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<nettime> Future of E-Democracy Article
Steven Clift on Wed, 16 Jan 2002 09:57:19 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Future of E-Democracy Article

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Cross-posted extensively, yet appropriately. I hope.

So much of the early hype about the Internet and its democratic 
potential has been not been met.  Or has it?

I say, set low expectations and declare victory.  In my Future of 
E-Democracy speech I share a number of real life examples of places 
where the Internet is changing democracy (not always for the better). 
Check it out from: http://www.publicus.net/articles/future.html


Steven Clift

P.S. If you have examples to add, e-mail me: clift {AT} publicus.net

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Future of E-Democracy - Speech by Steven Clift, January 2002

An extended version of my "Future of E-Democracy - The 50 Year Plan"
speech is now available online at:


This article shares a pragmatic, yet futuristic vision of governance
when e-democracy exists as an integrated part of "real" everyday
representative democracy. It includes dozens of examples and web
links to leading government e-democracy applications and important
primary source material.  I try to answer two big questions - Which
e-democracy applications will become universal in the coming decade?
What long-term trends will influence efforts to improve our
democracies through the use of information and communication

This my most important article since the release of my E-Democracy
E-Book <http://www.publicus.net/ebook> in June 2000.

Here is the outline of the speech:

Defining E-democracy
E-Governance - Exceptional Practice Makes Perfect
-- E-mail Notice
-- In-person Public Hearing Recordings and Materials
-- Online Public Hearings and Consultations
-- Wired Politicians Reach Out and Serve, or Perish
-- Local Civic Deliberations and Global Networking
Trending Toward the Future - Why not look through 2040?
-- Family and Social Networking
-- E-Government - The E-Business Model that Works?
-- New Breed of Politician After 2015
-- E-Citizens, the Ultimate Challenge

Read it online from <http://www.publicus.net/articles/future.html>.
Please send in your comments or share your thoughts publicly on the
web forum linked from the speech.

I also want to note that additional short articles, including "An
Internet of Democracy," the "Top Ten E-Democracy 'To Do List' for
Governments Around the World," and the "Top Ten Tips for "Weos" -
Wired Elected Officials" are available from <http://publicus.net>.
My next short article will share the top ten tips on government and
civic online consultations.  Join my Democracies Online Newswire
<http://www.e-democracy.org/do> (details below) to be notified about
the pending article and other online resources related to democracy
and the Internet.


Steven Clift
Democracies Online

P.S. Here is my mini-bio and an invitation to join my Democracies
Online Newswire.

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a decade he has worked to fundamentally improve democracy and
citizen participation through the use of the Internet.  Introduced
around the world as one of the leading experts on e-democracy, he
actively networks people around the world and shares information and
ideas through his 2300 member Democracies Online Newswire. For his
full biography, visit <http://www.publicus.net/index.html#bio>.

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