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<nettime> Indian government takes Kashmir of the Net

(From the Sarai Reader-list)

After severing the bus and train service between India and Pakistan, there is more suffering in store for the common people, the first 
to be taken out in case of tensions and hostilities. Given the fact that this kind of measures hardly impacts on the communication and 
travel possibilities of real terrorists, it must a deliberate policy, informed by fear, ignorance, or worse. And yes, there's probably 
more to come.
patrice, wishing you all peace in 2002

NB: STD, ISD are Indian acronyms for national resp. international trunk call dialling. PCOs are (usually) small entrepreneurs operated
public telephone facilities. Given their margins and debt/income position, it is needless to add that these guys will be wiped out by
the measure. That's been probably factored in too...

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Subject: [Reader-list] Long distance servies withdrawn in Kashmir
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 11:50:48 +0530

This is a news report on the withdrawal of long distance services from 
Kashmir. Given the near-hysterical war fever that has been the flavour in 
the government and the media in Delhi..the restrictions on independent 
access and independent media in the Valley are part of the package. Web 
sites blocked, Internet access limited in "security areas", more to come?


STD, ISD, Internet services withdrawn in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: STD and ISD services were withdrawn from all private public call 
offices (PCOs) and cybercafes in the Kashmir Valley on Tuesday following 
reports of misuse of the facilities by militants which came to light, 
especially after the December 13 attack on Parliament.

While crippling the STD and ISD facilities in the valley, Bharat Sanchar 
Nagam Ltd (BSNL) officials, however, said that the facilities to 
individuals, firms and offices would remain intact.

The decision to withdraw the services for an "indefinite period" owing to 
security reasons was reportedly taken after the first meeting of the 
Cabinet Committee on Security, which met after the audacious attack on 

The move, according to informed sources, was taken after it was found that 
Mohammed, leader of the suicide squad attack on Parliament, had extensively 
used the Internet and e-mail facilities while planning the December 13 

It may be mentioned that security personnel had seized a laptop from 
Mohammed Afzal, pointman of Jaish-e-Mohammed, and during its scrutiny it 
was found that Mohammed had finalised the plan through e-mails to Pakistan 
and Dubai.

The sources said that anti-national elements, mainly militants, were using 
the STD, ISD and Internet facilities for "taking instructions from their 
mentors across the border."

Meanwhile, the fresh move may also put into jeopardy the prestigious 
project of the Jammu and Kashmir government of setting up a software park 
in the valley.
( PTI )

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