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Re: <nettime> Let's Tell War Stories!
fran ilich on Sat, 12 Jan 2002 18:48:42 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Let's Tell War Stories!

Bruce Sterling1/8/02 6:02 PMbruces {AT} well.com

> *I often wonder about this new space-time continuum
> we blundered into, after September 11.  Surely there's another time-line
> for 2002 where Americans simply buy dotcom stock and impeach
> one another, rather than going through these bizarre dystopian rituals.
> bruces

> *"The Elderly Cyborg  Politician Has To Strip For
> the Security Scanners"

> *"The  Consumer Goods Are  Electronically Fried By the
> Bioterror Prevention Machines"

and still that's not war, those are just every day uncomfortable events,
like the preventive federal police running an operative in mexico city 24
hours a day, driving their paramilitary cars, with a license to stop anyone
who they might think looks suspicious. and yet, that's not war. not even the
tactical police in tijuana stopping every possible teen and treating him
like shit or taking them for jail because of the way they look. that's no
war. or the post officer reading the magazines before they are sent to the
final destination, or those copys of the movie 'wasted' which ian kerkhof
had to sent me about 3 times, which never really made it to my inbox,
because maybe someone at post offcie thought it was a nice film. and so they
coulndn't be included in the cinemátik 1.0 festival.

war is elsewhere, and if nettime has memory it might remember a few of
those, say serbia.

I'm really sorry in all my heart about what happened in nyc 9/11, but I
wouldn't even say that what you call "bizarre dystopian rituals" is that
bizzarre or dytopian. it's just normal life as experienced in lots and lots
of countrys.... I wonder if the real world as experienced in 1st world
citys, is indeed real. or if reality is indeed relative. what I would
definitely agree on, is that journalism is becoming more and more filled
with this articles that would fit entirely as some sort of cyberpunk
subgenre. maybe it's just a genre floating in cyberspace, looking for a
writer to make it happen, much like the feedforward from the present.

a hug from mexico!

nos vemos en el futuro.



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