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Re: <nettime> Carl Loeffler (was: net art history)
Genevieve Tremblay on Wed, 2 Jan 2002 20:18:47 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Carl Loeffler (was: net art history)


I just happened to do a search on ArtCom+ Lamamelle, and found this string

I was fortunate enough to work for Carl Loeffler as an editorial intern at
ArtCom in 1983 and was not aware that he had died. Was this ever confirmed?
The emails seem rather unsure on this point. Regardless, I thought I would
communicate a bit of what are now vague recollections of Carl, Art Com
during those primitive, yet groundbreaking days.

Art Com magazine was a publication before its time. It was embracing new
media art forms and beginning to create critical dialogue around these new,
emerging forms. La Mamelle, if my memory serves me, was an adjoined
performance space which hosted many experimental events. It was a very
exciting place to be. I donated my time, just to soak in what was happening
there. I spent several months interning, as I was doing Junior year
exchange, at CCAC (California College of Arts & Crafts) from Carnegie-Mellon

I believe Carl was tangentially connected the DAX group in the mid- 80's, a
university based telematic research performance group. I became aware of
Carl and ArtCom while studying at CMU with Bruce Breland, one of the
founders of DAX. Carl, and the artists he championed, were often included in
the loop of many of our interactive media based projects at CMU.

Admittedly, these are not the most illuminating of anecdotes. But what do
know, is that visionaries like Carl Loeffler and Bruce Breland, who have
paved the way for much of our thinking about these new mediums, have too
often been forgotten in this fast moving "digital age" of fast rising
artists and techno-rock stars. They were staking out new territory and
communicating what they found to a very resistant public. I feel privileged
to have had exposure to Carl and the work he was doing in those early years.

Bruce (Breland, my professor from CMU), I am cc:ing you on this. Perhaps you
might have some more recent recollections on Carl, as I know you overlapped
at CMU. If in fact he has died, I would like to read about the many things
that he accomplished with his later work. So, if you have any further
information or an obituary, I'd appreciate you sending it my way.



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