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<nettime> new oroville "U.S. Tech Town Rises in India"

"U.S. Tech Town Rises in India"
Wall Street Journal (01/07/02) P. A13; Swisher, Kara 

A group of former Microsoft programmers has embarked on an ambitious
project to build a self-sufficient community of software makers in rural
India. Formed in 1999 by Swain Porter, Catalytic Software has had to
contend with the usual problems of securing funds, employees, and
outsourcing contracts while also dealing with the quirky environment of
its southern Indian locale. The community, called New Oroville, aims to
provide bargain software using a combination of less expensive Indian
labor and high American standards. New Oroville, located near the tech
center of Hyderabad, is designed to feature thousands of geodesic domes
for programmers, a recreation center, and an electric-recycling
communications grid. About 12 domes are almost complete, and the company
currently boasts 35 employees. Former Microsoft executive Eric Engstrom
has contributed over $1 million in principal funding to the Catalytic
project, while his U.S.-based software ventures have supplied the
fledgling company with its first contracts. Some $2 million has been spent
on Catalytic so far, with an additional $2 million in funding expected.
The company is on track to turn a profit despite the economic downturn,
but the next challenge will be garnering work from companies not
associated with investors.


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