted mpeg-4", will say: "the
hinted standard mpeg 4". there seems to be a "standard mpeg 4", divx etc, 
that cannot be streamed by http, since the player must know the end of the
file to start to display. at freshmeat, there is a "Cisco
package" sotosay, the Cisco contribution to the Apple/Cisco alliance,
called mpegip??.tar.gz of 6 MB. The most important tool there seems to be
the "hinter", called: "mp4creator". The other content is mostly Apples
Darwin Streaming Server 4. The package compiled without problems on Linux
and google shows us that it works. 

Will there ever be a "standard hinted mpeg-4" ? And who was/is divx etc ?

The mpegip readmes are rather carefull. There might be patents pending
etc. But it is without doubt "open source" insofar as the code is now in
the world. The ghost is sotosay out of the bottle. 

Should we prefer a server for "standard mpeg 4" as it is allready on many
CDs ?

It seems that mpeg4ip and quicktime dont care much about mp3 in mpeg
4 video. Less copy protection, who knows...


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