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OT; Re: <nettime> In Gold We Trust: Bizarro nettime
Bill Spornitz on Sat, 19 Jan 2002 20:06:45 +0100 (CET)

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OT; Re: <nettime> In Gold We Trust: Bizarro nettime

>While we're on the topic of money, I thought I'd post an article of mine
>from last month's Wired, about an online gold-backed currency that in some
>ways parallels, in some ways diverges from, and in some ways downright
>opposes the model being discussed here as "open money." That the
>experiment involves a curious alliance between heartily anti-statist
>American libertarians and radically anti-capitalist European Sufi Muslims
>only adds to the entertainment value, I trust. (Sorta sounds like some
>kind of Bizarro World version of the nettime community, actually.)

Bizarro nettime? Hosted on some kind of mac/amiga cluster, 
administered <i>pro bono</i> by  StreetPersonView::ModeratorInterface 
objects thru bluetooth-enabled communicators, fed with phone card 
idpoints, stolen, under the *cloak of a misguided nobility: +3H, -2h, 
-3W, Noble*, from the local 7-11, 
DEUS_EX_MACHINA::" {AT} Corydon&Arbuthnot": zeal-ized (you had to ask) 
with Perl, regularly, periodically, seasonally (and breezily) 
spraying filthy memetic, systemic, polymorphic, triphasic, 
might-as-well-be-transgenic, pre_post-apocolyptic 
cosmopolitan-yet-neopolitan poly-meta-pseudo-psilo-psyco multi-virii; 
broadcasting pig-gloating didacto-tracts, finely-tuned trans-vitriol 
unceasingly and unerringly trans-focused on their
very own wee-wees[1]
as well as our holiest holy grail;
while (i=$oneNationUnderGod; i++; i ne 
 {AT} aggregate_of_patience_w/stupidity[in_a_timely_time[in_a_placely_place])

#to whit:

our $veritas = $$amerika\'s_final_victory;

#nuf said


this.in 4 official languages, 2 of them closer to french than xml, 1 
of them human (and none of them english)

and every *word*,
like the song,
from a *bird*
- each bit of each bird-song a single *bird-word*...


[1] wee-wees

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